The Myst of Avsolom is a medieval high fantasy role play forum set in an original world. It is 3/3/3 on the RPG scale and 18+
The role play is freeform which means there are no stat systems, but there are Rules and Guidelines for members to follow.

Making an Impact / Plotting Guide

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Myst of Avsolom

Making an Impact on the Myst of Avsolom

If you wish to impact a part of the world with a large event, you may contact an admin and run your idea by them. Our staff will do our best to give you feedback or direction if you need it. Contacting staff is not required, but if an event you create does not fit with site canon staff may have to step in.

Players can contact staff to review smaller plot ideas (plots that have little impact) if they wish for help or input. Players may also contact staff to NPC site characters, such as the Old Empire Emperor.

Plot ideas that have PvP (Player Character vs Player Character) cannot be forced; if someone does not wish for your character to attack the province / area their character rules, then they cannot attack it. The community works together to have fun and create stories within Avsoloms world.
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