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Cleo Sas

► Cleopetra Maeri Larke Sas​
► 25​
► Female​
► 5'4"​
► 127lbs​
► left eye is silvery white, the right is glossed over and opaque like a white pearl.​
► White​
► Northern City-State, Viralanti (can be a lesser city within if names already exist)​
► Wandering Magi​

The past year Cleo has been wandering Rhiaden, traveling where her visions lead her with no real knowledge if there a finite destination. Most of the time she doesn't fully know where she is and has to ask. With Carnage at her side, she isn't always welcome in some settlements or cities. Northernmost parts of the city-states she has found to be more accepting of a dire wolf companion, further south where she's been traveling, people are leery. She does odd jobs and services to get by, sometimes giving out fortunes in taverns for coin - often choosing to give vague and false visions. Sometimes she will even help create bounty posters and sketch wanted subjects.

The further from home she travels the less she fears being recognized for her hair and eye. She is sure her father is looking for her without knowing for sure but figures it is safe to believe he is. She is growing more comfortable, however. In the start of her travels, she kept a hooded cloak on and was sure her amulet was tucked in the breast of her corseted top. Carnage wears her brother's amulet and few recognize what it is nestled in the tufts of his fur. It hadn't initially been the intent to take it but she wanted to take as much away from her father and him as she could. In leaving she was sure her father would have given him the amulet if he hadn't already planned on doing so.

Much further into her past, you would find a scrawny little pasty white girl attached at the hip with her twin brother whose features opposed hers in every way. From the start her brother had seemed to have drawn the short stick, bearing the brunt of their father's cruelty. Cleo wasn't exempt and often Sterling was used as a pawn in her lessons meant to strengthen. So she began to distance herself from Sterling to avoid him becoming a victim in their father's schemes to groom her as a Larke heir. Her efforts to push Sterling away took a fever pitch when one of their training sessions injured him when she'd stabbed him in the abdomen. She knelt down to help him and the contact with his blood sent her reeling and she succumbed to a vision of his death much further into their future.

Following that event, Cleo's resolve to avoid Sterling at all costs solidified into desperation. Mirroring her father she was cruel when forced to share a room with her brother. Until an idea came to her to encourage sending the parasite away. It didn't take much convincing to send Sterling off to a military camp, where he's been since then she doesn't know. She just knows he is away from him.


She pays attention to her surroundings, not in a sense that she actually sees what is there or is aware of it. Many of her dreams or visions have occasionally shown up or made random connections. A cup with a peculiar engraving, a discolored window pane, or perhaps a painting. She is constantly looking for things she might have seen before, looking for connections.

Since a young age as a child when her magic was less controlled and still taking shape, she has seen horrific, troubling things that have shaped her into a bit of a sarcastic skeptic. If a bit troubling and horrific herself. Blood is a bit of an aphrodisiac for her, which simultaneously repulses her. She suspects it has a lot to do with what her magic can draw from blood and writes it off as something out of her control.

She suffers from insomnia for obvious reasons. Her visions are not typically pleasant even if they aren't particularly scary or demented. There is always just something very wrong with them that sets her on edge and unnerves her.

Magic & Skills
Larke family traits: Larkes are known for being seers of varying types. Accompanying their sight is usually an opaque eye and sometimes a disfigured face. Not typically very strong physically. Their hair is known for being silvery to white and complexion rarely anything other than pale. Eye color, save for the opaque eye, is normally blue but sometimes gray. Sight comes from her mother's side, her father was a gifted ice mage whose physical traits are very similar.

Cleo has a confusing plethora of sight venues, causing her to sometimes not know if something is really happening or not. Her visions are normally not specific enough to make a lot of sense. Some visions even can be related for her to piece together like a puzzle.

Standalone visions she has are always connected to herself in some way. These visions can be triggered or completely unprompted and she blacks out for the entirety of it. Or she might even move about as though she were somewhere else. This is primarily why her father gifted her Carnage - her dire wolf - at a young age with the intended purpose to protect her when she was vulnerable. Not that she is entirely formidable when lucid. Most often her visions come to her when her mind is the most vulnerable, in her sleep.

Something she isn't sure anyone else in her family was aware of was that she could receive visions of others by touch. They generally make as much sense as her usual visions do. Sometimes it is unprovoked and then other times she can touch someone and get nothing. However, she has learned with an effort she can encourage a vision to venture from the shadows of the past. Most visions are in the past and it took helping her brother at a young age recover from a training wound to discover that with blood she could see someone's future. It is immediately following the use of blood and glimpsing into someone's future (on purpose or otherwise) that Cleo becomes ill, sometimes spending the next several hours in cold sweats and convulsing.

Her father wasn't really much help with her visions that sort of had their way with her. But he certainly left his mark by instilling dependable ice magic capabilities. She is most capable of producing objects made of ice: like an arrow or a spear for example. Even with this she still prefers to keep her enemies as far away from her as possible. Her abilities with ice are not something she has tested or pressed since leaving home. Most of her tactics outside of using ice as something to fire at someone, she tries to slow her opponents down by freezing their feet to the ground. This doesn't last very long in the southern City-States where the climate is warmer. There was one incident in training with him that she froze the fiend to a pillar in the courtyard and left him there.

Not having the greatest gift with words and storing her memories that way, she has otherwise found herself to be quite talented at drawing, often sketching things she might consider important or significant. A sheet of parchment in her sketchbook could have a single sketch of a person's face or a collection of seemingly meaningless details.

Her only mundane combative skill is archery. She is not in the least bit adept in close combat, proving startlingly brittle against brute strength. Much of her training her father put her through was defensive to try and improve her physical strength. Can't say he succeeded very much in the strength department. She did take away knowledge so if caught in a situation where she was being attacked, evasive tactics are about all that would work for her without Carnage.

She is not at all trained or knowledgable to safely live off the land. She has tagged along with some merchants in her travels and has learned from other friendly travelers who have crossed her path. But she wouldn't know what sorts of plants were poisonous. What sorts of animals should be avoided (granted some are obvious) or what to do if confronted. Cleo might as well be one bad berry away from dying or succumbing to a very sickly state.

  • A single set of clothes that she replaces as needed. Mostly earthy or dark colors and rarely anything flashy or restricting of movement.
  • Her leather corset, shoulders, and waist drapes are about the extent of her armor.
  • Bow, arrows, and quiver all of them the most expensive item she owns as she took it with her when she fled. Only two of her arrows are from the original set she left with.
  • A small knife she uses mostly for skinning or eating.
  • Companion: not really gear but he is more or less her protector. Carnage is his name and she called him Carni. He is also her mount, horses don't generally work out for her. Carnage even has a shoulder harness for Cleo to hold onto.

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Faded Truth

We usually require characters be approved once the accompanying lore is approved. In this case though, seems that the city state Viralanti doesn't seem to have much to do with this character's abilities. Regardless, if you are planning to use Viralanti as a base for your roleplays, we would require a separate Lore submission.

In either case, this profile is APPROVED


I don’t mind making a write up. That was me last minute pulling a name out of a hat and I purposely made efforts not to make any meaningful suggestions about it, didn’t know if leaving it blank was appropriate. Wasn’t sure with no list of city-state names.