New profile posts

Apologies to all those waiting on me, just in process of recouping from a busy work week should be aiming to get caught up in the next day or so
Sorry for the delay in posts and what not guys. Last week I tested positive for Covid and now the symptoms are starting to hit really hard. I promise I'll get to replies and lore related questions when I can.
Hey all, I'll be camping for the next week and a half. Off the grid and over the fire. I'll get back to all posts then. I appreciate your patience.
Sorry to all those I owe posts. Ended up doing a lot to day, kinda exhausted. Posts will be up tomorrow.
Won't be posting today or tomorrow until possibly late evening as I have guests.
I want everyone to know that I will be replying to all my threads tomorrow after noon and if I DON'T then it will be Saturday. I have started a new job and it has been very promising and I want to make sure I keep it going well. Thanks : )
Hey all, I'll be gone for the weekend starting tomorrow. No posts until Sunday evening at earliest. I appreciate your patience.
I will not be around from this afternoon as I am visiting a friend for the weekend. I won't be able to post again until Sunday night (UK time) at the earliest, though it will depend on how tired I am when I return.