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Jun 27, 2019
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Akasha blinked as Taliha clarified on what she meant by keeping watch, and was even more surprised as the woman drew a sigil on the wall and explained how it worked. Frankly, this was far better than hoping her senses would alert her to an intruder in her room, which meant she had a better chance to defend herself should the worst come to that. It was rather interesting, and certainly something she would need to study in order to replicate it later.

"Fascinating..." Akasha muttered, as she moved towards the charcoal drawing on the wall and studied it. As Taliha explained how it worked, Akasha looked back to the woman and nodded. Sounded simple enough. Though, it told her that Taliha understood magic far more than she let on, and given the small display she had only glimpsed at the dock skirmish, there was alot more to this woman than what met the eye; something Akasha was hoping to learn more of as their travels continued, though she doubted she would learn much more. "I understand, I believe I can manage that." She smiled, rubbing her chin, wondering what all this method of magic could have uses for. She really needed a teacher for this sort of thing, because while she had understanding on her own powers, Akasha didn't know how to develop her understanding beyond what she knew. These thoughts were disrupted however, as Taliha suggested Akasha change the color of her hair, prompting a small frown from the woman. Akasha stepped back and took up a lock of her hair and looked to it. She was rather fond of her silvery hair, but Taliha was right, maybe she it would help if she changed it for the time being; though the idea made her rather sad. "I'll...consider it." Akasha said, her voice betraying how reluctant she was to go through with this. She would bid Taliha farewell, before withdrawing back to her bed. This day had gone better than she had expected, aside from discovering the bounty and all, she had gotten a potential friend, and if nothing else an exceptional bodyguard. Though, it also came with a new mystery that needed unearthing. Focusing her glance to the vial and note on the table across from her, Akasha let her mind go to work, as she spent most of the night contemplating how this connected back to her, before eventually falling asleep; with watchman active, and scimitar in her hands.
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