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Approved The Purge

Story Admin

Alexis Solis

Jun 1, 2019
What is your plots goal?
In the beginning of the Purge event, the people of Avsolom will be introduced to the Holy Swords and see a faction that will rise up to start targeting Magi. Players will allowed to join the faction or align themselves with the HS so that they too can attack Magi (( either in person if other player allows, or against NPCs of the character's choosing in doing their threads )). It would be awesome if there was a Tag players could even add to their character's page should they so choose. The overall goal though is to simply allow more roleplaying ideas for players and bring in some conflict that doesn't necessarily have to align with say, another faction or province as there isn't a direct 'war' going on right now for players to combat in.

Loosely explain what will happen in your plot.
The first thread will essentially be a reaction thread. Players will be able to react with their characters as if they are present, or hearing about it down the road like a week later. I could even say a magic spell was done to broadcast it to the entire "world." I could potentially turn this into an open thread for people to react in character against the NPC faction, but I personally don't want to do that fighting right now. Figured a big spectacle would be enough.

After this, I (or an admin) will make and announcement explaining that like the Ebony Order, characters can sign up and join the HS so that they can start doing threads to follow this goal of purging Magi. Eventually down the road players can interact to bring down the HS but that will involve another plot

What characters (that you know of) will be in your plot?
NPC Clovis Lighthawk; open to all players to react

What rewards will your character(s) claim from this plot?
Story Admin

Alexis Solis

Jun 1, 2019
Here is what the thread will look like:

Early Morning

"What do you do when there is an evil you cannot defeat by just means? Do you stain your hands with evil to destroy evil? Or do you remain steadfastly just and righteous even if it means surrendering to evil?

To defeat evil, I must become a greater evil.

The streets of Nal Sur were mostly as they were any other day of the season with the exception of one main factor: most of the travelers were attending the Emperor's ball on Rhisoka. Imperials both of its citizens and its warriors had all been called to attend the gathering, or at least the celebration within the city (not everyone had the clout to actually make it to the grand halls of the palace). All that were left now were the poor who wished to travel to a better land, or the regular folks who were simply making a living the best as they could. One thing needed to be said about this circumstance, there was a eery sort of quiet taking over the mountainside port.

Now normally one wouldn't think twice about seeing a large gathering of men making their way down from the mountain pass. Hunters and traders came up those trails all the time. What made this morning so different was that every one of the men were not only in hunting gear, but they were armed to the teeth with blades, daggers, crossbows, and nets. And, among them, not a single kill to be seen. What did these men need hunting equipment this far down the mountain for it they weren't hunting the wild creatures in the forests?

That's because their prey...was already gathered at a vulnerable spot on land. The men in various blacks and brown gear -who were best known as The Holy Swords- were here to hunt people. Specifically, Magi.

"Spread out. Make them come to you. Let none escape."

The men cheered and rushed to the city in front of them. The younger ones were the first to get riled up. They were given permission to take down any and all Magi they could find. Round them up. Knock them out. Kill if they resist. And teenagers were more than happy to seek a little violence when the penalty for such actions not only didn't exist but was encouraged. The older ones were a little smarter in their ways, staying behind as to let the hunt happen slowly, drawing it out until the moment of truth came. That was how you hunted prey. That's what made them fierce hunters capable of surviving the Nal Akima winters on the peaks of Nalak. Yes, these men were all hunters. And their mission, a holy one. Nothing could stop someone when they believed what they were doing was for the greater good.

"Make Avsolom Great Again!" one of the kids shouted as he tackled an unsuspecting adult in a red cloak. Two others joined in and began kicking the man as they laughed.

"We don't want you filthy Magi in our country!" another one spit at the man.

The crowd around the simple buyer freaked seeing the sudden fight happen right before their eyes. They all backed up in alarm as more of the Holy Knights came into sight. The men drew their blades and held them high to show that they meant business. Panic ensued. Merchants quickly packed up their wares and hid their valuables. This might have been the first time The Holy Swords came into an organized riot like this, but there was never love for Magi here in the country of Nal Akima. Magi up until now had been tolerated what with the Empire's need and desire for them. But the Emperor was away...and the children would play.

"Wolf's fang!" the leader called out to his subordinates. "Let them know what they have done to you!"

There was a reason the Holy Swords hated Magi so much. They hated them because they used the influence of the Myst to change reality as they saw fit. Spells and magic were ways of breaking the rules of the world and because of it, the world fought back. But only the people of Nal Akima seemed to understand that. When Magi kind entered into the world the Myst only grew stronger. The peaks of Nalak became more vicious and threatening. It even began to turn some of the locals on that cold icy mountain into something truly terrible. Beasts of razor sharp teeth and claws as thick as broadswords. They were werewolves. And while the Holy Swords were strongly against the use of magic, there was nothing the men and women effect by the curse could do about their bodies. So they would use that curse against the people.

A few members of the group would start to howl, the sound growing in number and power as it echoed in the valley by the waterfront. Those afflicted by the beastly curse would drop to their hands and knees and begin to change. Their armor, mainly brown tunics and lacking in weapons, was easily torn to shreds and left to the dirt. No sense bringing blades when you had a full set at your disposal. The wolves tore into the marketplace and the long streets leading to homes and taverns. They growled and snarled at any who approached them. As werewolves, their judgments were slightly askew. Their main goal was to only attack Magi. But these citizens here protected them. The venders were smart to stay hidden, but those with no homes would find nowhere to hide. They would die with their magic-loving friends.

The leader of the group made his way to the main section of the marketplace where auctions were typically held. He found his way to the center stage and stood there with his long broadsword as he watched the chaos in the streets as his men targeted the Magi and those who associated with their kind. The scene was brutal. Truly awful to behold. But this was in the name of peace. Only by ridding the world of Magi could Avsolom be great again. His attention turned to the more heavily armored members beside him, his closest of allies. Two of which only wore brown furs, implying they too were of the werewolf curse. These were the Six Blessed Knights, the strongest of the bunch.

"My Lord, Clovis," a female of the six addressed to the leader. "It seems your plan was a success. They never saw us coming."

"So it would seem. But this is only the first step. First Nal Sur will fall and then the rest of Avsolom will hear our voices and see reason. Soon, we will restore this world to its natural order. Our cause is just. We will taste victory!

This thread is for reactions only please! It can be someone escaping the chaos. It can be someone receiving a Fire-message or some communication from someone during the raid. You could even post your reaction a week later saying when your character first heard of these events. Please don't try to attack the NPCs
Lore Admin


May 23, 2019
Looks good to me. I don't see any problems with this plot.