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Province Duchy of Leore

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Duchy of Leore
Location: Inland, Northern Venisia
Climate: Temperate
Primary Terrain: Hills & Plains
Government: Feudal Principality
Affiliation: The Old Empire
Population: 36,000
Points of Interest:
- Monteaux Castle: The seat of power from Leore, famous in that it has never once been taken in either an assault or a siege since its formation. Any who have tried have been decisively crushed.
- Will of the Third Emperor: A massive stone statue of the third Emperor pointing a fist northward constructed at the site of one of the last true battles during the times of war, magic protects it from any and all erosion, and it is rumored any who try to dismantle it for stone are cursed for eternity. It sits alone in a grassy plain; there are no roads leading here nor are there any settlements particularly close, leading some to believe only a local can actually find it.

History: Leore was one of the last City-States to be founded, and marks the end of General Kainus's mighty conquests. On this day of 230 F.Y., he crushed the unified coalition of mountain-men, horsemasters and raiders, a force thrice his size. Though the exact specifics of the battle are a subject of heated debate among historians, all agree that he emerged triumphant with surprisingly minimal casualties given the scale of the battle.

For his service during the entirety of the conquests, he was mandated lordship over these lands, as he had found them to his liking. To say the move was controversial was an understatement-- rarely did Imperials actually claim lordly titles as this, many opting to govern from the heartlands themselves. Regardless, here was where he built his home and family. It is said he personally built Monteaux Castle, his strategic brilliance in its construction contributing to its reputation of being nigh-impregnable. Taking a liking to a fair-haired chieftain's daughter, the beginnings of the Monteaux line's dilution began, the same lineage that maintains lordship of the city-state to this day.

Over the years, Leore had gradually evolved from a glorified imperial outpost, to a propercity-state. They had supplanted their heavy legions for an emphasis on horse-riding in their combat, and the mingling of local warlord customs and the importing of more civilized ideas lead to the founding of the knightly class, which continues to hold a prominent role in Leore culture.

Without Imperial support, Leore's economy soon found routes in its agriculture. Something of a breadbasket to their local region, it also has developed a rather renowned climate for growing wine, their products being a particular favorite for their neighbors.

That isn't to say its martial history has been wholly uneventful, however. Combat with the mountain-men is common, though seldom are they in numbers great enough to threaten Leore proper, their elite knights able to route any such foreign invaders. Their bloodier history comes when combating other city-states. Indeed, the Freichtun Wars lead to some particularly dark times, especially when time and time again the castle was besieged, with only the heroic (and disputed) actions of the quasi-mythical ancestors of the Monteaux dynasty resulting in victory time and time again.
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