The Myst of Avsolom is a medieval high fantasy role play forum set in an original world. It is 3/3/3 on the RPG scale and 18+
The role play is freeform which means there are no stat systems, but there are Rules and Guidelines for members to follow.

Rifters, a Steampunk RPG



Rifters is set in the unique, constantly growing, and ever evolving world of Fayorin. Spread across four continents, magic and adventure await those brave enough to take hold of it, and their destinies. Inspired by real world cultures, Rifters offers a diverse realm, rich with lore and filled with characters waiting for their stories to be told.

What are you waiting for? Come and have a look!

What we offer, and what we expect:
  • Intermediate to advanced story telling.
  • Heavy focus on story telling that will change the world -- quite literally. No one lives in a bubble, your characters included.
  • Rifters is a mature site hosted on Jcink Premium. You must be eighteen or older to join. We allow mature content so long as it is tagged accordingly.
  • Lots of want ads and canons who need adopting! Come and get your new pet--er I mean, friend today!
  • Friendly members and staff ready and waiting to plot with you! Yes you! You will never be left out as long as you make yourself, and your character, available. Did I mention we have a ton of want ads and canons?
  • There is no hard fast word count. Most of us aim for 300+, however, we believe in quality over quantity. That being said, one liners are not quality. All we ask for is effort.
  • No posting requirements, however, stagnant plots become dead plots, and I hate funerals. Most members post weekly if not daily. We ask that you be able to post weekly to keep things rolling. Don't worry though, no one is going to chase you with a pitch fork if you aren't able to do so. -
  • Graphic services! We know that not everyone is graphic savvy, so we are here to help! If you need help cropping images, creating a signature, or avatar, just ask! Someone will be more than glad to assist you.
  • No strings attached! Feel free to join the Discord, get to know people, make sure we all jive, before deciding if we're the right fit for you. That being said, lurk too long and you'll risk being eaten by the resident Wampus.