Welcome to Xenforo 2.2.4

Head Admin


Head Administrator
May 6, 2019
Welcome back everyone!

The Myst of Avsolom is now running on the latest version of Xenforo (its forum software) and almost all of its features are up to date. However, this upgrade did come at some cost:
  1. All sub accounts have been de-linked during the upgrade. If you would like any character accounts re-linked to your account, please post in the Character Re-Link Request thread: [Link].
  2. There is no "Post-As" drop down menu currently. This means you must log into your character accounts to post with them for now. The staff team will work on getting this feature up again as soon as possible.
There may be other minor things that don't look quite right. Worry not, if its not suppose to be there I will address it in time. If it is suppose to be there it wont change. There are a lot of minor visual changes, small fun features, a new editor and more. If you come across an issue, contact a staff member.

Most importantly, the site is no longer in an outdated, worrisome state. It is in an extremely healthy state and poised for its future upgrades to go much more smoothly.

Enjoy the shiny update!