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"I will keep my daughter safe, at any cost."

Brought up in a small town. Daughter of the town huntsmaster and the clergy's local schoolmarm, Isolde grew up spending her time between the woods and church schoolhouse. She was known as a tomboy, and the town's most desirable maiden.

Her husband was a university student from [insert city-state name]. After they were married, they moved out to the countryside another town over so that her husband could study the local plant life. There they had two children, a son and daughter.

When her son was five and daughter not yet one, her house was ransacked by Empire legionnaires when they were sent to make an example of [insert city-state here]. They killed her husband and son, while her daughter was made mute by an Empire blade that nearly took her life.

Unsure of what to do, Isolde sought shelter in [insert other nearby city-state here], only to find that she had to compete with other refugees: stealing, haggling, and swindling just to get by. Fearing for the safety of her daughter, she left the city to make a living on the road. She encountered other women who had fallen victim to the Empire's forces or the bandits that came in their wake. Unable to ignore their plight, Isolde took them under her wing, teaching them the bow and spear to survive and hunt.

Soon their numbers grew too large for hunting and foraging, and they turned to banditry themselves. Eventually they became skilled enough that even well-trained escorts were viable targets.

All the while, Isolde hoped to protect her daughter from Empire mages who would use her for their own twisted ends. Her daughter was a savant, with Shroud potential seen only among the blooded nobility. Other members of her gang looked to her daughter as a divine blessing, as she has protected them from grave danger on more than one occasion. Isolde hopes to hide this fact, but rumor spreads despite her best efforts.


Physical - Without realizing it, years of putting her life on the line to survive have caused her to unknowingly draw upon the shroud to enhance herself. Because of its gradual nature, she has hardly noticed the effects. Her senses and coordination have been most notably impacted, but she also has greater strength, speed, and resilience.
Prescience - When in the pitch of combat with the life of herself or her daughter on the line, Isolde receives flashes of insight, as if she can anticipate an impending danger. Occasionally, she experiences a strong hunch about a person or situation.

Isolde is not aware of her ability to manipulate the Shroud, chalking her capabilities up to learning quickly to survive on her own.


Isolde is one of the finest hunters in the north. An extremely talented stalker, tracker, trapper, and marksman before she became a bandit, Isolde has had years to hone these skills on Empire, City-State, and Union trade routes.

In close quarters Isolde is no less deadly. She fights dirty, seeking any and every advantage. Farming tools and other improvised weapons (from knives, hatchets, and spears to sticks, frying pans, and pitchforks) are what she most commonly uses when not using her bow as a club. She is also quite capable with hand and foot--anything to keep an attacker at bay. Though she has scavenged many a soldier's weapons (from longswords and halberds to crossbows and battle axes), she prefers not to use them unless its the best option at hand.

During the early years taking care of her daughter, Isolde took to the city to find refuge, only to find that it had its own share of perils--some more dangerous than the high roads. There she became an accomplished pickpocket, gambler, haggler, and beggar. Anything to put food on the table.

Thanks to her mother, she knows how to read and write, in addition to basic mathematics. She has also learned a great deal about biology, thanks to her husband. Her knowledge of plants makes her a serviceable healer and herbalist, though she has a much more practical approach due to her husband's university background.