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Pending Empire Citizen Caszire Omarosa





► Caszire Omarosa
► The Acquitor
► 32
► Male
► 5'11
► 155 lbs.
► Amber
► Black
► The Old Empire
► Court Magi | Advisor

The only son of the once proud House Omarosa, Caszire has seen his share of prejudice among his peers. Considered among the Blooded Nobility. The scion's predecessors had cared little for the idea of maintaining their bloodline and instead turned to their own pleasures regardless of the consequences. Thus Omarasa had become significantly diluted. It was probably nothing more than dumb luck that Caszire ended up with what might be the last vestiges of the family's power.

One might expect that this would act as a catalyst for Caszire to better himself but that was not the case initially. Omarosa still maintained some influence and he was content with the status quo. It was only when his family experienced true hardship, his mother specifically, did Caszire finally feel a spark of ambition. His father may have been an absolute wastrel but his mother had always been kind. Even bad men love their mothers.

His family always had a connection to the Shroud but it had become weaker and weaker over the years. Caszire was the exception and he knew it. The scion made efforts to hone not only his arcane abilities but also his martial ones. He always figured that there were too many nobles who sought to find their place through politics, surely it would be easier to distinguish himself on the battlefield. The scion soon realized that there was no shortage of individuals who were looking to make their standing within the Empire.

He eventually joined with the 17th Mage Cadre and made a name for himself. Whether it came to dealing with heretical cults or suppressing minor rebellions, there was no shortage of opportunities in which to prove himself. It wasn't long before his achievements caught the attention of Imperial hierarchy. He was instead given the position of a Court Magi but was otherwise not given much direction beyond that. Caszire's disposition led him to often doing an assortment of tasks from negotiation, protection, and even assassination.

It is said that those who are visited by Caszire can only do but two things, prepare a gift and then pray. Over the years he has come to be known as the Emperor's Acquitor; for he always gets what the Empire desires, whether it be land, treasure, or blood.

Recently he has come under the purview of the Red Empress.


Caszire is more a creature of opportunity than anything else. In a bid to save his family from complete collapse, he has had to make a number of unsavory choices. That is not however to say that he necessarily has an issue with such tasks. Clever but only vaguely ambitious, he has been an ideal candidate to function as an operative of the magistrates. The Magi isn't loyal so much to the Empire as to individuals within it. Sarcastic but not usually to the point of rudeness, it is clear that he has noble heritage. He's personable for the most part but is prone to bouts of whimsy. Caszire may just decide he doesn't like someone for some minor reason or the other.

Magic & Skills

He is a born magi. Powerful since birth, he has worked hard over the years to hone his abilities. The Shroud has granted him the ability to manifest his willpower and direct it to purpose. This is most notably shows itself in a form that could be considered very much similar to telekinesis. Caszire's significant will can make it seem as if he is almost a force of nature unto himself, suffocating and oppressive should he wish it. He may wish to restrict the movement of a group of soldiers, toss a pebble at an annoying pest, or simply crush a person into a meaty mess. The scale of what he is trying to do determines just how draining it is and just as importantly, his current state of mind.

Caszire is relatively decent with a blade but isn't a true spellsword or battlemage. He generally favors either magic or steel as opposed to using them in tandem. The magi has been trained in the imperial style that most officers of the Empire tend to use.

  • Standard-issue Imperial longsword

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