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Pending Misc Sieglinde Emborsdottr

Plot Mod


Sigi plucked a stone from the creek and dusted the snow from its face. She found it covered in moss, and smiled the smallest of smiles, as only this stone would do. From the creek she walked, up the powdered hill to the clearing where there waited a smoldering campfire and the small thatched cottage she had called home. Sigi set the stone in its place, at the center atop the cairn she had built.

“You may rest now, father.”

Her eyes welled with tears that drew cold lines along her frost-reddened cheeks. Beneath the stones she imagined a man she once knew, hearty and full of love and spirit, unbroken by the darkest of magicks. And in her heart she knew it to be a lie. Below those stones rested a monster of gnarled teeth and rotten flesh. And yet in the finality of the Shroud’s corruption there rested her father still.

With two outstretched fingers she touched his grave. “Your burden is now mine,” she closed her eyes. “For I am the reaper’s daughter,” she could but whisper. After a time she dared open those eyes, and found herself alone in the cold.

Sigi rose, wiping her eyes on gloves of cracked deerskin, doing more to smear those tears than rid them. And she moved without haste to an iron-banded roundshield and crude sword that rested at the foot of an old pine tree. Sieglinde Emborsdottr picked the blade and held it before her, dented and chipped and stained brown with dried blood.


Rudimentary shields and protective wards, some light healing and mending.


Arms: Bearded axe and roundshield. Broken sword-hilt.
Armor: Helm and simple gambeson. A trusty pair of weathered boots. Iron guantlets and vambraces.
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As per the guidelines & rules, I'll need you to add magic and gear sections or simply mention their status somewhere in the profile. If you add sections you can put "none" under them for now and gain them through role play later.