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Valerius Manor


Roman Vorakus

Old Empire Citizen
Character Profile
Faded Truth

Dusk had reached several hours before his arrival near the manor, now only nightfall and the glistening moonlight were his only companions. Pale streaks of white shimmered off the destrier's armored saddle and silver plating, the warhorse slowly marching its way towards the entrance of the rather extravagant home. Its rider, was well known among Blooded Noble communities. Cast in his infamous armor, the sigil of house Varakus emblazed on the green cape that attached to the recently polished pauldrons. Complete with helm, eyes shifted to an unnatural crimson hue, reflective of the dark seeded corruption that flushed through his veins.

The Knight was rumored to have made a pact with demons of the shroud, twisting his holy code to the side of evil and blessing him with an unholy presence. It was a darkened affinity, but one that drew him closer to the beautiful Lillith Hall. Dismounting from the back of his steed, his armored form advanced into the lobby and to the small cathedral that rested on the ground floor. Echoes would whisper with the servants, notifying their maiden of her late night company.