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Location Carran's Crossing

Lord of Naps


Carran's Crossing

  • Type: Village

    Population: 700

    Climate: Temperate

    Primary Terrian: River, Forests, Agriculural

    Affiliation: The Old Empire

    • Carran's Bridge - One of several large bridges built by the Empire to allow travel across the river. The bridge is quite large and by far the largest structure in town. It was constructed this way to allow ships traveling up and down the river to pass underneath and allow the Imperial Army quick passage over if needed.
    • Carran's Mansion - Just outside of town, the mansion has long since been abandoned and is in decay. Local legend says the home is haunted by the angry spirit of Adrian Carran himself.
    • The Sleepy Boar Inn and Tavern - The only tavern in town. Run by a fairly recent newcomer to the town, Toren Kel
  • The town is left over from Imperial construction of the large bridge that crosses the river that took place around 100 years ago. While most left after construction was complete, many stayed behind and settled down. Adrian Carran, an Imperial Noble, was in charge of the bridge project and mandated to stay behind and see to its upkeeping after its completion. It was rumored that he had been given this job after making a pass at the Emperor's wife.

    A drunk, the man never quite got over the punishment and took it out on the people of the town. After enduring several years of abuse by the slighted noble, the town was freed when the man drank himself to death in his mansion on the outskirts of town. With no desire to upkeep the out of place mansion, and rumors of hauntings, the mansion was abandoned and has remained that way since.

    In the following hundred years, the town had remained relatively unchanged. There is plenty of work either maintaining the large bridge, helping the passing boats that travel on the river or farming the abundant land surrounding the town.