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Weapon The Sword Of Light

The Scottish Assassin
The Sword of Light


Materiel(s): bronze and diamond crystal
Color(s): Blue and Bronze
Weight: medium/light
Affiliation (if any): Lantheri Wilds
History (if any):

The sword was created by Magi, the magi had put in a crystal from beneath the earth that the dwarves found

the crystal was forged into a sword, but no one could wield the sword by its great power, a person that was properly trained could stand the power for a minute or two, but if they wield it for too long it would kill them quickly.

But a knight was given the saber to see if he could wield it, amazingly he could use it as his own, it was powerful enough to destroy a whole army, and many enemies wanted him and the sword, and the knight so too, and the knight went to the wildlands made a temple and spent the rest of his time there making sure no one could use it or him.

it still remains there with the body of the knight, people say the sword is located in the middle of the Lanthier Wilds and is guarded by thousands of the undead with people also saying many treasures were kept there as well, which drove many to find the temple, those who did never returned.

Enchantment(s) (if any):

  • Power rays: The sword has loads of power and is able to fire a long or short range of pure energy to something or someone either disintegrating them or making a hole through them through any type of metal or skin type
  • Mind Control: The Sword of Light can be able to penetrate through and control a person, able to do many things with the person, but the mind control can only last for a week, and that counts on the dead as well. and the blade itself can take over a whole army with a single raise in the sky
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