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Misc Gaia

Snappy Multitask Boi


May 19, 2019

Name: Gaia

  • Retarded/slowed down perception of space and time.
  • Amplified creativity
  • Overwhelming waves of euphoria
  • Partial disconnect between mental and physical commands
  • Increased connection between subconscious and conscious state
  • Heightened senses

  • Immensely heightened sensitivity of senses.
  • Severe Lethargy
  • Depression
  • Paranoia
  • Increased addiction
  • Severe hunger

  • On average, between 1 and 4 hours per dosage

Method of consumption: History::

  • Probably one of the most common types of drugs found in Avsolom. Gaia is a smokeable recreational drug derived from the plant 'Wolfsbane'. The plant is dried and processed, bringing out its effects. Originally developed by the Elves in the Lantheri Wilds, it quickly spread all over the continents and has become a big problem for some nations such as the Old Empire and Meikyo. Given Wolfsbane's rarity and the constant demand for the drug, it is a very profitable market to get into, though given its illegal nature it is a risky business.

    The drug is somewhere between classifications. After smoking it through one of the recommended means it takes a few minutes to kick in. Users are urged to make themselves comfortable and to sit down on the ground. Once it kicks in, the user will feel their senses become heightened. Sharper hearing and smell, amplified vision that also broadens the perception of colour, and stronger taste and touch will last the entire time. After that, the user feels overly euphoric and get an enormous boost in creativity which also skyrockets their imagination. Steadily, the user will lose control of their fine motor skills and their body will stop responding to their commands, which causes the user to become very relaxed and unwilling to do anything physical except lie or sit down and relax. Lastly, the user's subconscious starts to overlap with their perception of reality. This causes them to hallucinate and think that they are doing things from their most pleasant dreams while in reality doing absolutely nothing. Their perception of time and space also decreases, causing them to perceive things in "slow motion"

    As nice as the trip is, coming down from it is inevitable...and not pleasant in the slightest. The first thing the user will notice is their senses being overly sensitive and extremely fragile. They are also very lethargic with an intense depression, making working with them or helping them in this state a very difficult task. They sometimes also develop a sense of paranoia, causing them to freak out or overreact sometimes. Another effect is also an intense hunger that sets in, causing the victim to consume abnormal amounts of food. Lastly, is the addiction. The first few uses are not so bad and one can still stay away from it. The after effects usually scares people off from trying it again. But regular use can cause an addiction to develop and soon these victims become dependant on the drug. Getting someone off is also a lengthy process, though it is possible.

    This drug is common among humans, but it's also developed a market in Werewolf communities who want to "experience their wild side" while not having to venture outside or -for some- not even needing to turn. Though having a werewolf coming down from Gaia can prove disastrous at times.