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Empire Citizen Davon Hendricks

NAME: Ser Davon X. Hendricks [né Rovelle]
AGE: 27
HEIGHT: 6'3"
WEIGHT: 245 lbs
HOMELAND: The Empire
JOB OR RANK: Courtier/Battle Mage

DESCRIPTION: Davos has striking green eyes to accompany his long fair strawberry hair. His build is square, solid while being mostly unremarkable except a small scar across his left cheek. It was a lesson he only had to learn once. Clothes wise, he prefers darker colored leathers and shirts. He is almost always appearing as miscreant in the taverns, but he prefers it this way.

PERSONALITY: Brash, lazy and vindictive - these are all things used to describe Davon. He is a relative degenerate, prone to spending pay on dice games. Muttered offerings make it clear these are the closest he gets to danger, and it is apparent he thirsts for something, though he could not put his finger on it.

Yet if you ask his friends, his immediate peers - they would describe him as gregarious, forward thinking and kind. He is known to go out of his way to help his friends out. Thus it is a long standing paradox, trying to figure out which face of Davon is the correct one. The one prone to anger and violent outbursts when his pride is injured - or the quiet soul who gives everything he can to help those in need and those close to him.

The truth is that while Davon's magus bloodline is incredibly strong and potent, there are long held rumors and accounts of erratic behavior. If only he knew about it.

BIOGRAPHY: Raised by a small baron in the outskirts of the empire, Davon had an uneventful childhood before being given to a hedge knight to serve as page and squire. The years under Ser Marqs were...informative and equally uneventful from positive perspectives. Marqs was a louse, a drunkard, and cheat - though not when it coming to sword play and magic. In mornings of labored hang over consciousness, he drilled Davon incredibly hard. Eventually as the day progressed, the two would play various games of skill luck.

Of course, there were not great threats to vanquish, no monsters to hunt,and no demons to slay. So as Davon got older, his skills were honed against imaginary opponents and hooligans. As Davon crested the age of majority, a small time lord raised him to knighthood - as a favor to Marqs without doubt.

Eventually though, Marqs retired and pulled some strings to get Davon appointed to a plush job as a guard sergeant in the capital city. His responsibility was mundane and slim - running shifts at a small tower along the wall. His pay was generous, considering his room at the barracks was provided as well as chow. There was not much for him to want, thus he wasted it away at nights in the tavern, perpetuating the image of a lazy malcontent.

Of course they did not see the early mornings where he sparred or worked out. They did not see the fire burning beneath the chaff of disinterest. Soon they would though...
Magic: Battle-Magus

Davon's magic is restless, powerful yet best described as unrefined. He is often most comfortable channeling wind and water centric forces, having strong affinities for those elements. HIs fire control is pathetic, and his mentor long commented he did not have the disposition or patience to properly wield the power of earth.

As such strong gusts of wind, bending of water, ice magic - all things he is proficient at. He has begun to grasp some more esoteric elements of water, using it's healing components, but this is touchy as he is not a scholar. Everything he tries to accomplish comes from feel.

Combat: Armored-Brawler

Davos was trained from a young age in proper knightly combat as well as more nefarious forms of sword play. Over the years, from guard regimented training and bar brawls, Davos has adopted a more personal style. His actions approach the fluidity of a few combat forms but masters of them will notice glaring, angry differences. Where a seamless combo might flow, Davos is prone to abruptly invert the flow and strike in ways one would not expect - rotating through gruff kicks, pommel strikes and the like.


Heavy plate - a parting gift from his mentor.
Chain mail - given as part of appointment to sergeant
Large shield - steel

Longsword - standard issue
Heavy Flail - personal favorite, but almost never used due to being an irregular issue.
Pair of knives - weighted for throwing

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