Lore Rules & Guidelines

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Sep 23, 2021
Lore Rules & Guidelines


This guide aims to help you get your submission approved by the Lore Team or provide general assistance to create an item, artefact, invention, and so on. The following information provides you with updated guidance and the criteria Lore moderators and admins will use to judge and ideally approve an entry.

Moderates and Admins are expected to be familiar with these guidelines and may reference them if seeking expansion or greater depth into a lore item.

General Rules
  1. Items that require approvals should not feature heavily in any roleplay scenario, you may mention or refer to them but this does not guarantee approval.
  2. Items must be reasonable within the constraints of the Universe. Powerful artefacts would take hundreds of man hours to create, and require specialist expertise. If an item sounds unreasonable for your character please have an explanation ready just in case.
  3. Generally players should respect that this site is primarily PvE. If used in PvP both players should discuss how these interact with their character particularly in cases where your item might give a tangible benefit. For example, you have a holy weapon that is designed to counter undead and are fighting an undead player.
  4. For anyone wanting to add lore to existing player lore he or she must seek permission from that player prior to making the changes. If changes or additions are approved that player is to work closely with the player the lore belongs to in order to ensure the additional lore fits in smoothly.

  1. Mysts of Avoslom is a Fantasy setting based upon the Late Classical to Early Medieval Eras. Items that typically don’t exist during these time periods will, under most circumstances, be rejected on the principle they do not fit into the Mysts of Avoslom Universe. Notable examples include; Gunpowder, despite it’s mechanical availability, does not exist in this roleplay. Therefore, explosive items/creations cannot be created unless through alternative means (i.e. alchemical explosives).
  2. Generally speaking common or basic equipment does not need any approvals, this includes non-magical armours, work tools etc.
  3. Items that are designed purely for aesthetic purposes similarly do not need approvals (A sword made of crystal) unless those properties provide some benefit.

Provinces and Locations
  1. Players may submit write ups for provinces or small locations on the map.
  2. Write ups for regions or larger locations are not permitted to save space on the map, and for technical reasons such as the work it takes to add them (canon lore pages, links, updating the overview page, etc). Larger locations and map expansions will be released as canon lore by staff, to make more space and lore for everyone to use.
  3. It is suggested to check out provinces and other locations that are already part of the lore or created by players before considering a new write up. If the location is not in use, contact a staff member to see if you can take over the location and make characters for it.

Creation Process
  1. Optional; Speak to a Lore Mod or Admin about your submission, you can do this either through the Forum’s conversation, Discord DM, or via the Lore Channel. We will try to provide feedback and highlight any concerns early.
  2. Create your item! It’s recommended you start by using the templates provided here (https://www.mystofavsolom.com/index.php?threads/lore-guide-templates.27/), you may use your own template but should hit all the bases (where relevant). You should explain the mechanics of your item (what does it do, any limitations, or any enchantments, and if so what are they?). You might use the WIP section to begin drafting your idea out.
  3. Notify a Mod or Admin your item is ready for review. A member of the Lore team will review your item and approve, ask further clarification questions, or raise concerns. Be reasonable, if a Mod or Admin doesn’t understand something do your best to explain it. Generally, we want your Lore to be approved and it’s rare that we would reject something outright.

Approvals Process

Generally speaking we deal with approvals on a case by case basis. That being said, here are some common questions a member of the Lore Team will ask themselves before approving an item.
  1. Suitability - Does the Item or Technology suite what is currently known about the world. Can someone reasonably create it?
  2. Impact - Does the submission have any significant impact or ramifications upon the world? If so, what are they and is there any mitigation. Will it ruin the experience for others?
  3. Uniqueness - Does the item or technology fill a niche that was previously missing, if not how significant is the difference. Does it fulfil the role of an already existing piece of lore?

Once an item or technology has been approved it will be moved to the player lore section and becomes usable.
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