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Jun 7, 2019


► Kharia Na'amro​
► 41​
► Female​
► 5' 7​
► 66kg​
► Deep blue​
► White​
► Rhisoka​
► Tailor​

My name is Kharia Na'amro. I'm 41 years old and I live in the 'Threaded Magic' tailor shop, in the basement. I am a Mage, specializing in Lightning, and I want to help people. This is my story.

I was born during a thunderstorm that swept across Rhisoka, stretching all the way to Noria. It was a chaotic night, apparently, 10 or so ships were ripped apart by a combination of the winds and the waters - a Maelstrom, they called it. Thinking on it, it was probably quite dramatic at the time, or at least, my Mother thought so after the fact. Anyways, I digress, I was pretty advanced for my age, I was reading books and talking normally by 2, I was, in terms of stuff like hygiene and food, pretty self-sufficient by 5 (I think), and it only went uphill from there, I basically outpaced everyone around me and my parents took that as a good sign...well, parent. My father was actually one of the people killed the night I was born, he was out hunting with his friends for meat to sell to the Butcher's Shop and they were mauled by a bear that was whipped into a frenzy by the storm. Mum never talked about him much, I think it might have been too painful for her...regardless, she raised me almost entirely on her own.

I started studying magic around 13 years old when I saw a Mage at a small show in the Upper City - he was an illusionist that made his fame by creating these big grandiose events like reaching into a hat and his hand coming out of the clouds 20 times its size, among other things. At first, it was mainly just the Myst and how it affected the world around us, and about a year after that, I started training in its use, harnessing its powers to my own devices. I never actually got anywhere until I turned 16 though - a spark of electricity, that was all, but it showed me that I could actually make something of myself in that area. I still wonder how that little spark came about, out of everything that could have happened; a flame, a trickle of water, etc. but it was the thing that permeated my birth. Maybe it was just my mind acting on old fears and using the emotions attached to them.

I joined a school that trained Magi and I started to develop my abilities further (while also taking some sword lessons and tailor lessons too - I have my own sense of style and I prefer to make my own stuff). I already knew what I wanted to do with my life, I had spent so long watching people suffer and die for stupid reasons; bandits, loan sharks, guards doling out harsh punishments for small crimes, not to mention watching my mother slowly deteriorate under the stress of raising a child and working a job just to keep a poor household afloat. I wanted to help people so that they didn't have to feel that same sense of helplessness, I didn't want people to suffer. 10 years on, I had developed enough power and skill to qualify as a Magi and I set out on my own for a little while. I wandered around, explored, fought bandits, it was fun.

Eventually, I decided to delve a little deeper into the mysteries of the Myst and that was when I found a group called the Mystwalkers in Volkarna (hated that city, absolutely hated it). They taught me how to access the Myst to draw on more of its power and learn some of its secrets, but something went wrong...on my first outing, I got lost in the Myst, literally cast adrift. The next 10 years...god, I still can't believe it was that long...the next 10 years are a bit of a blur to be honest. I remember flashes, little snippets of bright lights and other places here and there, but it felt like a dream more than anything, something I just slept through (probably a blessing in disguise in hindsight). When I finally came to, I was in the forests near Noria and...well, no other way to say it, I felt like someone else.

I had these memories, vague images like clippings from a book or shards of glass, but some memories were as vivid as my own, and that was how I knew they weren't mine. I think that, when I was in the Myst, I absorbed some essence, someone's life force or something similar, gaining their memories as a result. It was all so disorienting, I only remember bumping into the merchant caravan distantly, asking for passage and coming home. My mum, she practically clamped her arms around me and I thought she would never let go...don't really blame her, all things considered. The other memories came in dreams, showing me things, images and places, giving me feelings of anxiety, dread, hatred, but also peace and love and making my desire to help other people even stronger. I think whoever I absorbed was some kind of monk, I saw snippets of some kind of temple, images of meditation, chanting in my ears threaded into the distant echoes in my frame of mind.

Every day since, I wasn't satisfied with just protecting a few people at a time from bandits and destroying petty thugs. I wanted to go bigger, bolder, I wanted to protect all of Avsolom if I could. I wasn't an idiot though, I knew that kind of thing was being my current skill, but it didn't stop my from trying to improve. I threw myself into study again, my time in the Myst coming to my aid and bolstering my mind. My lightning grew stronger, beginning to course through my veins and change my appearance. My hair went from blonde to a more silver-ish color and my eyes started developing flecks of blue until they were completely blue. I knew that something was new within me, something had woken up, and I felt fucking wrong I was.

Leore was my first experience in this new mission, and I knew all I could do was hope that people would listen to me. I tried to convince the Count to surrender ahead of the Siege but he just shut me out so all I could do was watch. I felt so damn helpless when the battle began, didn't help that I had a lug headed and snobby noble taunting me during it. Afterward, I was almost ready to give up again, but something in me won't let me...I need to keep going, I need to try and accomplish this mission. Even if it only saves one person, it will be worth it...


My personality isn't a big complicated book, it's pretty simple. I don't like to see bad people get rewarded and good people suffer, so I want to try and make the world a better place where goodness actually is rewarded, or at least not utterly futile. If along the way, I pick up a few friends that I can talk to, then all the better...yeah, I'm kind of lonely. I'm not an idiot in what I want to do though, I don't just wander around looking for trouble...well, mostly. I know the value in keeping an eye on things and I like to make sure I have eyes in places when I'm not around. When I'm not doing the hero thing, I just like to relax with my day job, you will not find a Tailor as good as me, just fucking try. If I'm not working, I'm either in a brothel or studying the Myst more, you can never be too powerful after all.

Magic & Skills

I wield the element of Thunder and Lightning, capable of harnessing it in a number of different ways, and I'm always looking for new powers and ways to use it:

- Hand blasts of electricity.
- Teleportation via Lightning bolts
- Summoning Lightning Storms and Rain Storms
- Increased speed by focusing lightning beneath me and 'riding' it.
- Lightning's in my veins now because of how long I've used it, and as a result, I look half my age (every vain lady's dream). My eyes also turn completely blaze blue when I go into pure focus or have intense emotional reactions.

  • An enchanted satchel that stores items much larger than it's size would normally allow.
  • The Naur Ar' Anna: My collected writings on Avsolom, the Myst, and it's events, people, and places. It can only be read by me, those I allow to read it, and those who solve its riddle.
  • Gildin - My sword, had it forged in Rhisoka (you should've seen the blacksmith's face when he saw the instructions, it was like watching a child working out shape blocks).
  • Galad - My staff, I use it to help channel my powers (and it's good for beating people over the head). My mother made this when I first joined the Magi school, carved it from a white tree that was wilting near our house.
  • Úr - A small, curved dagger, just in case.

  1. The Long March ― Kharia joins the Long March to Leore, hoping to gather info and halt the siege before it begins. ― • Thread Status: COMPLETE
  2. Leore From The Sidelines ― After having tried and failed to avert the Siege of Leore, Kharia was unable to do anything but watch as the Siege commenced, all while an unwelcome presence taunted her for her failures. ― • Thread Status: COMPLETE
  3. Just Two Wanderers ― A few days after The Siege of Leore, Kharia stumbled down the road in a drunken haze and met August Valerius, the pariah of the Noble House Valerius, and words were exchanged about honor, responsibility, and moving forward. ― • Thread Status: COMPLETE
  4. Heal Thyself ― Still haunted by the Siege of Leore, but hopeful after meeting August and making a friend, Kharia journeyed to the peak of Mount Gaia in Lakonia to regain her focus and harden her spirit for the future battles. ― • Thread Status: COMPLETE
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Faded Truth

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May 17, 2019
So a few things...

Overall, the character appears a bit disconnected and vague details are just handwaved. I would like to know about her biography prior to the age of 41. Was she born? Hatched? Manifested out of magic?

The lightning powers that you wrote should be a level you strive to accomplish overtime but to start out at that stage seems a bit Overpowered. I’d request you to tone it down a bit.

The tailor aspect is a bit odd given her powers. Perhaps you can describe why she prefers to spend her days as a mundane laborer when she could be out exploring the shroud with her formidable lightning abilities.

I think it’s a decent start Panda, but overall the concept seems too rushed and not accurately fleshed.
Lore Daddy


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Jun 10, 2019
Fixed the last mention of old lore in your gear about the compendium for ya.