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Pending Province Citizen Lord Aurelion Ralik




Aurelion Ralik

► Aurelion Briton Ralik​
► 22​
► XX​
► 6'2"​
► 152 lbs​
► Brown​
► Brown/Black​
► Noria​
► Noble​

Born the youngest of House Ralik and the younger brother of Alegna, his birth was their mother's death. She had caught ill during her bearing of him, and the labor especially hard. Though their father could have cursed the Gods their cruelty for taking away his beloved wife, he instead turned the bitterness in his heart to tenderness, and loved equally and deeply his two children, Alegna and Aurelion. While Alegna resembled their father most, with fair hair and sturdy bearing, he most resembled their mother, slender, and dark of hair and eye. And while his older sister was hale and healthy through the years of her life, he was constantly abed with many ailments, including a fever that lasts the whole of the winter months and has nearly claimed his life. Yet despite this, she did not pity her brother, but they both swore to one another that she would live the life he deeply desired.

He was a fast study of the Myst, of war stratagem and of politics. While his sister applied herself to the mastery of sword and shield, he applied himself with academics, and though he could train alongside her for short periods of time, his utter lack of strength and endurance often left him bedridden. His frail health is rarely known to any outside the immediate family; instead, it is the face and armor of his sister that rides in his stead, and though he is very proud of her, there is a place in his heart that deeply resents the limited life he has been given.

When their father mysteriously passed, the grief of it nearly killed him as well. Instead of the title passing rightfully to his sister, it passed to him, and he swore to see House Ralik rebuilt to the glory of its' ancestors, alongside House Hael. And then, a unique presentation offered itself in the name of his father's study. Amongst the many letters in his father's last days, he found one addressed from Perseus, concerning the betrothal of Alegna to some second son in the South. Here was a chance for them both; marriage allies in the civil war to come, possibly, and a bride price that could be used to bring wealth and reputation to House Ralik once more. Such an alliance would prove beneficial to him and his sister both, yet he could not tell her the name of her suitor, knowing full well she would ride off to challenge him to single combat if she had. So instead he waited until she was entrenched within the civil war after training as a Centurion, in hopes that this alliance would elevate House Ralik from its' lowly state and bring balance and peace back into Noria.

Notable Characteristics

  • Frail
  • Highly intelligent
  • Cunning

Skills and Abilities

  • Skill
  • Myst Skill: with the lack of physical strength, he is instead adept with water, wind, and fire magic, becoming a very capable Magi with formal training.
  • Strategy and Book Smarts: His is an intelligent, cunning mind, capable of retaining vast quantities of information and turning it into useful, applicable data.