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Creature Chimera




Name: Chimera

Height: 5 feet on average but an alpha or elder chimera can grow up to 7 feet

Length: 10 feet on average but an alpha or elder chimera can grow up to be 12 feet

Weight: 4000 lbs on average but this weight can vary greatly depending on its age and eating habits.

Wingspan: 15 feet but elder or alpha chimeras can have a wingspan up to 20 feet

Average Lifespan: 300-400 years

Numbers: A chimera is a solitary creature but during mating season they will be found in pairs, more often than not protecting their offspring for several weeks before leaving the babies to fend for themselves.

Habitat: Anyplace in the world which has a temperate climate or a hot climate. Will stay away from colder areas and will most likely roam hills, forests or savannas and make its nest in caves far from civilization.

Biological facts: A chimera has the hindquarters of a goat, the forequarters of a lion, and a set of dragon wings. Additionally, a chimera has three heads, that of a horned goat, a lion, and a dragon. The Chimera is a carnivore and will not hesitate to attack humans or other races if threatened or if it cannot find easier prey. The chimera's mating season takes place in spring, the male and female chimera's will protect their young for a month before leaving them to fend for themselves, an average nest consists of 4 newborn chimeras.

Combat: A Chimera is not an easy opponent to defeat when in combat the most dangerous feature of a chimera is off course it's dragon head which breathes fire. The lion head tries to bite and devour its attacker and the goat head is mostly harmless and will not attack unless the chimera is severely injured upon which it will try to bludgeon its attacker to death with its horns. The front body of the chimera also has claws which it will use if given the chance to tear its opponent to shreds.


"As we descended into the cavern we suddenly heard this horrible sounding roar, it took me a moment to discern that the was not a singular roar but in fact the roaring of a lion and a dragon and the bleating of a goat. Before any of us could comprehend what happened the beast had set half of the men aflame, and I knew that we had stumbled upon an aggressive Chimera, I ran as far as my feet could carry me followed by what remained of the party, the screams of the burning men still audible far from the cavern." -From the journal of Ishmael Melville, renowned explorer and adventurer.

The first sighting of the chimera happened right after the Cataclysm took place, since then these creatures have been avoided like the plague by many, those unfortunate enough to stumble upon a chimera rarely live to tell the tale.

Nobody knows how the chimera came to be, they only know that these carnivorous creatures feed upon easy prey and rarely attack humans and certainly not settlements. Children are warned not to enter caverns or forests for they might stumble upon a chimera, who will make a meal out of them.

Some brave but foolish men have tried to tame these beasts to use them in war, but as they quickly found out, chimeras are not able to be tamed. The most famous of these men was a baron named Hervey who gathered his men and captured a chimera, brought it to his mansion and imprisoned it in his dungeon where he tried day after day to tame the beast until one day the beast broke free and ate the baron alive before burning the mansion to the ground and devouring his men and his wife and children before escaping back into the wilderness.