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Lila Summer


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Lila had been out for a run, in a part of Gotham she probably shouldn't have been in. That was almost every part now though, so did it really matter at this point? She didn't care enough to ponder it for long. It was barely light out, and there wasn't too many people out wandering the streets yet, all that could be heard was the slapping of her shoes hitting the ground. Her blonde hair bounced along as she ran, her pale skin flushed from the activity.

Her quiet morning was brought to an abrupt halt, the sound of a single gunshot too loud in the quiet. She whipped around and ran to where the sound had come from, stupid really, but she couldn't help herself. She reached the spot, and man laying on the ground bleeding out, and no one else in sight. Blood pooled around the dying man, and she froze for a moment a gasp caught in her throat.

She paused a moment too long, she sprung into action and ran to kneel before the man, hands covering the wound. It was too late, he was already dead. She could have healed him, but she was too slow. Covered in blood, she stood, tears spilling from her blue eyes. She took too long, it was her fault. The sounds of sirens now filled the morning air, and as the sun made it's appearance, she suddenly found herself a suspect. "I didn't kill anyone! I was just trying to help!" She hoped someone would arrive soon, someone that would listen to her!