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Mar 26, 2021


Location: Nomadic, but can sometimes be found anchored or floating near Dawn's Wall, various areas in the Archipelago, and southern Konzu
Climate: Varies depending on location, but when free floating Khithisk tends to experience cold to freezing temperatures and a wide array of weather from clear, calm days to torrential storms
Primary Terrain: Khithisk sits atop one of the larger Lodestones that travel across Avsolom. The Lodestone is shaped roughly like the bottom portion of a octohedron or perhaps an inverted pyramid. The smaller Lodestones clustered nearby also vary in shape. The town possesses internal reservoirs within the stone itself and periodically empties them, pumping them out usually at ports of call in order to take on new, fresher water. This event often makes it appear as if Khithisk features a natural spring or water source, though once the reservoir empties and the sudden waterfalls cease, the truth is clearly apparent.
Government: Khithisk is governed by a council of elders, though there is no age limit or requirement to become an elder. Elders are selected by democratic votes for their abilities and range in ages and trades. The Council of Khithisk is currently comprised of seven Elders and though this number may fluctuate over time, the number is always odd. As of today, a mix of traders and artisans, lead by a navigator, make up Khithisk's leadership. It should be noted that all residents of Khithisk are able to vote and aspire to be an Elder, regardless of race or gender.
Affiliation (if any): Neutral
Population: ~2,500-3,500, primarily Khiakvians but tiny minorities of other races are known to be present at times.
Points of Interest:
  • Reservoirs - A small number of large reservoirs keep Khithisk supplied with water as it roams the skies. When tethered and near water sources, engineers from Khithisk empty the reservoirs to take on fresher, healthier water and create waterfalls that run off the Lodestone onto the terrain below for a relatively short time.
  • Market - A moderate square surrounded by stores and workshops and filled with all manner of stalls and carts, the Khithiskian market is a small wonder to behold and features wares found across the world for the right price.
  • Elder's Council Building - A stone building situated at the center of the Lodestone, the Council Building hosts sessions of the Elder Council. The building is also where the Khithiskian populace meet to vote on issues and laws that arise.

Historical records kept by the Khiakvians don't record an exact date of founding. Instead, like Khiakvian history elsewhere, the history is laced with myth and legend.

According to one Khiakvian story, Khithisk was given to the Khiakvian after a deity plucked the Lodestone from a mountaintop and set it upon the clouds to roam the world. In another, the Lodestone appeared from beneath the ocean, set free from the depths by another deity in an act of boredom. Regardless, historical references around the world note the Lodestone bearing Khithisk appearing for the last few hundred years or more.

As for events of note, other than being near a few erupting volcanos, observing a major battle in both Konzu and the western Empire, and tethering in the archipelago for almost four years after major storms and tsunamis devastated the region decades prior, nothing of true note has occurred to or within Khithisk.

Despite this, many adventurers have their home on the Lodestone and so the population fluctuates as they come and go.
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