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May 20, 2019
The Fallen

Average Height: 7ft
Average Length: 3ft/10ft wingspan
Average Weight: 300lb
Average Land Speed: 15mph on ground 50mphs flying

Average Lifespan: Immortal
Color(s): Pale Blue

Temperament: Territorial Aggressive and only obey Volkarnas
Preferred Climate: Nighttime anywhere
Preferred Diet: Blood

The Fallen are vampires, that have failed and been punished, or vampires who can not control their blood lust. The council has decided that they are no longer allowed to be sentient, and given them a new task, an immortal warrior. They are taken before the elders and then transformed using a ritual only known to them. They are still vampires, of a sort but now the inner beast is let free, but are implanted with the knowledge to obey any volkarna, and taught to recognize one from this bloodline compared to other ritual vampires. Though if they learn how to do this, they can do the same, and make the vampiric beasts follow them.

They are based in their desires, só they are known to fornicate with each other, kill eat and prey that stumbles in their lair. They are stronger than vampires, but not as strong as werewolves. They have no ability to use the Myst anymore, and it has been noted that ritual vampires are no stronger than normal vampires once turned. They can tolerate each other but require a lot of personal space, so they tend to form social groups of about fifteen of them, around the strongest male, as they do tend to be stronger.

Whilst technically they are immortal, they do tend to die from time to time, from either getting caught out in the sun or by killed while attacking the enemies of Volkarnas. They are known to go off and hunt by themselves from time to time, and migrate have across the whole of the continent, but if they come near human settlements, it is not long before they have been hunted down themselves and killed. As humans don't like big human hunting monsters in their lives, so groups like the watchers, might take a small hunting group down, that have escaped the lairs. These lairs are not well guarded, but if not attended regularly with food, they go looking for it. Then they become pests, this happened once en mass, after the empire put down the revolt, as they could tend the lairs, due to empire presence in the province.
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May 20, 2019

Acantha Von Volkanra

► Akantha Von Volkarna​
► 1000+​
► Female​
► 5'6"​
► 120lb​
► Red​
► Black​
► Human/Ritual Vampire​
► Volkarna​
► North/Countess​

Acantha Von Volkarna was born in Volkanra like all of her kin, by the time she was ready to become a ritual vampire, she like all her kin, did not have children. As this was seen as a pain, to watch your own children grow old and die, and their children after them. She selected for the same reason all of her family was, she was strong in the myst and was one of the strongest vampires around in the Myst.

She spent the first few hundred years of her life, in the study and dealing with visiting magi, as well as teaching others, in how to use the myst. She also helped teach the living members on how to use it, though she could no longer do enchantments, she could explain how to make things, like the protective jewelry, as well as other things. She did regret no longer being able to make her own stuff and had to teach others to do it for her.

She was one day summoned along with all other members of the vampire clan, she remembers this day. They were told it was considered the time to revolt, and help other provinces do the same. They were to at last going to be free of the Empire, she smiled then, but that smile did not last long. The Empire was stronger than they thought, and they won, despite her turning people against the Empire, they had too many soldiers, and were very bloodthirsty even for vampires. They retreated north, into the arctic wilderness, into what they now call the Volkanra retreat, an area they can maintain themselves. She was not sent their though, she was sent to Meikyo, where she became a consort to a Kensei, and spent a hundred years in that man service, till he died by her side his wives and his children and grandchildren. There she learned how to please him, and how to wield a sword, and fight in a style unfamiliar to her people, using her hands. This knowledge she passes on to this day, to others who are willing to be taught.

When she was recalled, the council need to be restaffed, and she was selected to be called north. The council was reconstructed not because of death, but they had miss-timed the revolt, and as such, they choose to stand down, for a new generation of leaders. They, however, stayed on for a while to help guide them, until it was time to go to Volkarna retreat on a more permanent basis, to retire and study, and they are called the Elders and they keep an eye on the affairs but have no vote. Though they are respected, and they can ask to see the council at any time. They are beyond political intrigue, as they are not allowed to become council members again.

Now as north on she only answers to council member known as Point, as they point the way. He sees no one but the Earl of Volkarna, a living human and the face of Volkarna, the council and elders. This is so he can have a dispassionate view on what is happening, and emotion would not cloud his judgment. Her duties now involve foreign affairs and no longer teaching, she has to keep an eye on unfolding events, and how to make them useful to the Volkarnas. She, unfortunately, has only just become north, after the emperor's ballroom event. The man who was north before her had died, at the hands of a werewolf who he was hunting for sport, something that the point disapproved off. She has now to rebuild the spy network, as it was under attack, and see where they stood in the world.

South duty is to choose new vampires and internal affairs of volkarna society, he is an older vampire than her. Then West is in charge of the armies and navies of Volkarna and plans it's the defense of the province. Then East, east duties, was knowledge it was she wanted, but he was the oldest vampire, who was not an elder. He also taught her a few things.


As a council member, she has many faces as she is very dedicated to her new role, she open and honest in the council meetings, but outside. She can be what the person she is talking to needs her to be, as she social chameleon. This was why she was selected to be north, as she can lie convincingly, and keep track of these lies. She is outwardly emotional, but inwardly as cold as ice, and is willing to sacrifice, which is also part of her role. She is very willing to delegate, if the person proves worthy of it, though proving yourself is hard work.

Magic & Skills

She can transform herself into a mist form, and physical objects will pass straight through her. Whilst in this form, she almost invulnerable, except to fire, as can turn the mist into steam, and make holding the form near impossible. Though while in this form she can not attack anyone, but she can change between the two quite easily.

She has the ability to manifest wings, that sprout from her back. These are not true wings and not part of her, so would not feel pain if they are hit. They are as strong as steel and can be used quite effectively as a weapon, she can also fly with them. Through doing this, it does have a tendency to rip her clothes.

She has also learned the ancient art of sucking the life out of people, literary draining their life essence, through myst. This is similar to her feeding on them, as drinking their blood. Except if they die, they don't turn into vampires, they just become zombies. Though they are loyal to her, and last about a month before falling apart.

She can also learn the ability to use telekinesis, so she can move things as large as a boulder, and chuck them at the enemy. She is quite good at this and can move some items quite delicately.

She has also learned the ability of lesser vampires, to read minds, so she can see what they are thinking, though this is normally not used unless she wants to, as the noise it creates in her head, can be quite irritating, to say the least. Though she can also block others, from reading her mind.

She has learned to raise the dead, while zombies don't take much effort, and last for about a week. Though she has also learned a way to make stronger undead creatures, known as wights. They take about an hour to make but can wield hand weapons, and shields, but not missile weapons. They about one and half times stronger than a zombie, and last up to a year, but require fresh corpses.

She also can hypnotize some people, and bend them to her will, this is one way to make people enthralled with her. Also to make them think they did not see something, by implanting false memories into their minds.

She also is skilled with a sword, and unarmed combat, her techniques in this are similar to jujitsu. She learned this while spending time in Meikyo, during the years of exile after the last rebellion. She spent this time learning everything she could, and even brought some of there ideas, back to the council.

  • A Katana, with a wolf head pommel, the steel was made from carbon from wolves bane and is very deadly to werewolves
  • A black blacked out coach, and riders and horses. The carriage can easily be adapted to sleeping in and has her family crest on its side. The curtains are thick, and stop light from getting in. They also have shutters, to stop people from just opening them.
  • Four armoured and armed enthralled humans, to drive it and guard her during daylight hours. They are humans, but have been enthralled by her, and do her bidding without question, and even allow her to feed on them if need be.
  • Lots of red dresses, and underwear. She needs spare clothes as if she magically makes bat wings, the one she wore, are no longer suitable, for wearing.
  • An ornate hand fan from Meikyo, that can fold up. Nothing special, she just likes it.
  • An orb of communication, this allows her to commune with the council, to agree to the details of any trade deal, or update each other on things. Though anyone who has an orb made by the Von Volkarna family can listen into the conversation.
  • Money for expenses, yep she needs money, for pretty baubles, and ships to sail on. Also, her thralls need food, apparently, as well as other things, and you're meant to pay for them, which quite rude for cattle to charge her.
  • A day ring, to protect her from the sun.


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