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Lord Viktor Barlow is a vampire elder in charge of the military in the Night Kingdom and the regent who rules over the Barlow Clan.

Viktor Barlow was born the son of a northern warlord some seven centuries before the birth of the Old Empire. As a child, he despised his father, who was cruel and abusive, and sought the means to overthrow him and take hold of his kingdom. As he grew older, he became more ambitious and began to gain a following among the disgruntled men serving his father. His father eventually uncovered his plot and, rather than have him killed, banished him to the cold wastes along with his followers where nature would likely kill him. Instead, Viktor encountered a powerful elder vampire, who used a dark ritual to transform the rebellious son into a powerful pure vampire. Viktor then turned his followers into regular vampires and took his now-undead army back to his father to overthrow him.

In the aftermath of his triumph, Viktor found himself a powerful immortal and spent centuries growing his coven and expanding his knowledge of vampirekind and magic. Eventually, the covens under his command were so numerous that he declared the formation of one of the first vampire clans: the Barlow Clan, named after his family name. But the constant warring with other vampires, combined with vampire attacks on mortals, eventually drew unwanted attention. Mortals began to hunt down vampires, threatening the species, and the formation of the Empire accelerated this several times. To contend with this threat, Viktor struck a deal with the leaders of four other vampire clans and, together, they formed the Night Kingdom to save vampirekind.

As a vampire elder, Viktor was named to the Council of Elders—the main ruling body of the fledgling kingdom—and was named the overseer of military matters due to his experience as a military commander. For the next eight hundred years, Viktor shaped vampire military policy and oversaw the protection of the kingdom he had helped to forge. As the vampire military commander, he gained a reputation for being both ruthless and cruel, and his name came to be feared among the lesser vampires under the sway of the kingdom.


Viktor is one of the oldest vampires in existence and his personality reflects that fact. He is stoic, wise, cruel and ruthless, pragmatic, manipulative, and cunning among other things. He has a knack for leadership and a charisma that has drawn others to his side for centuries, long before he even became a member of the undead. When charisma fails, his talent for inspiring fear serves to draw others into line behind him—to obey his commands. He also has no love in his heart and has never married or sired children, only other vampires to extend his brood.

Despite his cold disposition and reputation for being cruel and unfeeling, Viktor is unquestionably loyal to Clan Barlow and the Night Kingdom. His every thought is consumed with the protection and preservation of vampirekind, which makes him an apt military leader for the centuries old vampire government. However, in order to fulfill this charge, Viktor is prepared to take any action necessary. He will kill, torture, maim, betray, and frighten anyone to preserve the kingdom he helped to forge. Morality is not a word that fits into his vocabulary; it is merely another distraction in the way of achieving his true goals. As a result, few even among the vampire elders dare to slight him, and all who cross him know the consequences of their actions.

Viktor is also a stickler for the law. He strictly enforces the Night Code, one of the founding laws of the Night Kingdom, and is just as rigorous in enforcing the rest. He is also among the more conservative members of the vampire government, viewing mortals with extreme disdain and vampires whom consort with them with utter disgust. Viktor views mortals as animals and has no regard for their life. Children born of mortals and vampires are abominations to him, the only thing worse being children born of a union between vampires and were-beings. Werewolves in particular are often objects of Viktor's hatred and he is known for wanting to exterminate their kind.

Despite his reverence for the law, Viktor is not a pious man and does not worship Knull like other vampires in the kingdom. In fact, he does not believe in any gods, which makes him an atheist. Going further, he is shown to openly despise the faithful and the zealous, believing them to be gullible and easily deceived. The only thing Viktor is shown to respect is power, cunning, and intelligence–traits he finds to be lacking in recent generations of vampires, much to his lament.


Viktor is approximately fifteen hundred years old and retains the appearance of an elderly human male in his mid-to-late seventies. He has a pale complexion, sharp blue eyes, and wisps of golden hair on his head. Sometimes, he can be seen sporting blonde facial hair in the form of a short beard and mustache, though this is rare, as he prefers to remain shaved. He is also a tall vampire, towering over even his vampire elder peers. Red bruise-like markings surrounding his eyes and his lips have withered to the point of looking almost skeletal.

Viktor typically wears a black coat with a raised collar, underneath which he wears a blue form-fitting tunic. He also has a reddish-brown undertunic for certain occasions. When he needs to enter battle, he wears a unique set of vampire armor—made of steel and other non-silver metals—the helmet of which gives his face an even more skeletal appearance and brings out the sharpness of his blue eyes. The armor also bears the sigil of his clan. When he wears this armor, he carries a sword and dagger at his hip.
M A G I C_ A N D_ S K I L L S
As a vampire elder, and despite his elderly appearance, Viktor Barlow is immensely powerful. Prior to being made undead, he was the son of a warlord with skills in swordsmanship and hand-to-hand combat, skills that were sharpened by centuries of leading wars from the frontlines of the battlefield. His time as a vampire has also given him considerable magical abilities that he has honed for over a millennia. When forced into combat, he prefers to use his magical abilities and save his direct combat skills for last resort.
  • Vampire Physiology: As a vampire, Viktor is stronger, faster, and has better reflexes than an average human. He can easily lift a full-grown human man by the neck with a single hand or shatter bones with a well-placed punch. His speed and stamina are such that he can run between 65 and 75 miles per hour for up to ten minutes straight before needing to rest. His reflexes are sharp, allowing him to dodge even the quickest of arrows in seemingly a split second. Only those with similar reflexes or whom can distract him long enough can ever hope to catch him off-guard and strike him. As a vampire, he is also gifted with night vision that allows him to see clear as day even in the darkest of nights. He also has regenerative healing that allows him to heal from most wounds instantaneously with a few exceptions.
    • Silver Weakness: Injuries sustained from silver weapons will not heal due to his vampiric condition. In fact, the mere sight of silver is offensive to him and will hurt his eyes. As a result, he must avoid silver at all costs.
    • Sunlight Weakness: Viktor has shown some resilience to sunlight. Direct sunlight cannot kill him. However, exposure to sunlight will greatly reduce his stamina and rob him of most of his vampiric abilities. As a result, he chooses to remain nocturnal like most vampires, coming out in the daylight only when the sun is covered by clouds or some other weather phenomenon.
    • Fire Weakness: Like most undead creatures, Viktor has an extreme aversion to fire. Like with silver, he cannot easily heal from wounds inflicted by fire. While he can regenerate flame-inflicted wounds (a feat he cannot accomplish with silver), regeneration takes more time—from hours to several days depending on the severity.
    • Immortality: As a ritual vampire, Viktor possesses biological immortality, which means that he cannot die as a result of old age. He is also immune from toxins and every kind of disease, and he does not need to eat or drink normal foods to remain alive. However, he can be killed in battle by weapons made out of silver or by too much exposure to fire. While he cannot be killed by the failure to drink blood, a lack of sufficient blood will emaciate him to the point of immobility.
    • Vampiric Bite: With a bite, he can transform a mortal into a regular vampire by conferring upon them the vampiris virus. He does so sparingly and only upon individuals he believes can be of some use to him. He prefers using this method to turn mortals as opposed to the sacred Vampire Ritual.
  • Magical Mastery: Viktor has spent untold centuries learning and perfecting his magical abilities. As a direct result, he is among the most dangerous vampires in the known world. He fights almost exclusively with magic, able to cast most basic spells without any form of incantation, and has such an extensive knowledge of magic that he can counter a variety of spells when it is turned against him. Though vampires are said to be less refined than typical humanoids in the use of magic, Viktor has mostly overcome this limitation thanks to centuries of training and continued practice. Only other elder vampires can hope to match his skills.
    • Telekinesis: Viktor's most proficient ability is his ability to manipulate the world around him with nothing short of his mind. With this ability, Viktor can lift objects with a thought and a gesture, even those that are many times larger than himself. He can use this power in battle to repel an attacker with telekinetic blasts or to protect himself by repelling incoming attacks. He can telekinetically crush objects dense as stone, or he can use the power for the purposes of punishment and torture—constricting the windpipes, for instance, of his enemies to choke them until dead or until his point is made. Finally, he can use his telekinetic powers to levitate, allowing him to float several stories into the air. However, this should not be mistaken for flight, as he is incapable of using this power for that purpose. Viktor's telekinesis is limited to his immediate eyesight, as his grip on objects or people is lessened when they are out of his sight. A sufficiently powerful telekinetic mage could also resist his hold on them, though only a mage as outright powerful as he is can fully break his hold.
    • Telepathy: Viktor has the ability to project his thoughts into the minds of others as a form of communication. He can also keep this telepathic path between himself and his target open, which allows them to mentally reply to him even if they do not possess telepathic powers themselves. The range of this ability is limited to those targets that are within his eyesight. The only exception to this rule are vampires he has turned via his bite. These vampires are always telepathically linked to him and he can communicate with them anywhere in the world. Sufficiently powerful minds, such as those who have been trained in telepathic magics themselves or species whose brains are radically different than humans, can shut Viktor out.
    • Blood Magic: A branch of Necromancy, itself an Academic-style of magic, Viktor has mastered the blood magic of the vampires. Spells cast by blood magic are recognizable due to the red mist-like energy that surrounds the hands of their caster. Sufficiently powerful blood magic spells can cause Viktor's eyes to glow red. Blood magic grants Viktor the ability to manipulate both mortal and dead bodies. It is less efficient when preformed against other vampires.
      • Binding Curse: A curse that produces a green flash of light. Should the light strike the intended target, they will become petrified—unable to move or speak and completely at Viktor's mercy. This spell has a time limit of two minutes, after which the victim will be released. However, Viktor usually finds some other means to bind them more permanently before the spell expires.
      • Life-Draining: By establishing physical contact with his target, Viktor can drain their life force to restore his own. This power is not a substitute for drinking blood—it will not sustain him. However, he can use it to accelerate his natural vampiric healing abilities or even to heal himself from injuries that his natural vampire healing will not, such as from cuts born of silver weapons. This spell only works on a living target and rapidly drains their life force, quickly emaciating them and then killing them if they are unable to resist or to break free.
      • Reanimation: Viktor can also use his magic to reanimate dead bodies or skeletons. His limit is about five at one time. Once under his spell, these dead are telepathically under his command and will fight for him until they are destroyed or otherwise immobilized. Dead bodies raised by Viktor obtain his blue eyes and his weaknesses to silver and fire. They also cannot operate in direct sunlight.
    • Transformation Magic: Viktor has some skills in transformation magic. While his abilities do not allow him to assume whichever form he prefers, he has obtained a knack for achieving a few forms that are unique to himself or the members of his clan.
      • Cloud of Bats: When necessary, Viktor could transform himself into a cloud of bats. He uses this spell when he needs to travel inconspicuously over a large distance or whenever he needs to make a quick escape. He can seemingly maintain the transformation for hours at a time, except in direct sunlight.
      • Wolf Form: Not the same as lycanthropy, when he needs to move about without attracting attention, Viktor can shapeshift into a large black wolf. This wolf retains his blue eyes and is somewhat larger than a natural wolf, but is otherwise indistinguishable from a natural wolf. In this form, he loses access to all of his other magical abilities, save for his telepathy. If he wants to use magic again, he must first shapeshift back into human form. Shapeshifting costs Viktor his clothes, as they cannot transform with him. He can stay in wolf form indefinitely; however, if he is in wolf form when the sun rises, he becomes trapped in his wolf form until the moon rises again.
    • Weather Magic: With enough time, Viktor can cast a spell that will generate a large thunderstorm. The intensity of the storm depends on how much time he is able to prepare beforehand. Once this thunderstorm is created, Viktor does not have the ability to control it (i.e., summon lightning, control its winds, increase rainfall, etc.). However, he can choose to end it with a second spell. He often uses this spell as a harbinger of his arrival or whenever he wants to intimidate someone.
    • Vampire Ritual: As a ritual vampire and a vampire elder, Viktor has knowledge of the Vampire Ritual: a powerful spell that will transform a mortal into a ritual vampire like himself. To transform another into a so-called "pure vampire" is the ultimate gift in Viktor's mind, and one he gives out sparingly.
  • Vampire Elder Transformation: Viktor's most powerful ability, as a vampire elder, is the ability to transform into an anthropomorphic humanoid bat (similar in appearance to the vampire god Knull). This transformation gives him black eyes, a bald head, pronounced batlike ears, large wings, and grey leathery skin. His hands and feet also gain claws in the place of nails. In this transformation, Viktor can fly and all of his physical attributes—strength, speed, sight, hearing, and healing—are enhanced even further. However, his weaknesses are enhanced, as well. Sunlight can now kill him, and silver and fire do twice as much damage as before. Viktor will only resort to this form as a last resort, as transforming into it costs him a great deal of stamina, requiring him days to recover afterwards.

Head Admin


Head Administrator
I gotta say that I Iove the character. You've made me want to make a vampire, or role play with one. I've always secretly loved vampires the most despite people accusing me of not liking them. We gotta role play together sometime. I'll stop fangirling now though so I can address a few issues.

I know there's no timeline lore page yet (which I will be addressing soon) so it's hard to gauge when events happened, most especially so far back in time, but the Empire was born before the first Magi were. It's written in the second paragraph of the Empire's lore. Vampires have magical abilities/control over the Myst so they are Magi. The vampris ritual is also magical as it uses the Myst to mutate a person. The tl;dr is the vampire ritual wouldn't have been found/created until after the Empire was.

It shouldn't be hard to tweak your characters history to align with this though, since he could still have a warlord father he overthrows. Him and his father would just be considered imperial citizens if you choose to have it happen so far back in time/right after the first Magi were born.

The other minor issue I have is a few lines push him from sounding powerful to overpowerful. Ideally you'd reword the lines quoted below, or if you can't then remove or replace them. Powerful characters are our jam here, but we try to make sure no one character stands too far above the rest of the characters.

Only those with similar reflexes or whom can distract him long enough can ever hope to catch him off-guard and strike him.
Though vampires are said to be less refined than typical humanoids in the use of magic, Viktor has mostly overcome this limitation thanks to centuries of training and continued practice. Only other elder vampires can hope to match his skills.
If you need any help addressing the above let me know.
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Tobi What Dread said. Tho I'll address my issues after the Night Kingdom is sorted out