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Open [DCURP] The Fall of Justice

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This is going to be an introductory thread to the world of the DC Universe RP. Set in Gotham during the cusp between the universe as we know it today. Meta humans and super villains have not been revealed to the world, Superman has only just arrived in Metropolis. No Supervillains have been lurking in Gotham, though this grave truth is about to be revealed to Gotham and Bruce Wayne. Join me for The Fall of Justice, in which after a tragic accident, the once promising young hotshot, Harvey Dent, cracks and falls to the pressure of his relationships with his girlfriend and society and the rise of Two Face and the supervillains. You're free to make your own character or to use an existing character in canon (Just message me on Discord or through PMs with your ideas). I'm open game to pretty much every character, and we can work out the details together and even do a spin-off thread together to work out the details for the universe. I hope you guys are excited and join!

For four years, Gotham has been protected by the entity known as the 'Bat' or 'Batman', a vigilante sworn to rid the city of corrupt politicians, officers, and the gangsters that run the city. For Four years progress has been, Mayor Hady has been usurped from power, the police force's rampant corruption has been stifled and the mafia has been put on the ropes. But, a darkness is rising in the hearts of the run down city. It started with the District Attorney, Harvey Dent who a few days earlier had been attacked with a vat of chemicals during Sal Maroni's trial. The criminals have gotten desperate and some in the underworld say that they have begun to work with those who have no moral compass, those who possess strange abilities, dress and act like freaks--the waking incarnations of super villains.

Across the Delaware Bay, they say a man made of steel watches over the city in a red cape, while laboratories across the country begin to experiment and discover the meta-human gene. With Global Climate Change and a down trodden economy beginning to sweep through the nation, the citizens of Gotham have grown restless and tired--the darkness is growing across the world and within the heart of a maturing Bruce Wayne. His relationship with Dick Grayson has fallen apart, and his newest Robin, Jason Todd, had begun down a path of Batman's greatest failure.

Dark, that's how Bruce liked his seclusion deep in the tunnels and caverns beneath Wayne Manor. He had been drawn to the caverns since the day he fell through the shaft, surrounded by the thing he had feared most. Truth be told he still feared them, the darkness that clung to the walls of the cave--it was a reminder of the one thing he was fighting against, himself.

"It seems the city never sleeps, does it Master Bruce?" The familiar voice of Alfred broke the heavy solitude, "But, it seems even the Bat is human." The aging man would say with a faint smile.

Bruce glanced up from his seat, pulling his slumped body from the chair, "I was meditating." He would respond in a low yawn.

"If you say so Master Bruce, do know that your party downtown starts in forty five minutes?"

The vigilante wrinkled his nose, "I hadn't forgotten Alfred, Harvey and his family need this, it'll be enough to set up his little girl for the rest of her life--the city owes him that."

Alfred quirked a brow towards the comments, but said nothing. Instead opting to place a towel around the man's shoulder, "I have your red car ready sir. Shower and your suit will be ready for you." He'd say as he walked away.

"Alfred," Bruce would interject.

"Yes Master Wayne?"

"Where's Jas...." He was cut off.

"Currently lifting and then with some prodding he'll begin his studies." Alfred would respond in a plain tone. Bruce would give a simple nod, his brown eyes shifting towards the rows of suits, towards Dicks. Alfred noticed this, yet again chose to say nothing. "Enjoy your time with Miss Vale sir." He'd say as he entered the elevator, leaving Bruce alone in the dark.
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