Faction The Hidden Chain

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Mar 20, 2021
The Hidden Chain


Location(s): Paravel Based, Satelite in Varishan, operate continent wide
Affiliation: Independent
Beliefs: They work to better the Lower Levels of Paravel
Leadership: Dusty Desperado

The Hidden Chain is the name of the five main guilds in Paravel that were united over twenty years ago by Dusty Desperado. Though they carry some friendly rivalry, they control what happens in the Lower Levels and act as much in the best interests of the populace as possible. The only Guild Leader not appointed by Dusty is Baratoc. Though the guilds are independent, they all answer to Dusty.

What brought about the union of all five guilds was when the powers that ruled the Upper Levels of Paravel instilled an external force to oust the Guilds, who though were not united, operated cooperatively. The group called the Brotherhood of Griltara, would execute various high level members of the guilds as well as lesser nobles to garner attention and almost started a war.

Dusty and a group of companions would head to the then Captain of the Guard, Helena and make a case for more time before the guard cleared them out. Using guile and wit, Dusty would convince the Captain that they had not committed the murders and in fact, allowed them to conduct their own investigation.

Discovering the true source of the murders, Dusty and his companions, with the help of Captain Helena would remove the Brotherhood from Paravel. These actions would earn Helena a forced retirement, but catapaulted the low-level Dusty into the face of the Guilds. Using his charisma, Dusty would unite the guilds into the Hidden Chain, or the links that were unseen, which has led to Lower Paravel flourishing in recent times.

Guild TypeGuild NameGuild PurposeGuild LeadGuild CreedBase of OperationsNumbers
ThievesRobalConduct continent-wide jobs for welathKazim Al'bukad- Half Orc Male"It's not stealing if we want it more."Basement of Lusty Roulette200
Assassin's*EskiEliminate key enemies to the GuildsEridal- Elf female"As quick as mercury."Basement of Lusty Roulette70
LimenetGather intel through entertainment and companionshipRodalo- Adopted son of Dusty and Helena. Human male."It ain't your beauty, it's your booty."Lusty Roulette300
(The muscle)
CartaProtect the interests of the other guildsRenduga- Orc female"Bonds forged in stone."Carridan's Pit600
MagiKerStudy the arcane and improve the odds of the guilds.Baratoc- Human Male"Shadows aren't the only secrets."High Tower24

(*Of all the guilds, only the Assassins Guild has a requirement to join. Removal of the ring finger and the promise to never marry.)

Ryder- Courtesans
Avery Bennet- Thieves

(All new pc's can create as recruits or members)

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