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Avsolom for Beginners

Jun 7, 2019

"This book has every morsel of information I could gather on the land and planes beyond...anyone that held this would have, possibly, the entirety of Avsolom in their hands..."

A book appears before your eyes, bound in polished red leather with two intertwined dragons elegantly etched into its surface. Opening it, you find unintelligible gibberish floating across each page - the only readable phrase lays on the other side of the front cover:

"The clouds carry my words in their spears."​

Kharia just places a finger to it and, recognizing it's creator, the letters and gibberish meld and fade until a fully comprehensive compendium of Rhiaden and its various aspects are laid bare before you. She held a finger to lips, gently shushing you.

"I'm trusting you with this...use it well my friend."

OOC Information
This particular post is for all the people that don't really want to go hunting through the halls of the lore section to get information on the different locales, magicks, characters, and events that surround The Mist of Avsolom. The slides separate the different sections and you just go for whichever section the information you want falls under. If there's something you're looking for which you can't find, let me know and I'll get it added if I can. Have fun! :)

IC Introduction
If you are reading this, then I am either dead, or you are a trusted friend. Either way, be it through chance or fate, you have come into possession of a great amount of knowledge. Within these pages lays all my collected knowledge on Avsolom and The Myst - it's cities, legends, myths, notable figures and event, spells, etc.

I do not exaggerate when I say this compendium has the capability to give you a great deal of power, personal or otherwise. If you have intentions to help the world or even just a small part of it, please use this with all my blessing, but if you don't intend to help, if you wish to use this book to destroy or dominate, I implore you, please consider the ramifications of your actions. This world has seen enough death and war and it will probably see more before it ends comes, but in this very moment, whether or not it suffers is in your hands. You have the power to create peace or ash with this book...please use it wisely.
The 4 Kingdoms
I suppose I should start with the basics. Avsolom, as a world, is split up into 4 Kingdoms. The landscape of these kingdoms is always changing so forgive me if this is not completely up-to-date...

The Old Empire

The Empire is the oldest known Kingdom that’s still alive today - though calling it a Kingdom nowadays is like calling a house with a bug-covered bed in a back room a Brothel if I say so myself. In days past, they ruled the entirety of the Crescent Continent (the crescent-shaped one on the map there) through the Provinces such as Leore, Noria, and Volkarna. Today, the Empire is a shadow of its former self, stagnant and rotting from the inside out. Their might has depleted to the point that most, if not all of their provinces have rebelled and claimed independence, with the Emperor sitting back and doing nothing about it.

Their capital is the city of Rhisoka, located in the bottommost corridor of the Crescent Continent. The Empire only rules that region now, capable of reigning over only what they directly control (so essentially just the capital). This is not to say they are harmless - I theorize that if the Empire truly wanted to, they could take back every piece of land they lost. Their problem is that they simply lack motivation, nowadays their political body is more interested in maintaining their images as respectable elites and superior beings, and the Great Mages are more concerned with researching the Myst and plotting behind the Emperor's back.

On the topic of their politics, it's a relatively simple structure. On the top, you have the Emperor of Old (literally), who pretty much just sits in his chair and languishes all day if my information is correct. Beneath him, there are the Great Mages and the Imperial Parliament. The Mages conduct research into the Myst as their day job and serve as the Empire's most destructive asset, being comprised of the most powerful Magi in Imperial territory. There's talk that they are considering taking power, which wouldn't be good for anyone, but I have hopes that they'll do like their leader and languish like the weak-chinned elite they are stereotyped as. The Imperial Parliament handles the logistics of an Empire, with various ambassadors working to ensure that the needs of their individual provinces are heard and addressed. Lately, fewer and fewer ambassadors have been seen though, lending credence to the thought of their rebellion if it isn't already in the open.

Of course, spread out over this vast metropolis are the most common corruptive influence: The Nobles. I'll make no qualms of it, I hate nobles, hate hate hate them! They are greedy, power-mad, think themselves better than everyone else, and are all too happy to stomp over other people if it works out ok for them. They don't see the value of life, all they see is power and the things they can do to make themselves more powerful through it. I'm not saying they're all alike, there are good nobles out there, but I've never held my breath for them...
The Imperial Provinces

When the Empire first began their conquests, the size alone made it difficult to fully control the entirety of their territory. This was compensated for in the creation of several vassals, or Imperial Provinces - cities and towns that governed the surrounding area itself while still paying tribute and tax to the Empire's treasury. At present, the Empire's influence has degraded the further you get from the Capital, with the Northern-most provinces either in open rebellion or barely paying anything to their wardens in the South, thinking they'll just sit by and do nothing...I mean, they probably will, but still...

Yeah, let me know how that works out.

Follow the shoreline West from Rhisoka and you'll find the Port Cities where all sea-based businesses and adventures converge. Of the main three, Noria is the most successful of them in my opinion. Originally, it was just a rest stop on the way to or from the Capital, a small fishing village that traded to make their living. As time went by, some people had the bright idea to build some taverns, then facilities to rest and refresh for a day or two, then probably a brothel (nothing compared to what we have nowadays, hehe). Before they knew it, they were a sprawling Merchant City-State bringing in all sorts, from brigands to privateers to the private vessels of the five mercantile noble houses that governed it - those being Houses Tald, Varn, Ralik, Hael, and Nolan.

They lead via a ruling council in place of Imperial Governance, whom they usurped. Didn't bother the men in the high castles since they still paid their taxes, but little by little, their tribute has gone down and down and down until today, where they barely pay more than enough to buy a loaf of bread from a beggar with leprosy. They are one of the cities that, rumor has it, as gearing up for Rebellion, which makes sense - their money would allow well-equipped forces, but what they possess in arms, they lack in conviction and discipline. The Navy life rules there, true, but many of them probably wonder why to bother at all if the Empire isn't bothering them.

Why indeed?
Gemiralth Isles
Ok, this one is more of a personal favorite than a real Province but it's still close to the Empire so, in my opinion, it counts. The Gemiralth Isles are positioned Southwest of the Crescent Continent's West Coast, made up of two islands and a reef that is commonly believed to once have been a third. The place is like a slice of paradise; little construction, clean water, low population, out of the way - one could get themselves lost quite easily there. The only village is a place called Keamanan where the entire population resides (800 in all), living in thatched huts or hollowed-out holes in the hills.

The History of the place is...interesting to say the least, and it held a secret that I'll get into more in the Magic section, but suffice to say, it draws me in with a certain curiosity, at least, curiosity pertaining to myself at least. Once upon a time, there existed two dragon deities who frequently opposed one another. First was Agrathina or 'The Mother', a White Wyvern that could create mighty storms with a flap of her wings and spit lightning in place of fire. She had a human form too, that on a gentlewoman with flawless features, blue eyes, and white hair that sparkled in the sunlight...sound familiar? (It's what I look like too if you didn't guess). The Second was Kindralth or 'The Protector and Punisher', a red mountainous firebreather who could cause volcanoes to rise and erupt with all the fury of their Master - he had a human form too, a tanned man with orange eyes and black locks of hair.

The two didn't get along much, fought for years until they discovered what they could create if they combined their power, as opposed to matching it against each other. Together, they created the Archipelago as well as a third island, which later sunk and became a reef. They died eventually, of course, most gods do in stories, but there are rumors about that place, whispers of ancient caverns that hold the secret to unlocking the Spirit of the Dragon within us all...I think most people can make an educated guess as to what that would mean, but I'll elaborate in the spells section.
Leore...fucking Leore.

One of the last Provinces created under the Empire's reign of conquest all those years ago, Leore is situated at almost the opposite end of the map from Rhisoka, and one of the more notable Provinces despite the distance. You see, Leore marked the end of General Kainus' fabled conquests, a man so fearsome that he drove back a horde of horsemen, mountain men, raider men, supermen, etc. There's a lot of stories on the man but the important thing was this - he chose that realm to be his home, being granted Lordship over it. They even had a statue of the third Emperor erected there to commemorate it (Here's some advice, don't touch it, it's cursed). It was in Leore that he built Monteux Castle, a fortress that, until several months ago, was thought to be impregnable. Positioned so that approaching it from any direction other than frontward would be suicide, and manned with walls and soldiers that would die for their Lord, the Castle held it's ground for years as Leore turned from a glorified outpost to a thriving Agricultural marvel of The Empire.

It was something of a fairytale land; Knights, Chivalry, Picturesque Backdrops...then the impossible happened. A few months ago, Castle Monteux was besieged by a coalition of Eastern Mercenaries: The Desert Sands, and with them were a detachment of knights, sellswords they picked up while marching there, and even a small group of undead. At the head of this army were Sir Tybalt Monteux, the brother of then-Count Picard Monteux, and Lilith Magnus (now Monteux as of yesterday), the Daughter of the Emperor himself. For some reason, the Empire wanted Leore, and they were using Tybalt to get it through his love for Lilith as I later discovered.

I was there, saw the siege...hundreds of innocents fighting for their lives, cut down or slaughtered by the war machines of their enemy. I had hoped to stop things before they got violent, but I couldn't, I just stood there, powerless, watching the two armies destroy each other. I couldn't stop that senseless battle ...I hope that the future will be different.

Tybalt took lordship of Leore and is currently trying to rebuild after the siege. I hope he succeeds, there's been enough death there to last a while.

On the surface, it looks like a pleasant port City-State, not too far from Leore actually. Don't let it fool you, the reality underneath is dirtier than most of the Empire's other territories. Cutthroats and pirates galore harbor there, along with mercenaries and assassins and unethical magi and about any other deplorable profession you could think of. Don't get me wrong, there were honest workers there too, but they had to be rich to survive longer than a day because they would need to buy protection from the guards rather than just rely on their kind souls. One Noble Family rules the Black Keep of the City: The Von Volkarna, and like the Magistrates, they have been heavily saturated in the Shroud, becoming blooded nobles. While other nobles had influence, the Von Volkarnas was the undisputed authority in the city of 'Might Makes Right'.

I know one of them: Catrina Von Volkarna, and I don't trust her at all. There's something off about her that I just don't trust, and that's not counting the out of sorts servants, the subtle magic she weaved through her words to influence others, and the fact that she was in Leore with me at the same time as the siege, just watching it as if it were the show of the century. I don't know what she's hiding, but I intend to find out.
If you travel toward the Mountains, you should come across a valley near the lower center of the Map of Avsolom. This cropping of mountainous terrain and fertile lands and plains mark the Hellon Valley and, subsequently, the Imperial Province of Lakonia.

This place intrigues me, if for no other reason than it's history. Originally they were settlers, moving to the Hellon Valley in a vast migration. After a time of Thatched housing, they began to build and expand under the guidance of their first King: Orestes, who united several of the tribes and broke open a mine for resources. The Myst was a point of religious reverence for them, or at least, the people it affected were. They had an Oracle, one who could see the future, called the Pythia of Delphi. It was said that every word she spoke came to pass and, though she didn't speak on every issue, her advice and guidance was highly sought after. I'm not sure if they lived long or this was a line of succession, but it seemed this went on for a while. In time, Lakonia became an entire Province, and one that the Empire was very interested in assimilating.

They marched on Lakonia and they fought on the fields of Argos, staining the grounds with Imperial and Lakonian blood alike. The ruling King, Deimos, was hopeful of victory, but apparently, he was betrayed by his Prince: Nikademos (or I imagine so, it just mentions treasonous actions in the texts). The Empire won, of course, and then they just seemed to sit back and watch as the Province descended into civil war, with a man named Euklideseus triumphing over the Nikademeans. Subsequently, this is the depressing part for me, because this particular consequence of defeat still lives.

The entire province is separated into two classes In a sense, it is a Democracy, but it is a democracy that freely practices functional slavery or, at the very least, segregation. On the one side, there is the Klideans, the ruling and the warrior class that trains in combat and politics throughout their entire lives in order to aid in governing the land and protecting it from threats, both foreign and domestic. These Klideans form the Five Ephors that come together and discuss matters of state, wherein they ponder any edicts made by non-elected officials like the Imperial Ambassador and the Steward. On the other side of the coin, there is the Nikademeans, agricultural and domestic workers who exist as indentured servitude, to put it politely. They have little to no rights and are seen as little more than property by the Klideans, though the latter fears that they will try to overthrow them should they leave the cities unprotected.

One little point of interest for explorers: though all of Lakonia is a wonder to look at, I would recommend visiting the mines of you're powerful in sword or spell. Apparently, the place is heavily saturated in Myst Magic and is filled with all sorts of creatures that killed the miners and drove the rest of them out. It's a bit of a mystery what lies in the deep now, maybe you will be one of the lucky few to be able to fight your way in and help the people...or not, it's up to you.
Ok, so there isn't much to write about this Province. Up near the trio of Port Cities, you'll find Bellestuaire situated snugly on the East Coast, and it's definitely somewhere I'd recommend for someone that wants a quiet life. As far as I can tell, there are no major problems, no rebllions, no major crimes, no real disturbances of any kind. The entire place is almost sickeningly ordinary, but I know some people like that.

The leaders are selected via Seniority, so whenever the Sovereign of the Province dies, the next in line is the oldest member of Government - tends to make Dictators short lived, though the same applies to benevolent rulers. If anything, this seems to give the Province a sense of Equilibrium, no ruler is in power long enough to enact changes that would greatly change the City's structure or standing.

In short, the place is an average province, go there for a quiet holiday.

The Cathwa Nation

Cross the isthmus that connects the Crescent Continent to the deserts beyond and you will find your way to the endless sands of the Cathwa Nation. The Cathwa Nation, as the name suggests, is essentially a series of tribes wandering in the deserts, constantly looking for resources to survive and occasionally clashing swords over them. Survival of the Fittest is the only law there, anything goes; Murder, Kidnapping, Conquest, Slavery, but despite that, most of the tribes live in relative peace with one another, constantly wandering from oasis to oasis and bargaining with each other for resources, people, weapons, etc. When facing the desert sands, cooperation is often necessary for survival, and everyone has to make something of themselves to stay together, lest they are left behind to die or go their own way. This daily struggle has cultivated a simplistic and pragmatic approach in their affairs, ego and pride have no place in their souls and they are brutally efficient in all matters of war and peace.

The Nation is home to the Desert Sword Mercenary Company, lead by and made up of mostly Cathwa Nation residents. They brought a fair amount of Eastern quirks to the Empire when they were contracted to take Leore, one of those many things being their mode of transport. They don't ride horses like those in the Empire, instead, they ride Lizards. Yes. Fucking Lizards, with teeth that could easily rip an armored soldier to shreds, claws that can climb almost anything, and a hide as thick as a 3 inch stone wall. Basically, imagine wolves if their pack mentality was applied to 5-6ft mini-dragons. Their only real drawback is that horses can easily outpace them, so if I were you, I wouldn't try fighting...just run.

Nal Akima

Ok, so the Northern-most continent in Avsolom that we know of is the Kingdom of Nal Akima, a land of unyielding cold, harsh terrain, and even harsher inhabitants. I will say this now: if you are a Magi, EXERCISE EXTREME CAUTION when traveling to this land. The entirety of Nal Akima is fiercely Anti-Magi, believing that the Myst is a malevolent force that will one day destroy everything. They treat Magi with distrust at best, outright hostility at worst, and that's not even getting into their Holy Sword warriors, but I'll get to that.

A Waypoint for travelers and the only safe space for Magi (mostly) is the city of Nal Sur, located on the Western Coast of the Island. It is closest to the Empire and the Archipelago, and thus, the most akin to their respective cultures, including tolerance for Magic. Still, keep your eyes open and your sword or spells ready, there's less of a chance to be attacked but it can still happen. My best advice would be to simply not advertise that you are a Mage and try to hide any alterations magic has made to your appearance.

Nal Akimans practice a Clan Structure and, as such, hold a 'Council of Axes' to discuss matters pertaining to the wider Kingdom. They have solidarity with one another and work together to try and make the place better for all...well, except Magi. The Council of Axes hate Magi too, and unlike the masses, they can actually act on their Hatred.

The Holy Swords are the bane of my kind - self-appointed and self-righteous crusaders that see themselves as vessels of purification. Their goal to obliterate the influence of the Myst wherever it is to be found, whether it's Monsters or Magi. If you see one of them, do not try to fight, just run - they know how to fight Magi effectively and they are utterly ruthless in their quests to destroy us all. Their base isn't known to me, but I know their eyes stretch wide and their blades are everywhere in Nal Akima, so for your own sake, try to avoid the place if you can.

The Archipelago

Ok, I'll admit that I'm one of the masses when it comes to this place, I don't have any wise words or mystical mumbo to dole out, I'm just going to say that this place is beautiful and you should visit it for a Holiday. Basically, the Archipelago is made up of 7 Islands, all of which cater to tourists and people out to have a good time. The entirety of its population is made up of the polar opposites of job ventures - Businessmen and Artisans. You see, the entire place is very economically powerful since they trade frequently with other Kingdoms and since they can grow their own food and don't need to import much in that department, they are free to pursue more fanciful jobs and then sell off the fruits of their labors to the mainlands, reaping the rewards.

The Archipelago is ruled by a Governor, kept in check by 7 Council Members who are elected by the citizens of their respective islands. They don't have to do much, their politics are fairly ordinary as far as I know due to the more domestic nature of their politics - no wars or famines or serious crises to worry over, just trade disputes and civil issues.

The Lantheri Wilds

The Cathwa Nation is bordered in the East by a chain of mountains, over those mountains lies the single most dangerous and hazardous region of Avsolom currently known: The Lantheri Wilds. This place lends the most credence to the idea the Nal Akimans have about the Myst being malevolent, the entire area is saturated in Myst Energy unlike any other location on the map. It's rumored that the veil between the Myst and Avsolom is at it's thinnest there too, with several open gateways dotting the landscape and spilling pure magic into the trees and the plants and the animals. Speaking of which, the Lantheri Wilds are home to Flora and Fauna that make the deadliest of predators out here look like hobbled old mules. While most of them look the same as animals we have in more civilized (hah!) lands, every single one of them is designed for killing, with lizards, horses, tigers, maybe even plain rodents that are fully capable of tearing people asunder.

Don't think that you're safe if you bring your animal repellent though, the literal land itself is dangerous. There are reports of plants that are wholly poisonous, some to the touch, and apparently, the trees themselves can move and will devour anyone that gets too close. How sentient they are is unknown, but considering how it would feel to be crushed, buried, or otherwise killed by their roots, I don't think that's wood you want to see. Now, given all I've written, you would think no one could settle there, right? Well, you shouldn't have started in the middle of the book then, because you should know nothing is impossible in this world now. There are settlers there, Elves predominantly, that have made the place their home by hiding in places that even the beasts won't enter. Little is known about them, but they're called the Cannibals by can guess why. No attempt to communicate has ever succeeded, so just run if you come across them.

Contrary to popular opinion, they're not uncultured swine as the local kitty kats say, they just have their own definition of the concept. They worship their own gods, ancient primordial beings that were, supposedly, alive and moving before even the Empire existed. You can still see them if you venture there (I'll have your coffin measured), wandering the wilderness seemingly aimlessly. Big hulking golems made of stone and earth and wood and who knows what else. They are pretty much gods, easily the most powerful things on this plane of existence...on the other plane though, well, there's always a bigger fish. There are beings in the Myst, shadows or angels, unable to communicate with us and ethereal to the touch. The Empire calls them 'Mystborn' and supposedly, you can only truly meet them if you enter the Myst through one of the tears in the Wilds, but take care if you do, no one knows anything about them, they may not be malicious, but that doesn't mean they're benevolent...

Notable Figures
There are plenty of people that can make waves with their actions in Rhiaden, these are some of the few that I've picked out from my time wandering the streets and gathering information:

Sir Tybalt Monteux

One of Avsolom's more recent celebrities, if you could call them that. Tybalt Monteux is a knight, the middle child of the current Monteux generation, and the new Lord of Leore. Like most knights, he follows the call to glory, but that can take any form, be it stopping a bandit clan or wiping out a village of peasant that made the decision to fight their oppressors - it's a broad concept. Likewise, befitting a Knight, he carries himself like a Noble and reacts appropriately to any perceived insult to his honor - namely drawing his sword and gutting you if you don't give him satisfaction. Recently, he's become Mr Monteux after meeting, falling in love with, and marrying the daughter of the Emperor himself - Lilith Magnus (now Monteux). I'll give him this, he has balls.

Skills: Swordsmanship, Tactics, Illusion Magic.

Lilith Monteux (Form. Lilith Magnus)

Like most nobles, House Magnus wanted to ensure that their children looked and acted the way that they desired so their reputations would remain intact, if not improve. Doubly so considering it was the Emperor's family. As such, the Magnus children were not given much in the way of love according to their carers. However, all things considered, Lilith was spared most of this given her condition as the 'frail' child, being born with a weaker constitution and, thus, not being expected to live long. She proved to have just as much resilience (or stubbornness) as her father, though, constantly surviving and even exceeding expectations, eventually becoming the 'favored' child over her twin brother, who wasn't quite as magically adept as her. Apart from that, former servants and carers for House Magnus gave me nothing to go on, saying they 'owed her a debt too large to repay'. If this is to be believed in conjunction with her public reputation, she is probably a kind and caring individual at heart (rare for a noble). Don't get me wrong though, I wouldn't want to be on the other end of her Undead or her Fireballs if I pissed her off, I look ghoulish enough as is.

Recently she's been getting used to Leore, marrying Tybalt turned it into her new home after all so she probably wants it to feel that way. I think I'll open a shop there soon, it would give me a good chance to meet her and get an inside look at what goes on in Rhisokan politics.

Skills: Charismatic, Covert, Necromancy, Pyromancy, Political Connections.

August Valerius

Of the Blooded Noble Houses in service to the Empire, House Valerius is probably the ones I like the most (or least hate). They’re more warriors than politicians, and while they serve at the discretion of the Empire, they’re not afraid to protect the common folk as well as the nobles. A little while back, I heard of a Blooded Noble being exiled, it was a pretty big story considering the bodies he left in his wake when he escaped the rope, heralds in the street yelling the declarations and wanted posters all around.

August Valerius...apparently he instituted a massacre and escaped arrest, being exiled and stripped of rank and titles in doing so. While this is true, my own meeting with him revealed the minutiae behind the events - one of the parliament wanted to destroy the village for unknown reasons and, manipulating August's sense of duty, he got the Legate to carry out the order. He had no desire to do it, he just had faith that it was for the greater good, now he's on the run for that. I hope I can help him find a better life for himself, he still wants to help people despite his situation which, I think, is so fucking admirable. I like him...I want him to be my friend...

Skills: Swordsmanship, Competent Commander.

Roman Vorakus

Like the Valerius line, House Vorakus has serviced the Empire in a military capacity for centuries. Unlike House Valerius, Vorakus warriors are a little more...shall we say traditional? They are fanatically loyal to the Emperor and the Empire, and their premier soldier, Roman Vorakus, is no exception. He’s brash, skilled, and very much a blooded noble, with all the arrogance and calculating ruthlessness to go with it. He is a potential enemy or a neutral party but is no ally. I need to avoid him at all costs unless he becomes a threat.

Skills: Necromancy, Enhancement Magic, Adept Swordsman, Extremely Durable, Fanatically Loyal to Empire.

Caszire Omarosa (AKA The Acquitor)

Not all the noble houses were as preoccupied with maintaining their power and purity. House Omarosa’s history can be best described as one long line of Debauchery and Hedonism. Not that I mind that - I myself enjoy a good brothel here and there - but they were so excessive that their family’s connection to the Myst had severely diluted in just a few generations. Caszire Omarosa was given probably the last piece of power their family had left, and while he seemed to have a few false starts, he made good use of it eventually.

Officially a Court Magi, he’s made a name for himself as the Emperor’s personal ‘Acquitor’, performing tasks such as assassinations, quelling dissent, sabotage, and overall is one of their more deadly assets. They say that if you get a visit from him, one had best pray for their lives. I haven’t met him myself, but I have no desire to test my lightning against him unless absolutely necessary.

Skills: Telekinetic, Average Swordsman, Fearsome Reputation.


Recently I’ve started hearing rumblings from the City Guard when I’ve been in Noria. Apparently, there’s a thief with Magi abilities that’s been running around and stealing what he may. I managed to get a glance at him when I went down there to investigate and it looks like he's a teleporter - believe me, those can be pretty rare, the only other one I know is me. He seems interesting (if slightly skewed in a moral code, thief and all) and I think I would like to meet him. All I have is a name though - Valerin.

Skills: Skilled Thief, Illusion and Teleportation Magic, Extensive Knowledge of Noria's Layout.

Catrina Von Volkarna

Catrina Von Volkarna, one of the ruling members of Volkarna's Blooded Nobles and a Grade-A bitch. She always carries herself with that casual condescension and sense of superiority that you get from the atypical noble and the fact that, when she is traveling, she tends to address others through a proxy, shows that she doesn't even have the decency to show her face unless she has to. Of course, this isn't even getting into her own secrets. I have a gut feeling that something is off about her, like some deep feeling of dread surrounding her gnaws at me. She uses Magic in conversation to persuade others to see things her way and she was there at Leore when the siege was happening, watching it like it was just a pleasant show while claiming she needed to see who won for her trade deal. If she's a threat to people, I need to find out.

Skills: Persuasive Magic

Jochi of the Sands

Jochi of the Sands, leader of the Desert Swords Mercenary Company and probably one of Rhiaden's more famous figures alongside Sir Tybalt due to his part in the Siege of Leore. He was at the head of the assaulting army and led the main assault while Tybalt went after his brother, so he essentially made sure the majority of the battle was handled. Unlike most mercenaries, he doesn't do the jobs for the money as, apparently, he already has plenty of that. He does what he does for the sense of adventure, for the thrill of the fight and so he can tell worthy tales to his family back home. It's better than being in it for money, but I'm not sure how I feel about that reasoning - seems a little too close to Tybalt's pursuit of glory for comfort in my opinion.

Skills: Skilled Swordsman & Archer, Competent and Respected Leader, Experienced Mounted Fighter

Kharia Na'amro

Me...well, not much to say really, but I'll give it a go.

I was born in Rishoka, and during a lightning storm no less (prophetic much?). Dad was killed the day I was born, so Mum had to work day in and day out to provide for us. I've been a Mage since I was 16, joined up when I learned that prospective young mages would get financial protection for their families (among other reasons). Mum is dead and gone now, rest her soul, so I just wander around trying to make the world a better place. Not really much to say apart from that, never really liked writing about myself, to be honest. I only started writing this because Allei suggested it - she's my horse. I was writing one day and she came over and nudged it to this section before hitting me with one of her hooves (lightly, thank the gods), so I figured I'd just throw her a bone, so to speak.

Skills: Lightning Magic, Swordsmanship, Versed Traveler, Always Fabulous.
The Myst & Magic
Ok, so this is a bit difficult, there's no real definitive way to describe the Myst and Magic to someone. I'll try to keep it in simple terms so that everyone can understand it:

When the World was young and people were still learning, the Myst existed as a twin to the world around us. As we developed and grew to shape our world, the Myst also grew and flourished into its own plane of existence. Imagine a dress that has been sewn by a Tailor. It's made up of fabrics like any other, but it is also threaded with a lining that creates some insulation and protects the wearer. Like that dress, our world is interweaved with the Myst, and it exists between the threads of our world, there, but hidden from our senses.

While we have trouble seeing or traveling to the Myst, the Myst is always affecting our world, causing various different events. Two of the most destructive were known as the Cataclysms, great waves of energy and devastation that crashed through the threads of reality and beat on our reality like water, cracking the surfaces of our lands, flinging islands across the sea, bring death and chaos across Avsolom. It's easy to imagine it as a malevolent entity, but when the second Cataclysm came, people were quick to forget that when it imparted a gift as well.


The waves crashed against the threads of reality and pulled some of them loose, allowing the Myst's energies to permeate our world in a way that allowed us to touch and harness them in a way that was practically limitless. Furthermore, these loose threads formed rifts and holes that would allow Humanity to slip through the fibers and shift perspectives, beholding the realm of the Myst in all its chaotic glory. It was from the Second Cataclysm that the Magi were born, people like me, maybe you. If you do indeed possess Magic, then it is a rare gift, for not everyone is capable of giving the Myst's energies form.

Use it wisely my friend, lest you fall prey to the temptations of all mages. The Myst offers unlimited powers and possibilities, but it's punishments are far worse than death should you abuse its gifts.
Types of Magic/Special Spells
Ok, so I'll start by saying that this list is by no means definitive. When I said the Myst had limitless ways of being harnessed, I was not exaggerating, it's really only limited to your imagination. That said, this is a list of the Magic types I've seen used in my time:

- Lightning Magic: The Manipulation of Lightning and, through it, energy itself. Though I have yet to reach the level where I can manipulate raw energy contained within each bolt of lightning, I can conjure Lightning from my fingertips and summon storms with reasonable accuracy. I can also use the LIghtning bolts as a means of moving around Avsolom quickly by concentrating them on my feet and riding their speed and power like a board, or by hopping inside them and dispersing myself into the energy, allowing me to emerge from another lightning bolt on the other side of the world if I wanted to.
- Fire Magic: The most common denominator of destructive/elemental magic, Fire can be used to, among other things, heat up your body and the environment around you, burn others as an offense, fly by concentrating the streams of flame beneath you, and perhaps even use it to teleport as well, though that's more of a theory I've posited, given that the grounds beneath us burn hotter than the surface. On a more mundane level, it's good for cauterizing wounds, burning away bacteria or infections, could probably even cook food on the go if you wanted to.
- Water Magic: Second to Fire Magic, I imagine, as the most common elemental magic that is utilized. Water Magic, in my mind, is more passive than offensive power, but it is still useful in a variety of ways. For one thing, being able to conjure water allows you to generate sheer concussive force considering how powerful waves can be, and it also would let you (potentially) summon storms and manipulate the water, allowing you to form shields or restrain enemies without suffocating them. If one was sufficiently powerful, they could potentially seize control of the water in a person's body and use that to control them, though one would need to be horrifically masterful in this class to do so.
- Earth Magic: This is probably the most powerful form of magic if mastered, and probably one of the broadest as well. You see, Earth Magic could be as simple as manipulating trees or dirt or rocks, but this could potentially extend to manipulating natural minerals like metals and oils, so you could potentially wield the entire modern world as your weapon. The scale is also potentially limitless, from a few small rocks to an entire quarry. I know of no one that's ever mastered it...that's probably a good thing.
- Necromancy: When you're dead, you're dead right? Not so much. Necromancy is the art of raising the bodies of the deceased, be they a fresh corpse or a rotted skeleton. This magic is particularly dangerous since you are tampering with certain natural laws if you decide to try more than simply bring bodies back to fighting strength. People have long believed that Necromancy has held the secret to immortality and resurrections for years, but anyone that has ever tried it normally ended up dead themselves (if they were lucky). If I were you, I'd leave this school of magic alone, it doesn't benefit anyone in the end.
Recent Events
There's always something going on in Avsolom...

1. Leore, once renowned as an unconquerable kingdom due to the strength of its fortress: Monteux Caste...well, not anymore. After a Long March from the Empire to Leore, Sir Tybalt Monteux, Lilith Magnus, and Jochi of the Sand led a contingent of Mercenaries, Knights, and Undead, to seize Monteux Castle from Count Picard Monteux. Tybalt won, he killed his brother and took command of Monteux Castle, whether or not he will take a permanent Lordship of the City-State remains to be seen. The Emperor will be pleased, I imagine.

2. Rumors of Rebellion have been finally brought to bear in some Provinces, with some of the older or rowdier regional governors declaring themselves Emperor and making attempts to secede from the Empire, if not officially then unofficially. In the midst of that, the different provinces with this attitude are beginning to actively war among each other, declaring refugees from the borderlands as bandits and saboteurs and attacking anyone that bears no official crests or writ. The roads become more dangerous every single day, and while people can take refuge in the neutral states, I get the feeling that things will only escalate if the Empire doesn't take note and step in.
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