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Eva Ariana Helene Brunhilde von Raskob

Red Bear of Nordenheim


NAME: Eva Ariana Helene Brunhilde von Raskob, Eva
AGE: 24
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 180cm
WEIGHT: 76kg
RACE: Human
HOMELAND: Old Empire
JOB OR RANK: Mercenary, Baroness


Eva is reckless, carefree, and energetic, often preferring to deal with problems with courage and bravado first, logic and reason second. She rarely gets genuinely angry and hates more or less none to few. For her, war is both a hobby and a calling, often leading to confusion on whether she's truly a sellsword or just another noble with a violent hobby.


Born the only child and daughter to her parents and the de facto heir to the Raskob estate, Eva did what any child without any real desire to pursue the traditional lifestyles of nobility: cause trouble.

She ran amuck and raised hell in the village and manor until she was too old for the semi-harmless pranks of childhood. As she neared her teens she took up an interest in warfare much to her mother's horror, though her father begrudgingly admitted that it was at least something of a traditional pastime for the family. Eva eschewed the sword and shield, the bow and arrow, and the finer points of spear play in favor of something far more direct, again to the horror of her mother and, this time, her father: the zweihander.

Soon enough interest turned into passion and little Eva grew taller, stronger, and bolder. She commissioned her own blade, signed on with a passing mercenary troupe, and left home at eighteen with her parents only finding out the following afternoon when she failed to appear for dinner.

Years and battles passed, wars raged and then calmed, and Eva found her true calling among the infernos of conflict. Now older, wiser, and carrying multiple scars equally of bravery and stupidity, she now wanders the land for more work, more pay, and a little glory along the way.


Eva has no magical ability or desire to learn such trivialties. Instead, she has focused entirely on the use of her zweihander and the tactics of getting close enough to hit someone with it. She's also figured out basic first aid and medical aid as well as negotiation. In all else, she amiably ranges between incompetent to passingly decent.


Metzger - Eva's Zweihander, a custom ordered, masterwork weapon forged of a meteorite that fell near the von Raskob manor. Reputed to cut through steel and decapitate three men in a single swipe, though whether such rumors are true or tall tales is unknown.

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