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The role play is freeform which means there are no stat systems, but there are Rules and Guidelines for members to follow.

Character Accounts for Diverse Role Play

Head Admin


Head Administrator
You can now make character accounts for diverse role plays. The diverse role play forum can be found at the bottom of the site. Currently we have an open diverse section for any types of role plays and a diverse Star Wars forum with faction options for it. We're taking suggestions for other diverse forums and faction options to go with them. PM or DM a head admin if you have any suggestions.

How to Make a Diverse Character Account

1) Make a character account per the instructions here:
2) Log onto the character and go to the Account Details page:
3) Check "Yes" in the "Diverse Character?" option then press save.
4) Wait for 10 or so minute, refresh the Account Details page and there should be a diverse faction drop down menu to select from.

Right now there are only Star Wars factions to select from. The Star Wars forum will eventually have it's own Star Wars skin, and so will any other diverse role play added. Enjoy!

NOTE: Diverse Characters may not be used in the Avsolom Role Play forum.