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Sam Draper

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There was tempest within the Myst.

Sam could feel it. The tempest spun against the weft of reality, threads coming undone, edges fraying...everything coming loose and undone. It was as if a drop spindle rotated counter-clockwise, undoing what millennia of work had sought to bring together. For months it had teased the edge of his senses, toying at him whenever he drew on the Myst for his work.

For months he didn't know what to make of it, didn't fully understand it...ignored it as life went on around him. Who was he to assume to know the Myst. Its eddies and flows beyond comprehension of mortal man, it was outrageous that he stand there and say there was something wrong. Wasn't it? So he ignored the feeling, the sensation of something coming undone...

Try though he might, it nagged at him on a level deeper than conscious thought. Every road he took led him closer to the Old Empire, to the seat of power in the world. The greatest magi were there, he knew. On some level he must have thought they would have the answers he sought, some understanding of what was happening so now he found himself awaiting audience from the Mage council, on a bright, sunny day. It seemed as if nothing could go wrong, as if the answers he sought would soon be within his grasp...but he was foolish.

His vision, split between the Myst and reality, frayed. He saw life draining away, following threads that led nowhere. Such perversion he had never seen and, afraid of what might follow (he knew the horrors that lived deep within the Myst) he shed every notion of mortal law and reason. With one sharp intake of breath as he stood between two market stalls displaying a beautiful array of fine silks, he shed all pretense of being a simple tailor and called the magic to him.

Silver threads began to twist into thick cord around him as he struggled to bind two worlds together. They had always been symbiotic, what was causing such calamity to force them apart, he didn't know. Sam, the tailor, struggled to bind two worlds together, even as they pulled apart.

Creatures beyond imagination began to pour forth from places unseen around him.

Dread Mithias