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Miscellaneous Kharia Na'amro

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► Kharia Na'amro​
► 41​
► Female​
► 5' 7​
► 66kg​
► Deep blue​
► White​
► Rhisoka​
► Tailor​

Like most middle to lower class children in Rhisoka, Kharia was born in her home under the watchful eye of a family friend acting as midwife. Compared to most childbirths of their station which often killed the mother or left the child a little sickly at first, she was actually quite lucky, she came out of the womb strong and healthy and her Mother, herself a hardy woman, was none the worse for wear after the fact. Growing up as the daughter of a seamstress and a fisherman, Kharia often didn't have much in the way of coin, so she had to get a small job herself carrying buckets of water for shops and her parents for hygiene and other things - it was a thankless job but every little helped.

She wasn't able to socialize all that well, she just never felt like she had much in common with her fellow children, and usually trying to talk to them resulted in them having a conversation while she just listened, completely excluded, so she would stay indoors reading storybooks and sleeping to pass the time. As she grew slowly but surely from a child to a young lady, she would become more and more frustrated with how boring her life was, as well as how shitty people could be. She watched people act like arseholes to one another every day, be it merchants looking down on or occasionally beating up beggars, guards flaunting authority to get free items or arrest who they like for whatever reason, or just bullies doing whatever they wanted and not caring who got hurt or annoyed by it. She would always find herself staring up at the castle housing the nobility, wondering quietly to herself if they even cared about people like them.

Eventually, she couldn't tolerate being a commoner anymore, she wanted to learn more, be more, do more. With that objective in mind, she sought out something to do and ultimately settled on learning her Mother's trade and becoming a seamstress. She opened up a small stall and started selling small items of clothing, but it didn't really get her anywhere, especially when she had to buy half her materials at steadily growing prices. Out of sheer frustration, one night she got completely blind drunk and, feeling that her life until that point had amounted to nothing, she just went outside and slinked into an ally before she started crying and furiously smashing her fists against a stone wall. Miraculously, she didn't obliterate her hands doing this, instead, the sheer emotional intensity she felt in that moment unlocked the first traces of her magical potential, and she made a few cents in the wall as sparks flashed with each impact. Examining her hand afterward, she was agape at the sight of what looks like lightning fizzing and conducting along her fingers.

Over the next few weeks, Kharia spent considerable effort trying to get herself admitted to a Magi School, of which there were a few in Rhisoka. Unfortunately, most of them required a hefty coin investment and, needless to say, Kharia's family were not exactly affluent, supportive though they were. Scouring all of Rhisoka, Kharia found a small school that taught sporadically for free, with only 3 students, but it was the best she could manage, so she applied and was accepted at the tender age of 14. The next few years of Kharia's life consisted of learning the nature of the Must, learning to harness and control it, and finding her own kind of magic, which quickly manifested as the lightning she now relied on so heavily. Her education came with some physical changes too, her previous blonde hair growing streaks of white and brown eyes turning a deep blue. By the time she turned 18, she had learned enough to be able to perform reasonably well so she took up a small contract in need of an adventurer to go into a tomb and find an artifact. This thankfully didn't include any monsters, so it went smoothly and she was paid in full, using the money to purchase a new time to continue training.

From there, she kept learning and buying more tomes, gaining more power, taking more dangerous jobs. A few years later, she was able to comfortably provide for her now slowly deteriorating parents, who had been on the verge of retiring regardless of their financial status. She was 21 when her Father passed on at 51 years, sickness taking him during the winter, and 3 months later, her Mother passed in her sleep, leaving a goodbye letter to her daughter in anticipation. With nothing left for her in the family home, she sold the property after renovating it a little and gave her parents a proper burial. She took everything she owned and moved further into Rhisoka to the more affluent Middle Class area, purchasing a dilapidated shop on the main Street. She spent a few months renovating but a jobs later and she owned a fully furnished, fully equipped tailor shop that she named, simply, Aveline's Apparel, named after her Mother.

Spending time in the upper echelons of Rhisoka, she finally began to see just how little the nobles and even some middle class citizens cared for the people living not more than a few streets away from them. It was as if they didn't exist, or if they did, it was just to serve as cheap labor or a source of entertainment. Occasionally she would see drunk and desperate women being escorted by guards and noble for private rendezvous and beggars being literally chased out of the area with no reprisal. Over time, this behaviour grew a deep hatred for nobility in her eyes, as everywhere she went, it always seemed to be the same. Not wanting to think about it, she just threw herself into work and her books, never stopping in her pursuit of knowledge and power that would allow her to become even more unstoppable, even more incontestable. One day, she heard of a small group operating in the city of Volkarna called Mystwalkers, Magi supposedly capable of entering the Must itself and wandering it's planes in pursuit of great power and understanding. Curious to see what kind of expedition it would be, Kharia traveled to Volkarna and joined the Mystwalkers, eager to finally peel back the veil between worlds and see this force that gave her the life she had today.

Unfortunately for her, something went wrong and, though she didn't realize it until it was too late, she became trapped in the Myst, thrown adrift into it's streams. The next 10 years were a blur, but when she finally felt physical matter again, tasted the air, smelled the roses (literally), she had aged significantly, and the world had changed. She stumbled into Ironmare naked and shivering from the cold and, after spending a few weeks recovering, returned to Rhisoka to find her home and shop, surprisingly, untouched. Apparently it had earned a reputation as a haunted shop in the interlude, but it didn't scare her off. What did unsettle her was what she began to realize upon her return - the changes within her specifically. She had spent a decade soaking up the Myst like a sponge and she had become much more powerful for it, but now she could recall skills that she had never learned before. She could pick up a sword and shield it with the fitness of a seasoned swordsman, she could fight and move like someone half her age, and she looked it too. Moreover, in her dreams, she would start to see things, brief glimpses of shattered memories and visions, like she was glimpsing through the eyes of another person.

The most evident effect of being in the Myst, though, was her attitude. Kharia didn't want to just get by anymore, she saw people that she grew up with and worked with being put down and ridiculed and overall ignored or abused, then and now, like nothing had changed. She made it her mission to rewrite this apathetic philosophy that nobles had written for the world, power wouldn't be just for the powerful anymore. She vowed to become something greater than them so that she could make sure the world becomes the way it should be, a place where people aren't what on simply for being poor, a world where good deeds beget good deeds, a world where it was might for right, instead of might makes right, by any means necessary...


My personality isn't a big complicated book, it's pretty simple. I don't like to see bad people get rewarded and good people suffer, so I want to try and make the world a better place where goodness actually is rewarded, or at least not utterly futile. If along the way, I pick up a few friends that I can talk to, then all the better...yeah, I'm kind of lonely. I'm not an idiot in what I want to do though, I don't just wander around looking for trouble...well, mostly. I know the value in keeping an eye on things and I like to make sure I have eyes in places when I'm not around. When I'm not doing the hero thing, I just like to relax with my day job, you will not find a Tailor as good as me, just fucking try. If I'm not working, I'm either in a brothel or studying the Myst more, you can never be too powerful after all.

Magic & Skills

I wield the element of Thunder and Lightning, capable of harnessing it in a number of different ways, and I'm always looking for new powers and ways to use it:

- Hand blasts of electricity.
- Teleportation via Lightning bolts
- Summoning Lightning Storms and Rain Storms
- Increased speed by focusing lightning beneath me and 'riding' it.
- Lightning's in my veins now because of how long I've used it, and as a result, I look half my age (every vain lady's dream). My eyes also turn completely blaze blue when I go into pure focus or have intense emotional reactions.

  • An enchanted satchel that stores items much larger than it's size would normally allow.
  • The Naur Ar' Anna: My collected writings on Avsolom, the Myst, and it's events, people, and places. It can only be read by me, those I allow to read it, and those who solve its riddle.
  • Gildin - My sword, had it forged in Rhisoka (you should've seen the blacksmith's face when he saw the instructions, it was like watching a child working out shape blocks).
  • Galad - My staff, I use it to help channel my powers (and it's good for beating people over the head). My mother made this when I first joined the Magi school, carved it from a white tree that was wilting near our house.
  • Úr - A small, curved dagger, just in case.

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Faded Truth

So a few things...

Overall, the character appears a bit disconnected and vague details are just handwaved. I would like to know about her biography prior to the age of 41. Was she born? Hatched? Manifested out of magic?

The lightning powers that you wrote should be a level you strive to accomplish overtime but to start out at that stage seems a bit Overpowered. I’d request you to tone it down a bit.

The tailor aspect is a bit odd given her powers. Perhaps you can describe why she prefers to spend her days as a mundane laborer when she could be out exploring the shroud with her formidable lightning abilities.

I think it’s a decent start Panda, but overall the concept seems too rushed and not accurately fleshed.
Lore Daddy


Fixed the last mention of old lore in your gear about the compendium for ya.