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Province Imperial Province of Noria

Lord of Naps


Imperial Province of Noria

Location: Coast (I could use some help with this part)
Climate: Oceanic
Primary Terrain: Urban / Agricultural
Government: Mercantile Oligarchy
Affiliation (if any): Old Empire - In Name Only
Population: 70,000
Points of Interest:
  • High Town - Built on the top of a large hill, this area of the city is reserved for the Nobility and Rich to live in.
  • Low Town - Area of City where the common people live
  • Market District - The Port City contains one of the largest markets in the region where goods and bought and sold from all over the world.
  • Waterfront District - Docks containing ships from all over the world importing and exporting goods.
  • Drunken Kraken Tavern - One of many taverns in the city, but this tavern is the most famous in the city attracting adventurers from all over.


500 years ago the city was just a sleepy fishing village out in the middle of nowhere. Generations lived and died and the village remained the same. As the Empire expanded, a coastal road was built that connected it to the Empire in a way it had never been before. Trade caravans started coming through and stopping as they passed through from one point to another. Inns started popping up to accommodate the traveling merchants and the village began to now into a town.

The town would continue to grow, people finding the weather pleasant enough to settle down. The port offered a good spot to dock ships and the nearby lands were futile and offered good farming opportunities. As the town became a bustling city and trade hub, it attracted several noble families.

As the noble families grew in wealth and power, The Empire's authority in the area diminished and diminished. Around a hundred years ago, Noria was one of the territories where rumors of a rebellion against the Empire were stirring. The Five Noble Merchant Houses in the city formed a ruling council which replaced the former Imperial government in the city. While they still paid taxes, the amount dropped little by little year after year even as the city saw more and more wealth pour into it.

Now they have all but stopped paying in any taxes to the Old Empire, and were only a territory of theirs in name only. The current council is run by the heads of House Tald, House Varn, House Ralik, House Hael, and House Nolan
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