Empire Citizen Sage Belisarius

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Nov 27, 2019


AliasOracle of Arcavous
FactionResearch Institute, Empire
RankSage / Gate Keeper

  • Background
    Belisarius is the third to hold the title Sage at the Arcavous Research Institute. Despite being the former Dean of Serivus his life is steeped with mystery. It is believed by some that his mother was an oracle, who fell to the temptations of a maleficent Mystborn entity. Disgraced for breaking her oath of chastity before the age of 33, she fled into the wilderness where Belisarius was born.

    At a young age, Belisarius performed many prophecies few of which came to pass. The ones that did, however, caused his name to become widely known amongst the residents of a nearby village. One day while a Magister was resting in the village he overheard one of these prophecies. He spoke of a sleeping eagle that had grown fat, its wings unable to carry it. How a wolf would soon descend upon it from a quarry of stone, the next day the Legend of Hemicus was born.

    This intrigued the Magister, who would abduct the child returning with him to the Institute for research and study. Shortly thereafter, Belisarius would become a student of the Arcavous Institute. Becoming intrigued by the ancient ruins located there, he would join the college of Serivus putting his foresight to use in ascertaining the location of artefacts and other objects of interest. Shortly after graduating, he would become a professor and eventually Dean.

    Sometime later Belisarius would step down, those close to him at the time, now mostly deceased will know that he spoke of a falling star and some ancient evil it would awaken. Intrigued and concerned he would disappear for years before resurfacing from the Inverted Spire nearly three decades before to prophesied event re-join as a Professor.

    Opening doors he came to be an advisor to the royal family and oversee their development as Magi. It was through Emperor Cassius' sponsorship that he would eventually attain the title of Sage.

    Generally speaking, the Institute has done well under his stewardship. Belisarius is usually prepared for most eventualities and focuses most funding around projects that safeguard the Empire, although he is rarely seen he does take time to visit the colleges and ensure faculty needs are met.

  • Talents

    • Half-Blood - Belisarius is a hybrid being, which even he isn't necessarily aware of, but admits that it bestows upon him some benefits.
      • Extended Lifespan - Belisarius despite his age remains relatively young,
      • Blessing of Elysium - Belisarius is naturally resistant to effects that impede his movement or freedom.
    • Eden [Magic] - Eden allows the caster to change their surroundings, converting simple matter from one shape to another. In essence, it allows the caster to turn a desert into an oasis, or convert grassland into a volcanic wasteland.
    • Animus [Magic] - Animus allows the caster to transmute material from one form into another, allowing them to rapidly create weapons, armour, fortifications, or golems to assist them in battle.
      • Shatter [Magic] - A advanced application of Animus that allows the user to deconstruct objects and material.
      • Archon [Magic, Summoning] - Creates a golem that inherits the properties of the local terrain.
      • Armament [Magic, Creation] - Create a weapon or piece of armour using local terrain. Grants suitable resistances.
    • Oracle - Belisarius is privy to certain events concerning the Empire and the World. These cryptic visions are typically decades in advance and not always guaranteed to come to pass.
    • Gatekeeper - Belisarius has access to the resources of the Arcavous Research Institute, in addition to knowledge and research conducted by faculty he can also access the Vaults, where artefacts and creatures are kept for further study.

  • Adventuring Equipment
    • Chainshirt
    • Tabard
    • Steel Longsword (2x)
    • Wolf Pelt Cloak
    • Dagger
    • Scroll Case
    • Waterskin (1)
    • Magi Certification