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Sep 23, 2021
How to Create a Character

Glance over the Lore & Plot Overview for information on the roleplays setting and lore. Authors can choose from any of the official canon races or submit their own to the Lore Forum when making a character.

When comfortable, grab a basic character template (or create a new one) and fill it out. After filling out the application, post it in the Character Profiles forum then create a Character Account.

Authors do not have to use the provided Character Templates. Any layout is acceptable as long as it is readable.

Character Rules & Guidelines

Character Profiles do NOT require approval but staff may ask for alterations.
  1. Characters may start off in almost any capacity: Nobility, powerful magi, soldiers of varied inveteracy, mercenaries, scientists, alchemists and many other things. Characters can even start as Rulers of Provinces or Cities, creating their own in the Lore forum, or from an existing unclaimed location. Characters cannot begin as Rulers of Great Powers, such as the Emperor of the Old Empire or Warlord of All Cathwa without approval from the Administrators. Progression towards such roles is acceptable via the roleplay.
    • If an Author of a province leader or any other key role in the lore declares they are no longer going to be active on the site or becomes inactive without sufficient contact with Site Administrators, the character defaults to a staff NPC. Staff assume control of the character so the area of the map the character rules does not go to waste.
  2. If a character can use magic it must be listed somewhere in the profile. There are few hard limits on types of spells and utility due to the freeform nature of the roleplay. When noting a Bloodline's particular traits (resilience or lack therein to magic, wings, enhanced vision, etc.), include as much detail as possible.
  3. Characters may not be unbeatable, gods, god-like, or Mary Sues.
  4. Characters may not be forced to engage in Character vs Character combat.
  5. Characters cannot die without their Writer's consent.
  6. Characters engaged in sexual depictions of any kind must be Eighteen years of age or older.
  7. Authors can create a Character Account without a profile to test run it, but characters without them cannot write key roles (such as Emperor or King).
  8. Profiles may be edited at any time through the course of Roleplay.
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