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Nal Akima Citizen Runa Hohlt




Runa Hohlt

► Runa Hohlt
► 24
► Female
► 6,1
► 75kg
► Grey
► Blonde
► Human
► Nal Akima
► Sellsword

Whatever life had been for Runa in Nal Akima before the Second Myst Surge, it would not be after.

A great many years spent sailing, hunting, fighting, all to prepare herself for the world, to step forward as leader of clan and village. There were plans in mind, of growth, of security for a people who for too long had suffered as one of the smallest represented on the Council of Axes. She knew the mutual aid of her people in times of need, and had offered as much herself. But, in days of prosperity their lands and labour had too often been summoned to others work.

She had wanted to spare them that, assign them a place that meant they would stand equal with their peers.

It was not to be.

In the Second Myst Surge cracks beneath the village exploded into existence, ice, water, fire all coalescing in a violent storm that left bare city, its lands, and swallowed much of it whole beneath the waves. Its people meanwhile were wiped out, those few who survived scattered to the winds, including Runa. Clanless now, those days and visions were gone. There was only herself now, in a wide open world.

She had skills enough to put them to use, but the desires of her old life haven't entirely left her. To build a place of prosperity where she, and those that matter to her, may live.


At once optimistic and pragmatic, Runa's earlier focus on establishing her people has since been tempered by unexpected tragedy. Her outlook bleaker, buried within is the desire to build something once more, but it is prefaced by a direct, pragmatic facade that wishes to get on with things, so that the unexpected doesn't come.

If it does, Runa can tend to get frustrated and angry, though she will be sure to learn from the scenario for next time.

With having lost many close connections, one would think she would be hesitant to form new ones. But if anything it is the opposite. The people of Nal Akima are often outspoken and outgoing with their feelings, and she was no different. Runa is ready to embrace new people, in the secret hope of finding what she lost once more, even if she doesn't show it.

However, the harshness of the world is not foreign to her, and she will not hesitate to put herself first if she had not made such relationships yet, needing to establish her own security before she can offer it to others.

Magic & Skills

Harsh lives in harsh lands tend to mean people require a diverse set of skills to get by.

Runa's original home prospered primarily from the sea, and few there were without seafaring skills. Runa can run a ship if need be, sail one, and hunt from it.

Similarly, the hardy, at times violent culture of Nal Akima has seen her readied and bloodied with a blade already. She will use it if she feels she must, and is more than adept with blade and shield to fight those coming her way. Or those she is pointed at.

Preferring a heavier armour, Runa can equally take blows with an uncommon strength.

A reasonable lore of herbs, plants, and animals means Runa can sustain herself in the wild, and find what plants are required to aid or heal if some are in dire need. Long enough to sustain them till a true healer arrives, anyhow.

  • Half Plate Armour.
  • Heavy Fur Travel Clothing.
  • Frankish Sword.
  • Round Shield.

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