The Myst of Avsolom is a medieval high fantasy role play forum set in an original world. It is 3/3/3 on the RPG scale and 18+
The role play is freeform which means there are no stat systems, but there are Rules and Guidelines for members to follow.

Character Rules & Guide

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Myst of Avsolom

Character Rules & Guide

Glance over the Lore & Plot Overview for information on the roleplays setting and lore. Players can choose from any of the official canon races when making a character. When comfortable, grab a basic character template (or create a new one) and fill it out.

Although profiles need to describe skills and magic in some detail, the presentation of the profile is not limited by the basic character templates. Any layout is acceptable as long as it's readable. After filling out the application, post it in the Character Profiles forum then create a Character Account.

Characters can start off in most any capacity; nobility, powerful magi, soldier of varied inveteracy, mercenary, scientist/alchemist, etc. However, characters may not begin as rulers of great powers—such as the Emperor of the Old Empire—without administration approval. Progression towards such roles is acceptable via the roleplay. Starting off as rulers of provinces and other smaller bodies is permitted. Players may create their own provinces in the Lore forum.

If a character can use magic it must be listed somewhere in the profile. There are few hard limits on types of spells and utility due to the freeform nature of the roleplay, but staff may ask for clarification or for specific items to be changed at their discretion. When noting a bloodline's particular traits (resilience or lack therein to magic, wings, enhanced vision, etc.), include as much detail as possible. This may go anywhere in the profile. It is recommended to include this under "Magic & Skills."

Profiles may be edited at any time through the course of the roleplay.
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