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► Ven'fine​
► 20​
► Female​
► 1.81m​
► 74.8KG​
► Dark brown​
► Dark brown​
► Half-elf​
► Nal Akima​
► Adventurer​
► Yes​
Ven was born in Nal Sur along with her Twin brother Vul're, due to the union of a human named Elaina and an elven noble named Syldor Do'o'quinn. The twins lived with Elaina for the first ten years of their life before they were sent to live with their father.

He quietly took them in, but always kept an icy distance, and after too many years of disdainful looks, the pair decided to leave his indifference behind and set out on their own. They returned to Nal Sur, only to see their childhood home empty and their mother was gone.

now with no real place to call home, they wandered from place to place, earn money however they can. Vul took to the cities, stealing small trinkets and learning the ways of the thief, while Ven kept to the woods, preferring the isolation. Always the keen observer, she learned to hunt and to track, to spy, and to shoot. During these times Ven and Vul quickly realized the only people they could truly rely on in this world were each other.


Compared to Vul, Ven is the more pragmatic of the twins. She is very deceptive and can usually bluff her way through various social encounters. Her charisma has also made her good at haggling. Her tendency to haggle stems from her frugality. Her frugal nature is the result of Vul and herself having to fend for themselves during their teenage years.

But beneath her flirtatious attitude, self-confidence, and outgoing exterior lay a girl who feels broken and unwanted. This may be a symptom of her upbringing, where she and Vul had been judged not only due to their status as half-elves but also because they were bastard children of their father. Compared to her brother, Ven was much more affected by the elves' treatment of her. As such, she developed a mentality where she would constantly try to make herself look like she came from money so that people would respect her. She will take to heart any insults people with wealth and status make towards her and tends to dislike someone if they seem like they are judging her. Such behaviour has led to people assuming she was obsessed with wealth. Only a handful of people have ever truly known the kind of person she was.

Magic & Skills

Archer: Ven has been using a bow since the age 10 after her farther made take up the practice and has been using it ever since so she is fairly adept in its use though no master of it.

Tracker: A keen observer, Ven can notice things out place, broken branch over there, disturbed leaves. This allows her to track both humanoid and beast with some high degree of success.

Myst arrows: while with here farther she was taught to use the myst. she learned to imbue her arrows with the myst allowing take on different effects.

► Bursting Arrow: she imbues her arrow with elemental energy drawn from the myst. The arrow detonates on contact with a surface. Everything within 5 meters of it explodes in the chosen element.​

► Piercing Arrow: She uses the myst to give her arrow an ethereal quality. The arrow passes harmlessly through objects, ignoring cover but still does damage to living tissue as it passes through it. the effects last for 30 meters.​

► Grasping Arrow: When this arrow strikes its target, it conjures grasping, poisonous brambles from the myst, which wrap around the target, constricting movement and inflict poison on cuts from the thorns.​

  • Composite bow with a quiver of arrows
  • Gamberson shirt with a brigandine chest piece
  • a Kopis with a blade length of 65 cm (25.6 inches)
  • a small knife hidden on her person
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