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Cyrla Northwode




NAME: Cyrla Northwode
AGE: 36 Years
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5'6"
WEIGHT: 120 Ibs
JOB OR RANK: Werewolf; Madadh-allaidh
FACE CLAIM: Katheryn Winnick

Wolf Forms:
Wolf Form Shifting Spell

PERSONALITY: Naturally, due to her condition, Cyrla is cautious of other people who are not a werewolf. She makes sure to keep her distance due to the prejudice and hostility a person may put upon her. But she herself will not resolve to violence when confronting another person, instead choosing to use words. But on days/nights of a full moon, she will become more territorial and aggressive, meaning that if a person confronts her they will most likely not be getting a woman who would rather talk but one who may lash out or shift form.

While she may avoid normal people to the best of her ability. Other werewolves are free to approach her. To whom she gives advice and any knowledge she feels needs to be passed down. She will even take younger werewolves under her wing and even looks out for those, not in her "pack" which has led some to label her as Madadh-allaidh or "Mother Wolf" in the basic language. Due to her advanced age, Cyrla may be seen as a mother wolf and someone for younger wolves to go to for knowledge and advice.

When a person who approaches her isn't being hostile she will treat the other person with respect, and give the knowledge or advice. But she will still keep her guard up due to her distrust towards normal people.

Even though it has been years since she caught the condition. Cyrla has not adjusted well to the fact that she cannot have children. When alone she may dwell on this and go into a depressed state. When in a state where she is thinking about her inability to have children she gets extremely quiet and may try to separate herself from other people.

On top of that, despite the Watchers allowing her to live. Over the years she has been feeling more distant from her comrades and feeling that her current situation where she can live and stay in Kriege is currently numbered.

BIOGRAPHY: Born in Kriege, Cyrla is a woman from a proud military-like nation. Her mother was a stay at home and her father was a soldier that proudly served the Jarl. But both of her parents knew how to use a sword. So starting at the age of six the girl was taught how to use a sword by both of her parents. She was also taught how to use magic from around the same age she started learning how to use a sword. She was a talented little girl who would spend a lot of time reading books when she had free time to do so in between lessons and chores. The books varied from spells, potion-making to history.

When the time came at the age of sixteen Cyrla enlisted to serve in Krieges' military. The girl successfully went through the training, while her first assignments were to guard one of the many trade routes the young lady never complained. She got her fair share of excitement anyways. So why complain? It was at the age of eighteen when she had her first experience with fighting Vampires. It happened while she was on guard duty near one of the many small towns that dot the nation. Naturally, due to the attack, her job was to defend the town since she was in the vicinity. There were some soldiers from The Watchers that came as well and were highly impressed and so after the battle requested that she be brought into the group. Which she was and accepted.

Her time as a Watcher was one hell of a roller coaster ride due to what the young woman saw and facing monsters. She never thought of what these monsters can do to a village or the people. Well yes, she had an inkling but never seen what happens in person. At some point, Cyrla met her husband who was also a Watcher and married. But even though she was now a married woman she kept doing work as a Watcher. Though she did want to start a family she thought that could wait a little longer.

What she did not know was that two events will prevent her from starting the family she wanted with her husband.

The first was roughly two years after she married her husband. When Cyrla was twenty-one years old her husband got caught up in a massive battle against some Myst Werewolves. During which he was brutally ripped apart by two of the Myst beasts. A battle during which Cyrla was not present due to being somewhere else. She didn't even learn of it until she got home. The news devastated Cyrla to the point she refused to come out of her home for a couple of months. It was only when two Watchers that she was close to came to her and convinced the young woman to come out and join life again as it would have been what her husband wanted. Cyrla agreed. So she steadily started getting back to work doing missions with other Watchers. Though it will take a year to where she could work without being distracted.

It was when Cyrla was twenty-two years old when the final event that will prevent her from having children. During a battle with a pack of werewolves, the young woman was battling one of the beasts. She had managed to take down one. But as her focus was solely on the first one that she had taken out that she failed to notice a second charging at her. This second werewolf sliced a nasty three claw gash into her flank. She will manage to work through her pain and take down the second werewolf... But the damage had already been done and the condition passed onto her. Thinking she knew what would happen if she was found the young woman tried to hide from the other Watchers, but the three men found her hiding in the shack she had chosen to hide in as she tried to resist transforming into the beast.

But instead of it being what she thought would happen. Her three partners instead moved her to a location away from innocent people as well as from those that may try to kill her. There the woman couldn't resist the urge to transform any longer and so transformed into a white werewolf. The three men made sure to keep people away from the area until it was safe. But then again Cyrla wasn't exactly a threat at all since she didn't really move from the very spot she transformed at. After she shifted back to a human the three men took her back to the barracks where she slept for three days straight. The woman was honestly surprised that they hadn't killed her. Due to her not attacking any civilians or the three men. So for the following eight years Cyrla continued to fight other beasts along side the Watchers, mainly in her new werewolf form. During the eight years she will also try to come to terms with her condition and the affects of it. She will also establish herself as someone other werewolves can come to for advice or information due to her advanced age for a werewolf since her lifespan will be shorter than a normal person.

Nature Bending: To either attack or defend herself she can bend elements of nature. What she can do depends on the environment she is in. Due to her condition, this is not on the same level as a Magi or a normal person. But efficient enough to defend herself.

Sword Skills: Due to being a Watcher before she was changed. Cyrla has excellent sword skills. Sometimes she will add fire, electricity or some other element to give her attacks more of a bite or make her defenses a little better. Despite her condition she can use this ability quite efficiently.

Shape-Shifting: Cyrla can take the form of a normal-looking wolf. Due to her practicing it since the age of ten she is able to stay in the form for at least three days. She cannot use magic when in her wolf form. Her wolf form is much bigger than a typical wolf, she is big enough for people to ride like they are on a horse.

Werewolf: Like all those with the condition She takes the form of what people see when they think of the word Werewolf. She cannot use magic when in her Werewolf form.

Negotiations: This is something only available on days that are not almost a full moon or a full moon. When not affected by the last two or three phases of the moon Cyrla is able to engage in peaceful talks with other werewolves or people.

Her Sword
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