The Gladiatorial Tournament

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Sep 23, 2021
The Gladiatorial Tournament
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“Let the games begin!”

Welcome both spectators and challengers to the Gladiatorial Tournament. Held within the confines of the Imperatus Coliseum, those who so deem themselves as the bloodthirsty, courageous and brave of heart may prove themselves under the eyes of the thousands who pour into the stands to watch warriors, rogues and mages test their mettle against one another in a struggle of life and death against one another.

Only the strongest and deadliest of souls will emerge victorious from the hallowed grounds of the Imperatus. May you be of low birth or the product of a wealthy lineage, all are equal when put to the blade.

When the Gladiatorial Tournament is called, those who answer will have the chance to seal their names forever into the annals of history as the Imperatus Champion. Whoever is able to claim this title will be hailed as a true legend. You will be rewarded with riches, the admiration of the people far and wide and gifts fit for that of a legend.

The Gladiatorial Tournament is a chance for you to submit your character to take partake in a competition where you will try and win the title of Imperatus. Each fight will scale in its difficulty with every passing to the next battle. You will begin with those like yourself, looking to prove your worth in order to move on to the next stage. Eventually you will come toe to toe with other gladiators seeking to take the title for themselves and win it all.

Give them no mercy.
Give the crowd what they want.
Give them blood.


Should you win the tournament, your character will be given the title of Imperatus. Your character will become a renowned figure in Avsolom as the champion of the tournament and thus known far and wide as a legend. The Imperatus will also be given a home within the city worthy of their status. A large reward of gold will also be given to the champion alongside a set of armor crafted specially for them and a few other magical items.


The first set of rounds will be set with PvE. Combatants will fight together against NPC’s to progress on to the next round where they will then be split into duels. This is where it will be set to PvP with death for characters NOT enabled. Members are encouraged to work collaboratively through their fights together. Give and Take is the rule here. No one can be a perfect fighter. Characters make mistakes and take blows. You’re fighting in the coliseum afterall, make it interesting for everyone to read.

When an ultimatum cannot be reached in a duel about a particular action, a coin toss will be invoked. Both participating members will choose their own respective side of the coin. Whoever wins the coin toss will have their action go forward and the other will have to deal with the consequence and respond accordingly.

Remember, you will be using logic in your duel. If you didn’t consider something and you were outdone in their response, you will have to take a loss.

Once the first set of duels are over, the victors will be set against one another and proceed until there are only two remaining gladiators.

Same rules will apply.

There will only ever be TWO gladiators per thread even in PvE aside from the Dungeon Master who will be writing out their adversaries. Should a member take longer than ONE WEEK to post, they will be disqualified and the other member will progress to the next round.

Fight well!

How To Sign Up:

Post in this thread with the information below:

[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Character Profile Link:[/b]

After the staff decide a decent amount of characters have signed up the event threads will be posted.
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