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Approved Province Citizen Sir Hansel Strauss

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May 19, 2019

Sir Hansel Strauss

► Hansel Jonah Strauss​
► 29​
► Male​
► 6'2"​
► 90kg​
► Blue​
► Black​
► Knight/royal guard​
Voice Claim

Hansel Strauss was born and raised in the higher class of Leore's nobility. As a child he had a talent for dexterity and agility, despite being a pretty big kid. He also had a keen interest in finer arts, like painting and music. By the time he was old enough to start training that interest in arts combined with his impeccable agility carried over.

Throughout his childhood he trained to be a knight. His skills, dexterity and agility opened up another talent: he is a bloody good fighter. His talent with the blade carried him far. He was knighted at the age of 16 and his allegiance was given wholly to the province of Leore. He quickly made a name for himself even between the knights for being formidable with a blade. He also went on to train with the bow, lance and other weapons to improve his lethality all the more. He kept serving his state with immense loyalty, trained to become an impeccable warrior and in his spare time he stuck to his odd interest in art. He was eventually dubbed 'the Rainbow Knight' for his talents and his rather flamboyant fighting style.

In his 25th year his skills paid off. He was chosen to serve as a member for the elite guard charged with defending the lord of Leore. A position that suited him well. Training with his comrades honed his skills and through the years he became a force to be reckoned with. In his 29th year, however, Leore fell into chaos. Sir Tybalt Monteaux decided to usurp the title of lordship and laid siege to the castle. He always preferred Tybalt between the brothers and even had the honour of fighting him every now and then as a squire and knight, making this fight a rather difficult one for the knight.

This fight did, however, bring to light his full potential. He felled many knights, mercenaries and other enemies. But he wasn't blind. He could see that Picard's side was losing and pretty soon there would be a new lord. In a very tough decision, influenced by personal judgement and a leap of faith, he turned against his fellow guards. He slaughtered almost all of them before being knocked out by the last survivors. When he came to, he found out that Tybalt won and his 'treason' thinned the resistance out for Tybalt significantly. His treason would pay off, though, as he was reinstated as a royal guard for the new lord of Leore.

And this is where we find him. His honour slightly bruised by his treason but he believes he made the right choice. Leore needed a new leader and his duty was to the citizens of Leore. Now he serves proudly once more.


Overall Hansel is a kind soul and a very calm man. He is polite, a gentleman and generally what one could expect from a knight. He is a bit of a ladies man, though, but no matter what he presents himself with chivalry and honour. He does have a rather flamboyant side, noticing the finer things in life and acting in ways one would not always expect of a warrior. This is due to his history and interest in artistry, be it painting or music.

He fights with honour and is known to show mercy, but not at all is he a softie. He is brutal in a fight and relentless. His calm demeanour also makes for a imposing foe. He doesn't anger easily but even when he does he hides it behind kind eyes and a calm expression. He is fiercely loyal to the state of Leore and its people, which made his choice of turning against his liege to side with Tybalt a rather difficult one.

Magic & Skills

A very skilled swordsman and a dangerous opponent. Since a young age he has trained with a blade and his natural talents have crafted him into a killing machine. He is proficient in various melee and ranged weapons and his training as a knight has made him a fierce warrior on horseback. His skills have allowed him to serve as a royal guard and this position has only escalated his skills. His reputation as 'the Rainbow Knight' stems from not only his flamboyant personality and talents with art, but from his exotic and showy fighting style and colourful armour. While a lesser swordsman might find their doom like this, he uses it to either intimidate or fool his opponents into taking a chance then capitalizing on their mistake.

Outside of combat he is a skilled lute player and a rather excellent painter. Despite his calm demeanour he is also rather charismatic and a bit of a ladies man. Also out of necessity he has learned the basics of surviving out in the wilderness

  • Sun's kiss, his family's longsword that stretches back centuries. Forged from Tonoyanan steel.
  • Eagle, an arming sword that bears a similar enchantment as 'Sun's kiss', but weaker and doesn't amplify his skill. He uses it either alongside a shield, as a secondary, or dual wields it alongside Sun's Kiss.
  • A poleaxe he uses occasionally.
  • Various sets or armour with different looks and functions, though all of them are a combination of plate, chain mail and gambeson to create a tough, resistant armour. He also took the precaution of having them all be enchanted with wards to lessen effects of magic against him, in case he fights against magi.(Standard ceremonial/Guard armour, adventuring armour and his battle/informal armour)

  1. Country Roads ― Hansel, after saving her from a bandit attack, meets a young woman with great potential and offers to train her ― • Completed
  2. Title ― Description ― • Thread Status

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