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Closed Ad Lional Magnus, Twin Brother

Head Admin


Head Administrator
Role Requested: Lilith's twin brother.
Will Be Connected To: Lilith Magus (his twin sister), Alistair Magnus (his older half-brother) and Cassius Magnus (his father)
Important Information:


Name: Lional Magnus
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Light Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Magic: See the profiles listed in "Will be Connected To"
Skills: Up to applicant
Personalty: Up to applicant


Please only inquire about this role if you can commit to being active and do not foresee yourself leaving the site anytime soon. Like any other key characters, if you take him up and later leave the site he will default to a staff NPC and may be adopted by another player.

All characters listed under the "Will be Connected To" category are well established. Please take some time to learn a little bit about them before inquiring about this wanted ad.


Lilith (his twin sister) does not have a strong connection with him, because she was sick most of her childhood and kept inside. Their father also intentionally kept them a part since birth, in an attempt to stop any connection that twins sometimes have because he believed it'd make Lional soft.

For most of Lional's life, he has lived and studied outside of Rishoka City. He has studied in other parts of the heartland, outside of the Empire and by the sides of several legates (lord commanders of the legion). Even though he is still young, he has experience in battle, and has been treated like a regular solider at times per his fathers commands.

He is being prepped for the possibility of taking the throne, because his father has revoked the crown from his older brother.

Contact Information: DM or PM me