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Nov 20, 2021


► Indrani Feramina​
► appears to be early 20s​
► Female​
► 5'10/178 cm​
► 165 lbs/73 kg​
► Hazel​
► Chestnut​
► Human​
► Inos, the Old Empire​
► Mercenary/Hunter/Magi​

Indrani was born in Inos, deep in the woods of Ledros, to a long and storied line of foresters and woodswomen.

(Orphaned as a youth, raised up by a great-uncle and legendary hunter and a woman alleged to be a wood nymph, traveled through the old Empire - the Jungles of Nym, Myr, gaining experience and making connections, tests herself by venturing into the Lantheri Wilds - where her parents perished- in between hunting bounties and monsters)


Indrani is first and foremost a dreamer. She dreams of things large and small, quaint and grandiose, and her greatest dream is to experience all of Avsolom and every delight and terror it has to offer. She loves peace and quiet as deeply as she loves battle- and more often than not, she loves the peace and quiet of battle, the deep silence between the scream of steel.

Indrani exudes the rugged charm of a woman confident in her ability to kill or maim anything in her way. She is competitive, almost overly so, with a sharp tongue to match the jagged knives often found sheathed at her hips, and a semi-soft heart hidden beneath it all, for all her scowling and posturing.

She is an unrepentant flirt, and not one for propriety, nor does she care much for ranks and titles. With the right impetus, she can be moved to great acts of charity and heroism, but so to can she sometimes be cruel and unfeeling. She is somewhat mercurial, with sometimes sudden and savage mood changes much like the wild beasts she has modeled herself after.


Wild Blessings:
The name that Indrani has given her bloodline abilities granted to her by her unique heritage; the blessings or abilities manifest primarily as physical enhancements.
  • Blessing of the Eagle: vision, proprioception
  • Blessing of the Wolf: smell, stamina, hearing
  • Blessing of the Bear: strength, resilience, vitality
  • Blessing of the Panther: grace, power, ferocity
  • Blessing of the Hare: speed, agility, reflexes
  • Blessing of the Owl: night vision, hearing, flexibility
Ageless: Indrani's family spent generations breeding for longevity. This has manifested in a queer sort of agelessness. Indrani is nearing forty, but barely looks twenty. She will spend many, many years in her prime before the passing of time shows any effect. That is not to say she is immortal - only that she will live for countless years yet, should nothing end her life.

Celestial Shaping: the ability to generate, manipulate, and direct what Indrani refers to as celestial energy. Indrani prefers to shape the malleable energy into cutting or piercing weapons such as arrows and knives. The energy generates no heat and carries no properties beyond the item or weapon the energy is shaped into- swords stab and cut, arrows pierce- save that celestial energy ignores any and all non-enchanted physical armors.

Primordial Rhythm: the ability to become one with the rhythm of nature, intuitively increasing Indrani's awareness of their surroundings area while simultaneously blending seamlessly into nature. The world seems to bend around her, clearing natural paths and obstacles, while shadows hug closer, and branches loom longer, almost as if to embrace her. A stealth technique.

Primal Mind: the ability to quiet the conscious mind and exist only in the moment- to become a beast of intuition and instinct. More mental exercise than magical technique, this ability allows Indrani to assume a preternatural focus on any given task, as well as hide her thoughts from mind mages.

Call of the Wild: summons a phantasmal armored beast to serve as companion or mount for a short while.The summoned beasts have their own will and desires, but due to the nature of Indrani's gift and her Primal Mind technique, the beasts are loyal to her, and she can create a sympathetic link between herself and the creature to nudge its own desires in alignment with her own.


Indrani is a deadly markswoman and perhaps even deadlier with her twin longknives. Though long and limber, hers is the grace of a predator, not a dancer. She can nigh drink any man under the table, and has the singing voice of a dying dragon.

She can track as well as any hunter, and gamble with the best of them. She is skilled at mountaineering, cooking, wilderness survival, sailing (privateering), and stealth. She has learned nearly a dozen languages, and speaks them all like a native. Off all her skills, perhaps her most prominent ability is her uncanny tendency to stick her nose where it doesn't belong and get herself into all sorts of trouble.

  • Twin Longknives
  • Throwing Knives
  • Compound Recurve Bow
  • Egregiously Large Long Bow
  • Javelins (Arrows for ELLB)
  • Supple Leather Armor
  • Furred Great Cloak


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