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Jubal Ojivua [ position filled ]

Wood Dragon

Kayenta Moenkopi

May 29, 2019
This is kind of a spur of the moment idea. I really don't have anything planned, but would anyone be interested in playing Taliha Ojivua's brother? No biggie, I can use him as an NPC so nothing will be lost if there are no takers. Well, nothing but the spontaneity and full bodied character another player brings to the game, so in that sense... just everything! ha ha

He is the seventh son and next oldest sibling to Taliha. So not really in line to be chieftain as leadership is not an inherited thing, but perhaps one day it might be something he may aspire to. That is open ended. Currently the aunt and uncle lead the clan. Some background there is Jubal and Taliha's mother was slain and the blame cast on Taliha. She was exiled and without his wife as Pathfinder for the clan, their father stepped down as chieftain.

I just really like the face claim and need someone to play big brother for Taliha to wrestle.

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