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Site Event The Dwarves Attack!

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Alexis Solis

Jun 1, 2019

The Rise of Molosva

For the longest time, The Old Empire enjoyed a peace brought to all the lands of Avsolom. Their power and might unmatched by any faction to oppose them. And their resolution a power to claim from a people torn down from their very roots. The Dwarves. What once were a powerful race of humans had become a threat to the Empire and wiped out of existence. Or so they thought. Seeking refuge where the Empire would not go, the Dwarves dug into the earth so far that the ocean became their ceiling. The crafty people formed an establishment under Avsolom where no one could threaten them again. But now they're back, and they want their land returned.

The earth shook. Every land. Everywhere. Cathwa. Nal Akima. Volkarna. And especially the Empire. Tremors erupted and opened up sinkholes which allowed armored men from the underneath to climb out and strike. Their time is now. The world, unsuspecting. Will the other lands join together to fight? Or will they fall to the might of the underground?

The Plot: The Dwarves are attacking. They know our trade routes, they know the foundations to our cities. Only the forests surrounding the provinces are safe for the Dwarves cared not for land unoccupied. Each Province West of the Gemiralth Isles have been land locked by the Dwarven forces who have held each respective city hostage. Trade routes are guarded by heavy patrols and they threaten to sink the entirety of West-Avsolom should their demands not be met. The people have but two options. Surrender a portion of their homes to the Dwarves and any other demands they make, or fight and end their kind once and for all.

The Terms: As stated to the Emperor himself, the Dwarves wish for the upper half of the peninsula from Kriege upwards, as well as he entirety of Nal Akima. If demands are not met, Rhisoka will be the first to fall, followed by Noria, and then the rest of Western Avsolom. The Dwarves have no need for Cathwa or the Lantheri Wilds, and the Archipelago holds no interest to them either. Will those provinces help the Empire or let it fall once and for all?

The Goal: Each Province will require its own thread to be completed and posted below to reclaim them from Dwarven control. These can be done through fighting the Dwarven patrols, or they can also be done through diplomacy, as per se a meeting with the Dwarves to gather their terms. Not every thread needs to be filled with fighting, though this is just as easily allowed should a group decide not to surrender. Any province not participating in the required threads will be sunk and lost by the end of the event. Though a province can elect to surrender their land if support to help their people is not met.

The Reward:
  • Any player that participates in three or more threads will be rewarded a special bonus thread once the Event has ended.
  • Any player who does five or more threads will have a direct say in the outcome of the Event.
  • Threads need to be at least 12 posts long. Dice are not needed, but will yield higher rewards if chosen to add them into the story. DMs will play resistance if so needed, along with NPCs that wish to be added.


Cast down into the deep, the Dwarven race was forced to hold out against an unforgiving land. They had no homes, they had no farm in which to plow, and they had no light to guide them. But the Dwarven race was a stubborn foe and refused to give up no matter what. Persevering under all means, the Dwarves took to the earth. "The Earth will provide" became their motto. Digging into the walls the mighty race carved out a massive home in which they would strive. Their formidable crafting genius through metal work allowed them to make furnaces powerful enough for the strongest weapons and armor, along with fortified walls and structures within the underground landscape. It took centuries to build their people back to the power they once possessed, but the Dwarves never forgot where they came from.

The city of Molosva stretches mostly under the Northwest half of the known world of Avsolom. Tunnels designed like branches of a tree stretch out under Nal Akima, through the archipelago, and all the way down to Noria. The climate is mostly cold due to it having no heat from the sun. As such, Dwarves typically wear heavy cloaks and thick hide to warm themselves, while also never shaving their facial hair. Women in the culture have also evolved to grow facial hair, so telling a male and a female apart are a rather difficult task even for themselves. This inherently brought along more accepting lines of sexuality for Dwarves grew to love a person for their personalities and not for what was under their kilts. They also knew not to judge a person based on their appearance for that very thing is what wound them getting hunted by the Empire.

The Trunk
Dwarves as a whole, are obsessed with nature. They are immersed in it, and they respect it. They understand the laws Nature as a whole possesses and the power a single tree can wield. As such, their hierarchy is based on that of a tree. The trunk is the foundation to the tree, and the strongest part of it. The trunk is therefore the strongest Dwarf of them all. Throughout time, the Trunk has been passed on from father to seed. The blood each seed carries only grows stronger as time goes on, making the next generation far more dangerous than the last. As it stands, the current Trunk, Izekiel Mallos, stands at over seven feet tall and can lift up to four hundred Empirical pounds of weight. With a horde of Dwarven weaponry at his disposal, no Dwarf has ever come to challenge the line of Mallos. His cape allows Izekiel to defy gravity itself and fly wherever he pleases. His five rings on his right hand allows control and mastery of the five elements: Fire, Water, Air, Earth, and Death. It even allows him to use them all at once to create life. In his other hand, he carries a hammer that channels the essence of storms itself. With lightning able to be harnessed and shot out from the metal core, his weapon is almost god-like in and of itself.

The Branches
While there might not be anything special about the Branches, they are the key to Dwarven culture. The branch of a tree sprouts leaves as well as fruits. The leaves which what protect it and the creatures around them, and then the fruit in which to feed them. This concept applies to the Dwarves. Each family is given a task that help furthers the cause. Some are workers, some are farmers, some are mechanics, and others are protectors. Every Dwarf has a purpose. Without one, they become dead weight and are cut from the tree. No Dwarf wants to leave the tree.

The Roots
One might argue the root is the foundation and base to the tree and therefore the most crucial aspect. But to a Dwarf, it is nothing more than a reminder that the tree lives under the ground. To be a Root, a Dwarf needs to be one of a special bloodline. In other words, a Magi. Certain Dwarves who can harness the Myst are capable of great power. But the Dwarven way is to not use magic. They understand it changes the way reality works, and is therefore going against Nature itself. Doing so is highly frowned upon, though it is still a necessary skill to have. Dwarves who are magically inclined live harder lives than the rest of their kin. They are forced almost into servitude for everything they do serves a purpose not their own. Those that are luckily are kept around to simply use when one needs an enchantment made to some object. But others are typically called upon to work the fields. While the earth does provide land to farm, without proper light nothing can grow. The Roots are gathered about in literal cages above the fields and tasked to create light from their own magical life flow to feed the plants. Doing this for extended periods of time causes most Roots to die young and get sick often.

The Lost City of Caraloss

How it all began. The Dwarves were once a great nation that lived in harmony with the Empire. They had no issue sharing their land with the Emperor and even for a time recognized him as the leader of the known world. To them, he was their Trunk. When the cataclysm shook the earth, there was less land however for the Dwarves to roam. Much of their city had fallen into the water between Caraloss and what would one day be Nal Sur. But the Dwarves carried on, rebuilding their lands to expand upwards rather than outward. Their great city became a pillar of structures some three tiers high as if sprouting upwards like a tree. But as the Dwarven race grew, so too did the influence of magic in the world around them.

The Empire's quest to keep the world under their thumb resulted in a desperate reach to harness all of Magic in its entirety. While the Dwarves scolded their own kind for magic, Rhisoka embraced it. It allowed the Empire to wipe out the Dwarves when the inevitable came to pass. With ranks upon ranks of Magi at her disposal, the Empire set on to wipe out the Dwarven race. Using lightning to due away with them in one giant storm, the Magi called upon the heavens to rain destruction on the Dwarved city. In their fortress of metal, iron, and copper, the Dwarves were burned alive as lightning storms tore the Great Tree apart. Those that survived took refuge in the land to ground themselves from the ongoing storms. This would lead them to digging underground and starting their life anew. Calaloss was lost, but the Dwarven culture remains. To this day lightning storms still strike the city and anyone who gets too close. Even from a safe distance from the storm a person will find all their hair standing upright from the sheer magnetic force of the electricity gathered around the metal tomb that was one a glorious testament to engineering genius.

The Thunderhead
While Dwarves who control the Myst are dubbed lesser than their other kin, those who harness the power of the storm are glorified. With so much electricity in their blood from the disaster of Calaloss, most Dwarves are born with some amount static energy. The Thunderhead make up the majority of the Dwarven army as their powers are at the strongest (not every Dwarf is as capable of the storm just like not every Dwarf can use the Myst). While some weapons in the Dwarven armory are capable of enchantments, they are typically only used by higher members of the Branches on the tree, the richer and stronger for example. But in the hands of a Thunderhead, any weapon becomes a thunder blade. Even holding a metal pipe can be dangerous in their hands for the electricity coursing through it can stun a large beast.

The Rot
Not every Dwarf gets along with the rest of the tree. Especially those who have children with connection to the Myst. Some Dwarves have sought refuge in Avsolom, hoping to escape the cruel fate of the fields. But doing so is no safe journey. Not only must they navigate past the guards of Molosva itself, but then they must travel upwards through dangerous lands of magical creatures that live under the earth. If they're able to get up to the surface, the deserters must then find somewhere to life. They can't live in the Empire for just being seen would result in certain death. Some refugees have gotten around by making pacts with nobles, using their gifts to make them stronger weapons or enchanting them with magic. Others have been lucky to find a family willing to take them in and house them. But for the most part, Dwarves stay hidden if they escape Molosva for the threat upon their lives is too great. As far as history is concerned though, the Dwarven race is nothing but a myth. The Empire had erased all mention of the Dwarven genocide to better control its citizens. And since no Dwarf would dare show his/her face to the people, no one can ever prove they ever existed at all. But more often than not, myths end up being true....

The Intent: The Dwarven race is meant to be a surprise to all characters. They are a secret the Empire wished to get rid of. Up until now, a Dwarf seen in their territory is put to death immediately, lest the people find out the truth about the cruel treatment of their people. Some Dwarves have survived up top by being careful, but for the most part do not make a name for themselves. This will allow players to create a Dwarf for the "good" side against their kin. Characters are also welcome to play the Dwarf race as they have plenty of magical abilities either by way of Lightning or Myst. These are meant to be kept separate as Myst users are frowned upon in Dwarven culture. For example, a Myst user that uses lightning is not the same as a Dwarf who has the storm already in his/her blood. Being born with the Storm is a higher calling and therefore a better and stronger Dwarf. But a player creating a Dwarf who is capable of using the Myst must realize that doing so would be like committed a sin in the context of their religion so to speak. The Dwarves do not trust magic, and only use it when absolutely necessary.

The event itself will be decided on the number of player threads completed. Players who have made provinces for the Empire will now need to defend their land else it gets taken by the Dwarves. This can be fought back at a later time, but will result in how some of the story gets played out. For example, if a player completes five plus threads, he/she can decide that the Dwarves must all go back down below the surface and thus would result in all the provinces being restored to their normal ownership. On the other hand, say a Dwarf completes the most, he/she could decide they want to claim Rhisoka for themselves and the Empire must be moved to Cathwa. This will spew more conflict between those nations but in the spirit of roleplaying the city would otherwise by wiped out and sunk by the Dwarves who live under its foundation. Will perhaps someone come to find a middle ground to where the Dwarves can live peacefully? Or do they risk stagnation and let the Empire fall after all this time?

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Alexis Solis

Jun 1, 2019
The first city has fallen! The Swamps of Rhifell which provide much of the country's rice and bean supply has been taken over by the Dwarven Army. They surrendered with no resistance and are now giving their crops to the Dwarves. This impact on the war will make rations and stocks of food difficult for Rhisoka and Noria as well as any other smaller cities en route between the cities.

The thread can be read -HERE-