The Myst of Avsolom is a medieval high fantasy role play forum set in an original world. It is 3/3/3 on the RPG scale and 18+
The role play is freeform which means there are no stat systems, but there are Rules and Guidelines for members to follow.

Hard Launch

Site Owner/Manager
Site Owner
May 6, 2019
The staff of MoA is pleased to announce that we've officially entered hard launch! That means all of our base canon lore is out and our site structure is complete. Though another—much more detailed—skin is in the works, that will likely not be released for several months. With the staff team mostly freed up, expect site events very soon!

Now I'd like to introduce the official structure of our staff team, as I'm sure plenty of people have noticed that it shuffled around for awhile during construction.

The MoA Staff Team

Myself and Raydo are the site owners and managers who coordinate the staff team. Members are free to come to us with questions, however we have administrators and moderators that run each part of the site that everyone should go to first.

Rimrald is our lore administrator, the person who has the final say (outside of the owners) over all matters lore on the site. He is helped by our two extremely talented lore moderators Alexis Solis and Nommie. Lore questions should go to these three.

AmericanDream is our character administrator, the go to person for characters. He has the final say (outside of the owners) over the types of PCs and NPCs in our world and their rank, strength and weaknesses. KinkyPrawn is our character moderator who aids him. All character questions should go to them.

Lucid is our technical administrator. Our very talented coder, graphic artist and all around tech guy. He's in charge of the site's health and looks, and works with (tolerates) myself in this part of the site. Questions about tech should go to him.