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Miscellaneous Date Kohaku

Red Bear of Nordenheim


NAME: Date Kohaku
AGE: 22
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5'9"
WEIGHT: 160lbs
RACE: Human
JOB OR RANK: Daiymo, Samurai


Calm and calculated, Kohaku is loyal to her beliefs and determined to achieve her ends. She values justice over endless and futile war, preferring to gather power gradually rather than gamble and risk needlessly. To her followers, she leads with confidence and poise, often leading from the front rather than order her followers to tasks she herself would not do. To her enemies, she is a force of nature, often crushing those who defy her in totality.


Born the only child and daughter of Daiymo Date Juro, she was initially raised to be yet another piece to be traded for alliances or favor with another clan. After his death during the civil war, Kohaku happily tossed away her poetry, flowers, and the like in favor of a more martial perspective.

She took command of the Date Clan and, in a short time, rebuilt her home provinces' military might. Kohaku appealed to the commoner and peasant, disregarding much of the old ways in favor of what simply made sense: survival. Conscripted peasant armies were disbanded, replaced instead with volunteers who were then trained, drilled, and equipped to fight. Warriors were drawn from anywhere and everywhere to fight, whether ronin drawn by money and fame or Samurai seeking glory and honor. The end result was efficient, if unorthodox, and the Date clan's neighbor's quickly fell one after the other.

Now, Kohaku and her sights, still set on survival, are preparing for the next steps of her plans.


Kohaku is skilled with the blade, preferring to fight in melee over dueling at range despite her frequent use of ranged weaponry utilized by her soldiers. She is a natural tactician and quartermaster and has shown to quickly learn from past experiences to prevent repeated mistakes. Her skills with magic are ultimately average for practitioners within Konzu, but can be devastatingly lethal when combined with her martial prowess.


While most warriors carry a daisho, a katana and wakizashi, as a sign of their Samurai status, Kohako carries an additional blade. She fights with her Katana and Wakizashi, though also carries what appears to be a second Katana either on her back or at her side. When asked, she often replies that it is in case she loses a sword or finds a worthy opponent without a weapon at hand, though whether she speaks in jest or not is completely unknown.

Aside from weaponry, Kohako wears either a kimono or, when faced with pitched battle, masterwork armor.


Way of the Spear
Way of the Bow
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