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Whispers from the Mysts - Spring Ed.



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OOC: These summaries act as Writing Prompts, interconnecting the setting, progressing global storylines, allowing writers and characters in every corner of the world to determine the direction and resolution through the actions of your threads. No one is required to participate, but can feel free to mention the goings on in the world, explore them directly throughout your threads, or pass them over at your discretion.

These writing hooks are not intended to be staff-led plots or events! They may or may not include canon NPCs that the players can request a staff member to portray, but the plots and threads are the players own. If a player would like a member of staff to portray an NPC in order to provide context or backdrop, please feel free to reach out to a member of the staff.

Otherwise, simply continue writing in Avsolom, and link any threads interacting with these prompts into this Announcement Thread so that they can be read and worked into the next set when they occur!

- Unrest in the Empire! -
Lord Mariulus has declared Harian’s Forest to be Independent from the Old Empire, calling for other provinces to follow suit.
"Villainy! Treason! Petty ambitions and jealousies rouse local lords to move against our stricken Emperor! The stalwart Legions of the Empire amass and make ready to strike down any treachery planned by such ignoble curs! The Lord Regent calls upon any and all loyal subjects of the Empire to support the virtuous legions in their efforts..." - Sibyle of Rhisoka, The Cult of Divine Attunement
Throughout the Empire the new Regent's ascension has been heard, and though the Emperor is not dead his sudden absence has been sorely felt by the Empire. Unrest stirs in the west.

All around Alcium soldiers bearing the colors of House Mariulus have taken up positions outside Legion encampments, earthworks and palisades being erected in preparation for hostilities. Soldiers on both sides stand off and patrol the region, tense for conflict and ready to ignite.

In the Capitol, the Empire's agents rally, Legionnaires and spies ready to reinforce their brothers in arms await the order of the new Regent. Throughout the Empire the threat of civil war sends shivers through the nobility, but it is also a time for opportunity. Vacancies in the Imperial Parliament and upheaval among the nobility will need to be filled, new families elevated to those positions.

- The Disappeared -
Dozens have gone missing from Icania in the night.
"Grim news from snow-swept Nal Akima. In the settlement of Icania, citizens find themselves confronted with a most unpleasant mystery..." - Sibyle of Anphi, The Cult of Divine Attunement

Each morn the citizens awake to find another home empty, its owners missing and having gone in the night without packs or provisions. Some hunters have followed tracks, but even those disappear in the hills not far from town.

Rumors abound among the commonfolk as to the reason for these missing persons, some talk of spectral possession or the Mysts reclaiming their bodies, but no one is certain. The local Jarl seeks answers and remedies to this evil plaguing his village.

- Border Tensions -
A newly formed council in Cathwa takes advantage of a crisis to probe the mysteries and riches of the Lantheri Wilds.
"The blessed Herald brings new divinations! Uneasy news from distant Cathwa and their neighbors, the mysterious Lantheri Wilds! Tensions simmer over the cause of a calamitous event on the border! The powerful and influential figures in Cathwa vow to reveal the truth of the matter and who is to blame for the dread dragon Valaxor's bloody reawakening!" - Sibyle of Noria, The Cult of Divine Attunement

Following the awakening of the dracolich Valaxor along the border of the Cathwa Nations and Lantheri Wilds, influential Cathwa leaders have established a council to investigate mounting concerns around their enigmatic neighbors to the east.

Comprised of the Cathwa Nations most ambitious merchants and most feared warlords, the council seeks to uncover what role, if any, the denizens of the Wilds played in unleashing such a monstrosity such as Valaxor and what steps they make undertake to ensure such a catastrophe never again catches the desert nation unawares.

Many harbor suspicions as to the group's true ambitions. Whispers and rumors of lost kingdoms and fabled treasures circle the Lantheri Wilds and many suspect the council of seeking an excuse to penetrate the vast wilderness in search of riches to fill their personal coffers.

The infamous retired-pirate turned merchant Farook al-Ghifari bears the brunt of these accusations. Sitting at the council's head, the Setasut merchant has pushed brashly for incursions into the Wilds. The rest of the council have thus far been hesitant to incur the wrath of their neighbors with such brazen action leaving Farook to seek alternate avenues to fulfill his wishes.

- The Trail of the Beggar King -
A deadly and effective new name has wrested control of Rhifell's criminal underworld, much to the chagrin of the local Noble Houses.
"The Imperial Herald imparts divinations anew! Divinations of a shadowy figure who drifts through the underworld of Rhifell as a Demon Fish might water. Covetous, elusive and utterly deadly the local guards in Rhifell have come to call this mysterious figure THE BEGGAR KING." - Sibyle of Tennebris, The Cult of Divine Attunement

Built atop a vast marshland, the city of Rhifell is a dizzying patchwork of wooden platforms and walkways suspended entirely above the brackish swamp by a foundation of stilts. It's maze of streets have long attracted the eccentric and unsavory alike. But until now, House Muckley have maintained a tentative degree of peace and civility.

Now, someone or something has unified the city's criminal element under a single banner. Theft, extortion, smuggling and murder have all skyrocketed and authorities are helpless to stop it. Every muck-stained set of eyes and ears seem to do the Beggar King's bidding and every tongue whispers the name.

Sir Adorn Muckley had vowed to root out the villain and see them face justice, but there are those in Rhifell who feel his draconian methods of investigation go too far...