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Heincarr The Black Bear





► Heincarr The Black Bear​
► 30​
► Male​
► 198 CM​
► 100 KG​
► Black​
► Black​
► City-State (Fjellfalk Fort)​
► Warlord/Monster Slayer​

Born and raised in Fjellfalk Fort on a mountain in the North. Heincarr was one of the fiercest warriors of his family, the Bears of the Fort. They were divided in three families and each fought for the place as warlord of the Fort, there they didn't have middle or last names, just tittles. He was dubbed the Black Bear due to his mutation that allows him to transform into a giant bear with dark fur and also by his posture as a calm and tranquil man, just stayed on his corner until someone invaded his territory and disturbed his peace, only to get mauled to death by him. Those actions in battle gave him the nickname and he quite enjoyed it as it prevented people from disturbing his peace. As a kid he grew up learning how to hunt and fight, he was an only child and was the lone wolf of his family, spending most of his time on the wilderness hunting for meat or locked in his room reading a book about the life at court, learning the machinations of speechcraft and of the political life, he does not consider himself a political ruler as he only leads a group of savage people, but he does take pride in it, his own little community in the snow.

During his trial for the desired place as a warlord he had to bring a bear pelt, falcon feathers and wolf pelt, he brought the pelt of a Polar bear and a direwolf downloaded with the feathers of a giant falcon. Thanks to that he had the advantage of choosing the weapon in the fight to the death between the members of each house to elect t the Warlord of the Fort. He chose that every combatant had to fight with their bare hands, of course it was just a trick as while the others were also cursed by being mutants of the shroud, their mutation didn't stand up to a giant Black bear mauling them to death on the arena, their doom was completed when they chose to fight in heavy armor with an absurd amount of padding to give them an edge on hand to hand combat, it just served to make them slower and as a result they couldn't even dodge, they just had to look at horror and take it. Needless to say that this firmed his reputation and made him feared and respected in his Fort.


Heincarr is a man of logic, he is devoid of deep emotions, he still feels hate, love, joy and anger but it is all outmatched by his cold and brutal logic. It does not make him less mannered, he is always educated and soft spoken, he sees no reason to raise his voice and treats people with respect until they prove otherwise, he is tolerant of slights but its also quick to act when it undermines his power. He is vain and prefers to always keep to his best behavior, although his beast side differs. Hein is all about self control, he does not let his emotion overrule him, he does not do it out of past experiences or for being cruel, he is simply cold blooded since birth. Although he prefers not to result to cruel solutions to his problems, he has no qualms about doing whatever is necessary to solve the situation, be it doing a kind deed or a brutal one.

Heincarr likes peace and quiet but it does not mean that he won't shed blood or provoke chaos, he is brutal when he needs to be and he makes sure to be as brutal as inhumanly possible to make sure that he will not have to resort to this again, he hates leaving loose ends. As a rule he does it with an iron fist but sometimes does courtesy to his subject, he has no problem with showing generosity, he does not care for being loved by his people but he prefers to not be hated by them, he is prone to underhanded tactics as they may seem the logical solution at some points. He likes order and will do his best to enforce it to whoever follows him, be it his soldiers or the people of his Fort.

The Black bear can be quite tender when he needs to be, even charming, he never had problem making allies and partners, he is a good judge of character and he knows what people wants and depending of what it is he has no qualms of giving it to them, or playing them around by using whatever their heart desire, Heincarr loves playing with people as toys, its all a game for him and he takes his game very seriously. All of his traits make him a competent leader of his forces, he is brutal, cold, cares only for the logistics and doesn't mind employing underhanded tactics to win the day and advance his position in the world.

Magic & Skills

Bear Transformation:
Heincarr's bloodline has been corrupted by the shroud, meaning that they were mutated by exposure thanks to living centuries on a fortress with shroud energy on it, his Skin is paler than normal and he is twice as strong as an average human, aside from those perks he is also able to transform into a giant black bear, growing up to 3 meters tall and weighting around 1200 KG he becomes a beast completely resistant to cold and three times stronger than a normal bear. Aside from the physical changes there is also the psychological ones, Heincarr is territorial, brutal and has urges to eat meat and to hunt, he feels the need to sleep off winters and its all related to his instinct. While hibernating he can regenerate all sort of wounds in a full day of sleep as long as its not a fatal one, he can regenerate almost every organ aside from the heart and the brain.

The great strength came at a great cost as he can't control himself at the full moon, becoming a bloodthirsty beast for a full night, he is vulnerable to fire due to his fur in the bear form and in all forms he is vulnerable to silver since it burns his mutated blood, silver has the same effect as fire on his skin/fur.

  • Plate armor
  • Steel Zweihander
  • Steel Longsword

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