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Pending Korbin Longeye




Korbin, the Black Kite

► Korbin Longeye / Gaspard

► 58​

► Male​

► 5’6” ft.​

► 135 lbs.​

► Grey​

► Black​

► Human – Ero’daii​

► Setasut | Cathwa Nation​

► Headmaster of the Lotus Chapterhouse (brothels)
► Favor Merchant / Information Broker
► Professional Thief​

►Naveen Andrews​

The man that would become Korbin Longeye, was the first born child of an Ero’daiin couple living in a small tribe on out skirts of the coastal city Setasut of the Cathwa Nation. His birth marked the uprooting of his family, for he was born with the Mark of the Seer upon his right palm. It was a runic mark that burned itself into the flesh of very few Ero’daii and utterly reviled in their culture. Its origins were believed tied to the Dragon Lords of old and a pair of bloodlines given the gift of sight, the small little portent of the Ethereal. They could perceive the spirit and the minds of others, as well scry into their potential futures; however, many if not all who were gifted with the mark grew mad in their power and their presence promised inevitable destruction.

The Mark of the Seer thus became fate of death for all newborns within Ero’daiin Cultures. In their interpretation it was a sacrifice of mercy to retain their innocence, before they’d become the abominable afflicted that not even tolerant gods could forgive. Unwilling to give up their child they ran away. They’d make it as far as the woodlands of the Old Empire before misfortune would beset upon them and separate the young babe from their caring embrace.

Fate had seen to the young boy into the arms of a wandering Huntsman Bannon Longeye. The man had found himself momentarily lost amongst the woodlands. In turn a small blessing was given to him in the form of Korbin. Bannon and his wife Theresa had been unable to conceive a child, so the Huntsman brought the young boy back to the small village of Whitewall, a mixed community devised of humans, elves, and other mutants living on the frontiers of the Imperial Wildlands. Under Bannon’s care Korbin was given name and new purpose, he was to be a like him a huntsman.

The diversity of Whitewall provided a perfect home for Korbin where none would think twice of a young Southern Kin or Ero’daiin child being raised by citizens of the Old Empire. And he lived fortuitously until the twilight of his adolescence came to an eclipse, when his young mind began to wander past the hearth and forest. And he began to dream, wild dreams, and a mind awash in the crucible of the Ether awakening the onset of the clairvoyant abilities within him.

At the age of fourteen his life changed when a swarthy man, Marcellus Draven, and his band of rogues came to Whitewall. Korbin knew the man was important for his dreams told him so. In many ways he was called to the Bandit Lord of Matura (one of many criminal holds across the Empire) . The young boy had no interest in merely being a Huntsman, skilled with the bow, he sought a world of adventure and Marcellus was assured to promise him that. In the dead of night Korbin stowed away in one of their wagons as they headed through the hills to Noria

It was no surprise that the young boy would be found by the Bandits. They had threatened to abandon the boy, but in turn Korbin begged in desperation to stay along. Draven the Bandit Lord would entertain the child’s musings, but not unversed to Ero’daiin culture and folklore he quickly noticed the markings on his hand, as the child murmured of dreams and fate. Korbin was a fate-touched and untrained by the Empire, a natural clairvoyant no less. With thoughts of fortune the Bandit Lord took Korbin under his wing.

Korbin Longeye would quickly become more than just some pickpocket. Traveling with Draven and his entourage he practically sat upon an ill-gotten gilded throne in the Duchy Leore the city-state nearest to the Mountain Hold of Matura. He was given the chance of adventure as he ran with the rogues looting and plundering. When of age he took to the Brothels gaining a reputation with its women. Among the tavern’s stories of the young “Prince”, if for no better title than to insult true nobility, he was a shadow to every ear. With the help of Marcellus Draven and a pair of Sages they attempted to harness and decipher Korbin’s visions. He’d been unsuccessful in controlling them, but they come would come upon him in moments of opportunity, sometimes if in search of something they’d vaguely lead him into a direction. For a time the young Ero’daii served as a magical compass.

However the abuse of his gifts led to unfortunate consequences. Information deciphered from his visions at times brought some to their graves, while others were sent to the Imperial Prisons, where many would end up in a circle lost to impossible tasks. Even Korbin had begun to feel the repercussions as his dreams grew dark foreshadowing untold tragedies of the future. They began to make less sense and grew more chaotic with time.

The boon that Marcellus thought he had acquired in Korbin had dwindled and within twelve years managed to run him dry. By virtue of his pride the once Bandit Lord had become a pauper. Anger turned on the Ero’daiin scoundrel and in the dead of night Marcellus Draven sought to take his protégé’s life. A searing vision brought Korbin to wake of this threat, and with swift recall, turn Marcellus’ blade upon him taking an eye. It was the last that Korbin Longeye had seen of the once Bandit Lord.

Free to be his own man at the age of twenty-six the Son of a Huntsman turned his sights back upon Whitewall. Much had changed with time as many of the children he once knew taking their parents place and with families of their own. Though Bannon and Theresa would be nowhere in sight. It was told to him that his father had gone off looking for Korbin when he disappeared, when he did not return they all believed the worst. Theresa passed soon after in her grief believing to have lost a child and a husband to the Woodlands.

Stricken with grave guilt the Ero’daii felt blood on his hands and his visions did not fade. Instead he was chased to bottles of strong spirits and to the long roads where he traveled in an aimless fashion. He would take to the profession he knew well, and like Marcellus’ rogues before him he slipped through the shadow of night lifting purses of coin, valuable trinkets, and beguiling the unsuspecting into surrendering their livelihoods. Wealth in hand was lost to the Brothels where he made himself known, and in the darkest of corners of the Empire he was seen as a protector of these women (even men). His criminal activities worked through a network of whore houses with the women often letting slip useful information for a fee.

What started as a selfish gambit of self-loathing to bury himself in his own misery, Korbin soon found his hands turning fortunes. Pride and confidence flowed with a braggart’s swagger. His well of luck had replenished even though the nightmares grew most fearsome in the night. In his travels he found himself in pity of Orphans. His sympathy translated to charity of his rewards to certain temples and chapels of the All-Mother that cared for these less fortunate children. Korbin had never been the faithful sort, nor did he know if he truly believed in the existence of any god, but he spared his mercies under the signs of the All-Mother.

As a thief comes Korbin developed into one with a noble respect. He would not rob the poor nor would he trample upon the weak, what he did take was often shared with those in need. Korbin was a lonely man restless and free to take as he wished, sated on his own ego he had nowhere else to place his treasury but in the hands of other. Being a thief for him was of an experience not the reward of coin. In this he was born a new breed, within Noria he’d be known as the Black Kite.

By the time he was thirty-six the Erodian thief was well into his prime living a life of adventure. Escaping the clutches of Imperial Headhunters and evading the allure of darkness. He managed his intense visions and dreams with alcohol, and frolicked with many women. He’d made himself the friend of Nobility by offering favors and information that they could not procure without dirtying their hands. With a network of brothels he became an unexpected friend to certain members of the law. Living in the cusp of darkness they came to understand his necessity in thwarting the more vicious elements. He had lived a life enviable someone would believe, but Korbin was still alone to himself with no family or responsibilities to any but himself.

That was until a young girl, Tamil, walked into the Lotus Chapterhouse (a famed brothel in Noria) claiming him as her father. A spritely thing holding the frame of an elf but her flesh was written with the unmistakable script of Ero’daiin runes. Her mother had been murdered by wild Barbarians in the mountainous chains. Not one to disbelieve her Korbin took her in and began a new experience. Reflecting on his path he considered the possibility of a child. He considered family.


Korbin is many things to many people but for any who his raven stare, as it washes over them, would know above everything he is trouble. One can easily predict that being around him long enough will invite problems into their lives. Whether it be because of something he has done or yet to do he has the wild aura of a trickster spirit. Though for all the problems the Ero’daiin Thief is bound to cause he is such the charming individual that he attracts company in variety. Korbin has the gifted ability to turn a moment on its head and transfer the danger of a situation into an alluring excitement. It is the bane to many a father as he steals away their daughters and leaves them wanting that rush when he is gone. He is the type of fiend that takes what he wills without much thought of the affecting outcome. The man walks with confident strides and wears many elusive personas as well as any suit he adorns. In this he is a social chameleon and manipulator of the highest regard with a keen eye for details. It is in his profession to utilize such skills of perception with the arts of Sleight of Hand.

When you think of Korbin and his constant mischief one will realize that he is less than likely to join you to your favored place of worship. If you had convinced him you would find yourself appalled with what he considered worship: ala ravishing the priestesses in the back of the clergy room. For this man he would rather enjoy himself if he had to be on his knees, or in other words, “Faith is best when it’s on its back and heels to the sky declaring tribute to the gods.” There is a low sense of morality for him and when it is brought up on the list it is quite a ways down. Mainly because he craves freedom and the ability to express any desire or compulsion he may have. Being such he does not sit around questioning the right and wrong of a situation. Instead he weighs a situation simply on the premise of benefit versus consequence. He finds his interest in people and objects through a scale of their inherent qualities, anything that will make something unique and special you will find his eye wandering for the catch. At heart he is a rabble rouser seeking pleasure and hobbies to occupy a life targeted at experiencing it in its fullest. Should Korbin kill or ruin another’s life in the process of his pursuit he is not plagued guilt as long as he can reason why they deserved or it was unavoidable.

In one aspect he is selfish, self-centered, and sprinkled with varying degrees of ego. It can come down to the man being rotten and despicable individual making it easy to see him as an evil individual. However, beneath the surface much of what makes him appealing after the act is some of the most endearing qualities within mortals. He lies, he cheats, and he steals but he is also about the most charitable of individuals you will have in a party. Korbin sees no real reason to rob from the poor and in his life experience he can to a degree empathize with them. So when he acquires more wealth than he truly needs It is not uncommon to see him toss about to the unfortunate. Sometimes he sees those whose fortune has forsaken and will tip the scales to surprise them. In the end all things are done to benefit him, his charity and whatever small goodwill allows him to empathize with others usually are done with an agenda. But if anything how he communicates and what sincerity he may have shown speckle of gold under the rust of his heart.

Good or Evil, Just or Unjust - Korbin is but a man and to define him under simple titles would only serve to escape the truth of who he is. Capable of both Good and Evil he does not let himself become bound to the identity of the world. He finds himself free of others authority and is constantly in a cat and mouse game with the law of the lands. To him he prides himself with the liberation of perspective and societal responsibility. He gladly proclaims himself to be his own man and the writer of his own destiny. While this can seem a courageous/foolish aspiration to some it is very much in truth fueled by a prevalent sense of fear and dread. As an Ero’daii through his runes he knows better than many that some things cannot be changed and fate will always see fit to guide his destiny beyond all his mortal attempts. These very runes also bring these issues to light through the powerful imbuement of visions that haunt his sleep. He fears the inevitable death that the scrawl upon him entails, and as it grows he knows that end is closer every day. Because of this constant reminder of his mortality he has the intense desire to be remembered.

Magic & Skills

PSIONICS – Gift Of The Mind

Korbin is born with a natural predisposition towards the influence of the Myst with his Psionics manifesting in youth through combination of his Ero’daiin runes. He is what many call a Clairvoyant or a Seer possessing the ability to touch the weave through the realms of magic and glean Fate’s design, albeit in vague and often contradictory fashion. Korbin has had little success taming this branch of gifts even though they are most potent for him; however, over time and training all around the face of the world he has honed the other skills of Psionics deftly, and is constantly in the process of emboldening his skills.
  • Telekinesis: Able to lift and maneuver up to fifty pounds of weight with incredible force and speed, Korbin has been known to guide his arrows with his mind.
  • Telepathy: The ability to commune through mental impulse and read surface thoughts with concentration.
  • Mark of the Seer: Able to perceive past, present, and future events through spontaneous visions of events with long reaching threads in Fate’s spindle. These visions can even be triggered by psychometric physical contact with objects or places of significant value to the flow of history.
  • Memory Delve: By melding with the mind of another sentient being he maintains physical contact with, Korbin can sift through memories, and psychically assault / augur the mind of another to retrieve information; Or in some cases share information, context, and perspective from his point of view.
  • Dream Shape: Korbin can enter the dreams of others in a similar fashion as Memory Delving, but in their subdued state he can influence the flow of a Dream and alter elements he sees fit.
  • Beast Bond: Through continued psychic connection with an animal Korbin command them and even experience the world through their senses. These bonds are strongest with animals he’s earned the trust of.
  • Empathy: The ability to both sense and influence the emotional states of others, often utilized as a Charisma enhancement. This ability is strongest when close and in contact.`

Ero’daii – The Runic Nomads
It isn’t known when the desert nomads known as the Ero’daii exactly diverged from their Human cousins, but the tale is that these long lived men and women were once fateful followers of the Goddess of Death. Once the proud rulers of an Ancient Imperial City in the deep sands of the Cathwa Nation, they were deceived by the chaotic spirit Al-Zuul to deny their Goddess tribute and question her blessings. Jilted this Goddess was said to have stripped the Ero’daii of wealth and fortune casting them to the world where they would wander aimless without a homeland. Cursed with runic marks upon their skin it was said that all Ero’daii should know their fate as a constant reminder of the Goddesses displeasure. What truth there is to this claim is unknown, but the time seems to correlate with the timeline of the Cataclysm. Now spread across the world this mutation of Human-kind is known for their shorter heights and versatile natures.
  • Longevity: An Ero’daiin may live up to average age of Two-Hundred some years, with the max of Two-Hundred & Thirty with good health. They reach maturity at sixteen years of age. It is however rare for many Ero’daii to reach old age because of their nomadic lifestyle and the danger their culture attracts.
  • Fate Runes: Marked upon them at birth the Ero’daii these runic forms tell their life’s story upon their flesh. Shifting and altering a person’s life expectancy can be measured by the progression of their markings.

    Naturally though one will come to notice should Korbin reveal more of his flesh is the dark runes that stretch against it. Starting from around his eyes they stretch around his neck, shoulders, arms, chest, back, and a good portion of his lower half. The Seer’s Mark in the form of the Basaad Ouroboros (desert dragon) is stained into the palm of his right hand. Still relatively young for his race these runes have progressed at an alarming rate sparing only few parts around the back of his neck, between his shoulder blades, over his heart, and left palm. Most of the time he will deny his heritage and say that he had these marks applied to him. Still it is something not easy to hide, for any Ero’daiin or indidividual, with any knowledge of their tribes, and reading Runes would know exactly who and what he was. It is part of the reason why he wears more clothing and keeps his hair long and tied back or braided. For the most part he tries to keep a handsomely rugged appearance and in the end makes these runic marks work for him in the long run. Truth is they are living shadow of death writing fate upon his skin.

Notable Skills
Korbin Longeye is a man of many talents and has spent a large portion of his life towards the mastery of them. A journeyman of trades he is easily described as adaptable and the skills listed are only the ones that he has defined expertise or experience with.
  • Literacy & Language: A purveyor of tongues and written form Korbin prides himself on understanding a vast assortment of cultural languages. Most common forms of communication he is fluent in and even some lesser forms.
  • Prestidigitation: Sleight of hand is the art of magicians and con-artists who know the means to distract the mind by leading the eye to see what they want it to see; meanwhile, the person can move in and lift, obscure, and search through objects on a person or themselves.
  • Cunning & Subversion: More than his words and his motions Korbin is possed of a mind gifted in ways to beguile another person. He is water and sand the way he slips through the minds and metaphorical hands of men, and only the most astute or cautious would know better than to trust anything this man does at surface value.
  • Archery: Perhaps one his most impressive talents is his ability to handle a bow. Korbin Longeye’s aim is such that he is often regarded as a man that will never miss, and while flattering that point is more hyperbolic than truth. He is a good shot. A damn good shot. But though he doesn’t often miss now he is but a man with a bow.
  • Hunting/Tracking: A credit to his adoptive father Korbin would make quite the huntsman. Capable of tracking wild game for miles on his own and his knowledge to survive off the land, these skills can translate to finding people as well.
  • Swordsmanship: Sadly you don’t get anywhere without a sword. Either you are the one using it or the one it is used against, or so Korbin had learned during his life among bandits. So he had learned and quite studiously trained to ensure that it would never be used against him unprepared.
  • Arcane Lore: Something of a Hobby (more of an obsession) Korbin has a fascination in Magic, or more precisely magical objects, locations, and legends. He is also obsessed with the Arcane discoveries in deciphering fate, destiny, and time or what there was to learn (which is little).

  • Imperial Steel Longsword: A specially decorated longsword with a pearl laced pommel, black leather grip and multicolored gem centered on both sides of the hilt.
  • Lanetheri Recurve Bow: Considered by many archers to be one of the finest bows crafted by Elves in the Lantheri Wilds made from a lacquered black wood and wrapped in a dark red leather. It is decorated with colorful feathers and inscriptions.
  • Cloak of Silver-Stride: Another gift of the Lantheri Elves. An enchanted traveling cloak made of a gossamer fabric that shimmers silver in the presence of light. The enchantment upon it negates sounds of motion and allows the wearer to see in the dark as if it were daylight.
  • Jeweled Daggers: A pair of matching beautiful daggers Korbin acquired during a skirmish in the Cobul Oasis. Sterling blades with brass hilts decorated in a variety of rubys, sapphires, and emeralds.
  • Pet | Eobard: A Lantheri Kite with remarkable brown and black feathers and almost dark red colored beak. One of Korbin’s favored companions and often joins him on adventures.
  • Pet | Rufus: A scruffy white and grey Imperial Sheepdog. Bred mostly in Leore they are known for being large and sturdy work animals. Trained often to help Shepherds corral their wild stock they are practically fearless as they are loyal, and an Imperial Sheepdog will never leave its masters side.

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