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Jul 15, 2021
Hello friends and community folks!

Wanted to share this with you all and see what people think, or if it's even interesting.

So, some time ago I crafted a species that I was going to share, this was back in a Star Wars setting, but I never did share it with the community, but I've kept it around; I think I could adapt to this universe instead and treat it as a new race for people to consider.

Without actually posting the works it's hard to get some detailed feedback but, what I'd like to do is share the base idea and see if anyone is potentially interested. (I'd need some time to adapt to the lore)

So the race would be considered an amphibian race - lizard to be a little more specific. They've got 4 eyes, so you know need to get into that.

The race has a strong connection with life and death. The race is mainly a fierce race, call them warriors. But their people are actually broken into guilds or castes if you want to call it that. They are ruled by a Royal Family member who generally ascend through family lineage - with the leader viewed as divine right (I think I had that planned, need to check!), mostly because I originally planned the leader to be a magic user - because not everyone can do those incredible things; further the leader was also viewed as the strongest Warrior (or family) because in their world, strength equals power.

I don't have the material handy at this very moment but I do recall that the people were split up...
The Mystics
The Warriors/Military
The Crafters/Farmers
The Science/Medical

I wrote them up to appeal to a wider audience then just fighters and I didn't want them to be viewed as Warriors only; the second thing I did was planning to make a faction which would build the government and hierarchy as a separate entity - however, the way Myst works, I wouldn't make faction persay. (Players could just choose if they wanted to play the race or play the race in the race's capital) - everyone had military type training before they chose their specialities (or clan) with those who pursued martial prowess being better.

I had also given them a unique mineral, basically a fire crystal, that fueled their specialities and gave them something for economy.

Most of their culture embraces their ancestors as well.

This is completely roughed out because I'm not at home yet and I'd need to double check some particulars, but what I've written was the base of the idea.

Is anyone interested in what I've written? Does it make sense? Do you think I should adapt it for this lore? Anyone potentially interested in a character?

This is all rough and ballpark. I welcome feedback and won't take any hurt from any criticism.