New profile posts

I intend to return - although I've been absent for some time!
Need an RP Partner? Hit me up. Happy to get involved and create something new if you need a specific character.
Hey Gang, I’ll be traveling for Thanksgiving in the US so my posting might be a tad slower. Appreciate your patience!
Tuesday to possibly Friday I may be more busy than usual. I'll still try to get posts up but I'll be slower answering DMs.
Hey everyone, I think something vital in my desktop has finally kicked the bucket. For the time being, forgive any posts without color over dialogue.
Sorry for the delay in posts and what not guys. Last week I tested positive for Covid and now the symptoms are starting to hit really hard. I promise I'll get to replies and lore related questions when I can.
Hey all, I'll be camping for the next week and a half. Off the grid and over the fire. I'll get back to all posts then. I appreciate your patience.
Sorry to all those I owe posts. Ended up doing a lot to day, kinda exhausted. Posts will be up tomorrow.
I want everyone to know that I will be replying to all my threads tomorrow after noon and if I DON'T then it will be Saturday. I have started a new job and it has been very promising and I want to make sure I keep it going well. Thanks : )
Hey all, I'll be gone for the weekend starting tomorrow. No posts until Sunday evening at earliest. I appreciate your patience.