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Konzu Counter Moves



Character : Zenxia Lang
Role : Priestess and Spiritual Guidance - instigator using her power of influence.
Location : Konzu - Oukai which will lead into the rest of Konzu

What is your plots goal? :

Two factions in the court - one to save the emperor, one to take him out - but everyone's' goals is to put their people in place of power and influence to complete their goal.

To somehow end the Shoganate, or put them in rule once more - as each faction will have their own aim. Ideally, put the Shogun underground, stripped of their influence and wanna rebel later on.

Loosely explain what will happen in your plot.

A game of moves and counters moves:

Unrest in the Palace - there are rumors the Emperor is not the heir. There is no proof other than what the council and Dowager Empress has provided. So far it's legit but to question the Dowager Empress is death. Everything starts out with just quelling these rumors, then some proof arises that is questionable while dealing with those rumors. A connection found that those that knew about this proof had a hand in movement of money, rise to power and sudden deaths of certain people that could prove otherwise. The ones making these silence killings/orders are other potentials for gaining the Emperors future ear, or in line for rule should he fall.

Something will lead them to go into the old palace - either to gain proof from the spirits there/find written documents or an artifact.
  • Possibilities of direction there :
    • Find out if it's a lie and decide to enforce it still because of how much better things are with a puppet emperor to control (will require to hide this fact is a lie and anyone that finds out will be taken care of)
    • Find it be true and still have the above benefit (loyalty could be true or false, wanting to control or prevent controlling of the emperor)

Those involved - They'd have to thwart/plan poisonings and assassination/framing attempts not just on the emperor but on those closest to him that protects/schemes against him... or perhaps cause some deaths so that they could place their own influences beside the Emperor/those that control the Emperor.

Eventually getting the ear of the Emperor and aiding in taking out the Shoganate or in strategic places (finding traitors that are double agents) or be the goal to take out the Emperor.

What characters (that you know of) will be in your plot?

1. Zenxia is in support of the Emperor regardless of his claim being true or not - to snuff out rumors - investigate them - perhaps provide proof (destabilizing the government would be bad atm)

What rewards will your character(s) claim from this plot?

N/A atm - connections, power but not to rule. Find out more about the region and such. Some cool secret would be neat!